Nagumo Keiko
Japanese 南雲 圭子
Romanization nagumo keiko
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Japan

Nagumo Keiko is a twenty-eight year old woman promoted to admiral by the new Navy Minister Tougou Tsuyoshi. Keiko's husband also serves in the Imperial Japanese Navy and has more seniority than his wife; however Tsuyoshi nominated Keiko instead her husband due to skill. Keiko's husband serves as a part of her unit.

Nagumo Keiko is aware of Tougou Tsuyoshi's habits with women and does not hate him for it. Keiko flirts casually with Tsuyoshi but informs him that she belongs to her husband and that the playful actions couldn't become anything else.

Voice Actor : Ayase Yuu


Recruit: Default Commander

Command Points: 330

Skill "Education" - Raises Experience points by allies in same combat zone by 40%

Level 0

Hp + 10%
Hp + 10%
Hp + 10%
Hp + 10%


  • Growth rate +4%


  • Nagumo Keiko is likely a parody of Nagumo Chuuichi, and admiral in command of aircraft carriers for the Imperial Japanese Navy during the events of World War II.