Once more, let us cross swords.

—Mirakumo Shizuri,

Murakumo Shizuri
Japanese 叢雲 静梨
Romanization murakumo shizuri
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Swordfighter
World Big Bang Age
Affiliation National Protectorate Institute
Appeared in Daibanchou


Murakumo Shizuri is one of the greatest swordswoman in Japan, and is constantly striving to be the strongest fighter in the world. She uses the ancient Murakumo style, a powerful sword style that focuses on the killing intent, with the caveat that the defeated users must surrender the sword for good. Before meeting with Wolfgang, she was defending the region of Sekiga hara while under the control of the dark spirit Kojirou, who helped make her even more deadly by triggering her bloodlust.

Three years ago, Murakumo and her lover were one of the many NPI fighters defending Sekiga Hara from the PGG forces. However, during the frenzied battle, she accidentally killed him in a single blow, and started wandering in a daze until she met Kojirou. The cruel ghost then proposed to tell her the last words of her lover, but instead took over the body of the traumatized Shizuri and used her as a tool ever since.

Years later, when Wolf Fang's attack forced her to retreat from the battle, Kojirou fully possessed her once more, turning her into a blood-driven demon. She was found and eventually subdued by Zanma Rouga and Nakanishi Kendo. As she was healed far from Sekiga Hara, she eventually broke from Kojirou's influence.

Some time after her induction into Wolf Fang, Kojiro tried to possess her once more, only to be stopped by his ancient rival, the "Spirit Princess" Mitamazuka Youki. However thanks to the NPI's help, Kojiro survived the encounter and taunted Shizuri before disappearing once more. With the help of Wolf Fang, she answered his challenge and found Kojiro's ancient lair beneath Sekiga Hara deep in the Ancient Well, where she found Kojiro's ancient sword and destroyed him once and for all.

After this particular ordeal, she kept up with her training and ambition to be the strongest in the world, occasionally sparring with Rouga (after one loss to him, they both ended up drunk and did more exercises).

To completely clear her, she must duel and win against her rival swordfighter Nakanishi Kendo.

Personnality and Appearance[]

Murakumo Shizuri is a tall, striking woman with dark hair, who wears a tight-fitting white dress with pink tones


. She has an extremely serious disposition, as she is constantly dedicated to her objective. She wears a long and red sword-hilt wherever she goes.


Shizuri is a very capable fighter with good stats all across the board, and with particularly high stamina and counter rate for a mid-range attacker. Her special attack, Scarlet Sky Spark, is particularly devastating

Shizuka's ultimate ability

against everything but long-range units, boosting her attack power while making her impossible to hit, as she leaves nothing but an after image. All this combines to make her the NPI's strongest fighter even without Kojiro's triggered bloodlust.