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I won't lose at anything to Masou, not even at gaining your love... I'll win. She won't take you from me, you should like that.

—Nagi su Ragarl, declaring to her father that she won't allow him to choose Shizuka over her.

Part 2

Nagi Su Ragarl
Japanese ナギ・ス・ラガール
Romanization nagi su ragāru
Race Human
Age / Birth 22 / GI1000
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 167cm / 53kg (before soul division)
131cm / ??kg (after soul division)
Measurements B87 / W58 / H86 (before soul division)
Status Alive
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth, Kathtom, Free Cities Alliance
Level limit 70
Skill levels Magic Lv2 (?), Maid Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Cover Girl, Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI, Rance IX, Rance X
Mentioned in Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest
Cameoed in Rance II (cover)



Nagi su Ragarl was one of Four Lords of Zeth, and the only daughter of the great magician Chenezale do Ragarl. Nagi was born between the magician Ragarl and Athmaze, mother of Shizuka Masou, making Nagi a half-sister to her. 

She didn't have a normal childhood, the only things she had in her life were the study of magic and her Father. She holds a grudge against her half sister, Shizuka Masou, since for her entire life she was just raised by her father to beat Shizuka. This grudge has driven her half mad and she has made magical enhancements to her body in order to defeat her half sister, which have made her a half monster. Due to the training and all the twisted and wretched methods she's used over her life to strengthen her magical power, Nagi is one of the world's most powerful humans and mages, being easily stronger than her half-sister. However, the experiences and life she's gone through has led her to go completely insane to the point she lacks common sense or any self-care.

Like her sister she doesn't surrender easily and her vengeance is all she can think about. She adored her father more than anything in the world, and the idea of his death crushed her and almost made her lose her reason for living, before opting for revenge. Believing that Shizuka is her father's killer, Nagi keeps trying to kill her whenever there is a chance and continuously enhances her body in an effort to overpower her half-sister. Shizuka doesn't seem to share the same sentiment as she actually cares deeply for Nagi, understanding her feelings because they both lost the most important person to them, and holds no grudge towards her despite the atrocities her father has caused to Shizuka's family.

Personality and Appearance[]

Nagi's appearance in Rance VI.

Nagi is a very beautiful woman with an incredible figure and an attractive appearance. Unlike Shizuka, she inherited more from her father in looks than from her mother, boasting a blonde hair and light-blue eyes. Possibly due to her deteriorated state of mind, Nagi dresses in a very revealing fashion, wearing only clothes that cover key parts of her body, yet combined with a long cape and shoulders. She also wears thigh high purple socks and heels, sporting an erotic and suggestive style. She has insignia of Ragarl etched all over her body, which enhance her power.

She was raised by her father to become the most powerful mage who can kill the child of Masou. She was trained in all forms of magic, as well as enhanced physically and magically. She was heavily abused by her father and even sexually assaulted by him. Her childhood twisted her personality and her relationship with her father to the point she thought that was "love". Ragarl didn't see Nagi as much more than a tool to prove his superiority to Souzou Masou (Shizuka's father). With his efforts to strengthen Nagi, the materials and drugs expenses were so high that he goes into debt and starts living in poverty, eventually even forcing Nagi to become a prostitute.

She became a top class magician, and was easily able to pass the test to be a member of the Four Lords of Zeth. However, both her mind and body cannot withstand the amount of magic in her, and is slowly deteriorating. 

She is a poor soul who struggled hard to gain the love of her father. She willingly subjected herself to the training, only to gain his affection. She worshipped her father, and believed achieving his wishes was the only reason for her to live. Although she was one of the Four Lords, she hardly ever performed her duties as one.

The worst point is reached in LP0004 when Ragarl gets ahold of a picture of Masou's child, Shizuka. In one glimpse it's apparent that she bears a strong resemblance to Athmaze, the one woman he loved the most. He's shocked about their resemblance and realizes that he's unable to harm her. As a result, he decides to give up on revenge, ordering Nagi to never lay a hand on her.

Obviously, Nagi doesn't react particularly well to Ragarl's decision and, unable to comprehend the situation, she's enraged and completely obliterates Ragarl with her magic to the point he's reduces to just a head and the upper part of his torso. Ragarl survived though and was kept by Nagi in an incubator, and she often talks to him, obviously with no response. It was at this point that Nagi was completely insane. During the events of Rance VI in the Collapse of Zeth, Ragarl is killed by Rance. Nagi thought that it was Shizuka the one that killed her father and becomes even more obsessed with her revenge from that point onwards.


As it is natural from all the training, magic boosting items, and other secret and dangerous experiments from her body, Nagi is one of the world's most powerful mages. She uses enhancing drugs to increase her capacity for mana, and through several different types of training has powered up immensely, reaching one of the highest Levels in the whole world at the absurd number of 65. While unclear, it seems that the methods she's used has increased her Level Cap more than it naturally was and, at present, is as high as 70, granting her an even bigger potential.

Like the rest of her family she is a magic prodigy.

She's an obscenely powerful mage, probably only surpassed by Level 3 mages and the King Gandhi of the Magic Kingdom of Zeth. She herself is already a highly talented mage like her father, boasting a Magic Lv2 skill. In battle, she's capable of fighting outnumbered against several high-level opponents with ease, and is easily able to overpower her sister Shizuka Masou in a one on one fight. She's proficient with Magic of the elements of Thunder and Darkness, and is capable of casting Black Destruction Beams with ease. 

Her biggest weakness are her unstable mind and violent demeanor. Due to the deranged state she's in, she lacks all sorts of common sense or sensible decision-making in battle or in her life in general, which is the biggest reason why she's failed at killing her weaker half-sister countless times, who barely even attempts to fight back. Also, as a side-effect from all the unholy methods she's used to empower herself, her body is slowly deteriorating and dying. She's prone to experience periods of extensive and intense pain, as her body is not capable of withstanding the magical power that was bestowed upon it, to the point she sometimes even loses consciousness.


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Personal History[]

Nagi was born in the year GI1000 as an undesired child between the enslaved Athmaze, Shizuka Masou's mother, and the Magician Chenezale do Ragarl, who continuously raped her everyday as his way of showing her his sick and twisted love. Eventually, Athmaze inevitably became pregnant, but unable of putting up with this life anymore and growing insane, she took her own life a few years later without being able to even recognize Nagi. Chenezale is crushed by her suicide, as he truly loved Athmaze intensely and was incapable of seeing how much he was hurting her through his actions.

In the year GI1010, Chenezale drops by in the village where he murdered his former rival Souzou Masou, Shizuka's father, and coincidentally finds out about Shizuka's birth prior to the time in which he kidnapped Athmaze. Enraged and jealous over this, he sees this as the ultimate test between him and his rival and decides to prove that he was more fit for Athmaze by showing that the child born between them, Nagi, is a more powerful and talented mage than Sozou's child. He decides to thoroughly train Nagi to become an incomparable mage that can duel Shizuka and kill her in order to prove his superiority. A very harsh and rough training in magic begins for Nagi, driven from the mad attempt of her father to make her greater than Souzou's child. He starts teaching her everything he knows about Magic, making her train every day to exhaustion and pushes her to extremes to further improve her ability. He uses a dark secret magic to inscribe in her various Insignias that allow her to absorb magic power from other sources to further increase her capacity for mana, and rapes her to empower her with his own magic thanks to these catalysts.

A few years later they move to the Magic Kingdom of Zeth, where magic is prominent and of daily use. Thanks to all the training Nagi has gone through, she's a mighty mage and easily passes the exam to become a 1st Class Citizen. She's inscribed in a Magic Academy in order to get her proper education while learning more about magic. At some point, her teacher realizes about the abusive life Nagi is living and finds out about her strengthening process, attempting to divulge the information to the police force, but he mysteriously disappears before he was given the chance to inform anyone.

By the year LP0001, Ragarl has grown even more desperate to continue strengthening Nagi, seeing that previous methods started becoming less efficient over time, and starts using enhancing drugs and other such elements to improve her power even further, however, the costs for all these materials are so high he eventually goes into debt and starts living in poverty, forcing Nagi to become a prostitute to make money. After a while, when the system of the Four Lords was created and had a vacant position, Nagi applies to the test to fill the position and passing with overwhelming results, becoming one of the key political figures of the country. Thanks to this, she's able to obtain a high monetary income and doesn't need to prostitute anymore, however, her father finds the idea of using the symbols engraved in her body to continue absorbing magic power through sexual intercourse pretty effective. Due to the political influence they gain from her position, he's able to present her with high-level mages from time to time to sleep with.

Some time passes and Nagi meets a young man that works as an assistance for the Four Lords. The two grow closer over time but he's always worried about her as he notices clear hints of abuse. Eventually, the two fall in love with each other and reveals everything to the man, convincing her to try to escape far away from her father. Unfortunately, Chenezale managed to find out about it and casts a spell to manipulate her recently met lover, making him attack Nagi in an isolated place after they were trying to escape. Stressed and acting on defense, Nagi murders him with her magic. After this event, Nagi comes to realize that she can't trust anyone except her father, and decides to dedicate her life to him.

Ragarl reduced to just a head.

In the year LP0003, the Maginot Line is attacked by a Demon Army commanded by one of the Four Elite Dark Lords of the Monster Realm, Kamilla. She's deployed and takes part in a battle to cover the Defensive System and produces outstandingly positive military results. In this year, Chenezale found a woman called Masou living in the Helman Empire and, excited that the time has finally come, administers as much strengthening drugs on her as possible and takes Nagi to duel the mage. Forcing Masou into a duel she doesn't want to take herself, Nagi fights against the unwilling opponent in a battle to the death where she easily comes out victorious, killing Masou as a result. However, they find out that this was a completely unrelated and innocent person called Masou Kanako, much to Chenezale's irritation.

In the year LP0004, Chenezale comes across a picture of Souzou's child, Shizuka Masou. In one glimpse, he notices an unbelievable resemblance to Athmaze, which substantially shocks him completely. He comes to realize that he's incapable of hurting someone that resembles to much to the woman he loved so much. He thinks she must be a reincarnation of Athmaze and decides to adopt her, ordering Nagi to never leave a scratch on her. Nagi, losing what has driven her through her whole and her only reason for living, is unable to understand her father's request and goes mad with rage towards her father, claiming that she's not going to allow him to pick Shizuka over her. Nagi uses her now absurdly powerful magic against her father, reducing him to just a head. Nagi places Chenezale's remains on a capsule to keep him alive, regularly visiting him to talk to him and express her love for him through the glass. Nagi's mind was completely lost to insanity at this point.

Appearances in the Series[]

Rance VI[]

Nagi after having captured Shizuka.

Nagi makes appearance as one of the Four Lords of Zeth, one of the key political figures of the Magic Country, and also the guardians of the Mana Batteries that allow the Maginot Line to keep functioning and active to protect the country from the Monster Realm. She guards the Mana Battery #2 in the Sunday Tower in an underground facility. During the conflicts with Pentagon, due to her insane magical power, Nagi is the only one that succeeds at protecting her Mana Battery from the attacks of the terrorist group.

Shizuka finds out about Chenezale being kept alive by Nagi and, eager to get her revenge, she makes her way towards Ragarl. However, Nagi presents herself as her half-sister and she finally gets her long-awaited duel with hear dreaded rival who, unable to fight seriously as she feels sorry for Nagi and doesn't want to fight her, results in her being quickly defeated. However, Nagi didn't kill her immediately, keeping her captured and starts toying with her and sexually assaulting her with a magic vibrator. Rance makes appearance not long after and defeats Nagi, raping her and putting Chenezale to rest at last as well. Nagi starts severely losing her mind after the death of her beloved father, believing that Shizuka killed him and putting all the blame onto her. Her desire to kill her half-sister burns more intensely than ever and vows revenge, dedicating her life solely to ending Shizuka's.

Nagi in her short time as Kesselring's maid.

After the events of Rance VI, Nagi went to the Monster Realm, seeking more power with the desire of destroying Shizuka's whole existence. Soon after arriving, she's attacked by a large group of monsters and, mid-battle, accidentally falls off a cliff, losing consciousness as a result. She's found by the compassionate Dark Lord, Kesselring, who was casually passing by, and takes her back with him to heal her wounds and protect her. When she wakes up, she realizes she has lost all her memories, without remembering who she is or even that she's a mage. Kesselring keeps her under his wing until she recovers her memories and becomes a maid-in-training. Surprisingly, she shows an incredible aptitude as a maid and worked under Kesselring for a while. He decided to turn her into an Apostle so she can live with him but she regains her memories and leaves his Castle and the Monster Realm after regaining her hate towards her half-sister.

Sengoku Rance[]


It's the year LP0005 already and Nagi continues searching for ways to further improve her magic potential, using Magical Beast Techniques left behind by Papaya Server to turn her body into a chimera-beast and starts experimenting on her body. However, she begins experiencing an intense pain from the Transformation as she's unable to make her body compatible with the Magical Beast. She goes on a rampage on the town of Kathtom and attacks Shizuka, but when she's about to defeat her, she experiences an abnormal reaction and is forced to retreat for the time being.

In order to avoid risking the town and other people that are unrelated to their conflict, Shizuka leaves Kathtom and sets a trap to protect herself from Nagi, who tries to attack her again but falls completely for the trap and is immobilized. Shizuka attempts to talk with her and persuade her that they have no reason to fight but, mad with rage and desire for revenge, Nagi refuses to make peace with her and runs away. She tries something else and creates a magical dungeon to trap Shizuka inside, where she's tormented and at a severe disadvantage but is accidentally transported by a device to a random location, coincidentally ending up in JAPAN (Sengoku Rance events).

In the game itself, Nagi only appears in Urza's Talk Event when she decided to go JAPAN to assist Rance, but she is also mentioned by Maria when she arrives as a reinforcement. 

Rance Quest[]

While, she doesn't make direct appearance in the game, in the same year LP0006, Nagi attempts once again with the experiment of the transformation into a Magical Chimera, believing that she will be able to kill Shizuka for good if she succeeds. This time, she combines strengthening techniques developed by her father with the Magical Beast Transformation in an attempt to reach an even mightier form, but the experiment fails several times growing more and more intense every time, until she loses consciousness.

At some point, Nagi suffers a terrific attack from a massive monster that attacked the city where she was in, and regains consciousness in a hospital in a life-threatening state. She immediately slips out of the facility despite being barely able of moving and pursues Shizuka, however, after finding her, Shizuka has grown tired of the whole situation and has no intention to fight, simply stating "Fine, kill me if that will leave you satisfied". Despite having the perfect chance of killing her most dreadful enemy, Nagi feels there's no satisfaction in taking her life just like that as Shizuka isn't even close to experiencing a sorrow as painful as the one Nagi experienced upon losing her father, so she decides that she will destroy everything she holds dear instead and starts targeting her closest friend Maria Custard from that point on. Naturally, Shizuka is forced to keep unwillingly fighting against Nagi to protect her friend.

Rance IX[]

As a side-effect from her transformation, Nagi's psyche has deteriorated more than ever before.

During the events of Rance IX, Nagi travels to Helman with the objective of, once again, killing her half-sister Shizuka, but not before destroying everything she values, claiming that she will cause her the same pain she went through. She's finally succeeded with her experiments in the Magical Monster Transformation, or at least partially, effectively adding monster parts onto her body and enhancing her magical and physical power. This transformation, however, has deteriorated her mind even more, and her body is slowly dying. Shizuka is quickly able to tell that she doesn't have much time left. She doesn't take any role in the Helman Revolution and her only goal is set onto Shizuka.

Nagi starts collapsing on her sister's arms.

Her mental state and insanity has worsened even more as well, she loses control with ease and is prone to fits of rage, or times where she seeks sexual release, and even forgetting entirely over events she's just experienced. She's violent, unstable, irrational and tends to speak alone. The state of her half-sister really depresses Shizuka, who has come to believe that she's a lost cause. Over the events of the game, she's regularly tried to kill Shizuka and targeted her close friends like Maria on more than one occasion, but is usually defeated by a combined effort of the members of the Outlaws of the Helman Revolutionary Group Shizuka is part of at the time. At one point she even attacks Rance and rapes him, mistakenly thinking he was Shizuka's boyfriend and seeking to spite her, although Rance mostly enjoyed the experience and Shizuka was hardly annoyed by it.

Eventually, what was inevitable takes place and Nagi finally begins to succumb from the many enhancements her body has experiencing over the years, and literally starts crumbling apart and dying. Shizuka, unable to witness her parting and wishing to help her, puts her own life on the line with a spell that shares her own life, body and soul with Nagi.

Losing her memories and changing back into a child, Nagi is given the chance to start over.

As a result of the spell, both turn into small children, but as a miracle, the new childish Nagi has no memory of almost anything of her life, being given the chance to start over. The new Nagi is playful, cheerful, energetic, and loves her sister very much. She's charming, lovable and always wants to be at her sister's side. She's also really fond of Rance and befriends his daughter Reset, with who she often plays together in the Rance Castle. While these events only take place in Shizuka's route near the end of the game, it is considered canon and both are currently children.

In one special ending, Rance manages to return both of them to her older selves with an item found in the treasure chamber of the Helman castle, the "Banjo rope", and the three of them live together in the Rance castle, but this last event is considered non-canon.

Rance X[]

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Nagi lives in Free Cities together with her sister Shizuka, with whom she enjoys a very good relationship. They joined Rance in his activities to defeat Dark Lords and save the humanity from the monster invasion. 

15 years later, a grown-up Nagi joined Rance's Children together with Shizuka in their journey to travel The Continent and defeat Demon King Rance. 

It was eventually revealed that, when the soul division happened, Shizuka was pregnant with Rance's child. About 70% of the "reborn" Nagi was actually made of the soul of the child, and only 30% was from the originally dying Nagi. This is why the reborn Nagi looks a lot like Rance, and why she and Shizuka count among Rance's children as well. 


  • The blonde haired girl shown on the cover of Rance II is Nagi. She was initially going to be featured in the game. However, half of the scenario was cut, and she never appeared in the actual game.
  • Chiroku has stated in a joking manner how, with everything Nagi has gone through, it's strange that she doesn't have a Misfortune skill.
  • In the Popularity Polls, while she didn't make it to the scored poll in Rance VI, Nagi ranked as high as 4th in the Other Girls category in Rance IX.