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Naguri Makuri Tower is part of Alice's Cottage 2.


It follows Patton who's trying to beat an M-Land attraction during Hunty's absence.


The dungeon is covered in unexplored squares with the exception of 3 squares: the start, the stairs and a treasure chest.
The squares can be uncovered by exploring them, however sometimes the squares lead to nowhere. If there's a path touching a useless square you can explore it again to change the square.
The treasure chest tile holds an image piece, get all of them to get a small scene. You'll also get full images from beating boss doors.

The command points function as a sort of time limit, it decreases by what you do. Searching an unexplored tile or doing combat reduces it by 1 point. Changing a tile reduces it by 3, so use it wisely as you won't know what the tile will change into.

You can run into events which can do things ranging from giving/taking away command points to increasing or decreasing strength. You'll encounter them randomly just like battles.

Battles are simple, there's a dice roll from 1-5 for both parties and this gets added to their ATT stat. Patton can also roll a critical hit (S) which always does 100 damage.
Enemies will drop treasure chests which contain various useful or useless items (gets thrown away). useful items are immediately used/equipped or in case of the medicine kept to be used in battle. There is no inventory screen.
Your goal is to ultimately traverse all 5 floors and beat all boss enemies on floor 6. There are 8 bosses in total.


See Naguri Makuri Tower:Enemies


Equipment can be found in treasure chests and increases your base Attack and HP.

The attack stat is improved by: Ultimate technique + Hidden Knuckle (1) + Guts Gloves (1) + MukiMuki Ring (1,2 or 3)

The ultimate technique is also equipment somehow, just think of it like a weapon. They can be found like other pieces of equipment.
Here's a list: Little Girl (0), Strong (1), Kenpo (2), Tyke Myson (3), Dekant (4), Valkyrie (5), Stone Guardian (6), Toushin (7) Demon lord (10) and God (15)

The HP stat is improved by leveling and the following pieces of equipement: Kachikochi spray (10) + Morimori Ring (1, 5, 10 or 20)


Cheerful medicine, gives you full health when used.
Ikariya Cancellation CARD, command points fully restored (+150).
Rocket Boots, Pitfall countermeasure.
Tree branch, Poo countermeasure.

There are also trash/joke items which are thrown away.
Here's a list of them: Purin's Signature, Tori's ?????, YUKIMI-chan, Chibou's Doujin book, Yellowed underwear, Smelly socks, ?ハナクソの付いている耳カキ?, Used toothpick, Crumpled Tissue Paper and New PC-6001


Purin: planning, scenario, monsters and MAP
K: original girl pictures and CG
TADA: scenario program
Special thanks: TADA, WAO, Tori, Chibou and Nakaji