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Mummy Shiraville the 8th / マミー S Ⅷ世[]



How to obtain: Suppress the Tottori (塔鳥) region, then suppress the Pyramid as well ("制圧:ピラミッド") and then trigger the event "ピラミッド調査" for her to join you.

Stats Attributes
HP 45 ATK 30 Law 10 Normal White B
STA 3 HIT 97 Inc 30 Black B Eternal
Ctr 24% EVA 48 Pay 8 Machine Magic

Range: Medium

Bond: Friend


  • Exhaust: 2 Stamina. Normal hit but reduces the enemy's Stamina by 2.

Character Checks:

  • Station her in HAWAII (HAWAII) and an event should auto-trigger on the next turn.
  • Speak to her 3 times in the Companion Phase.
  • Station her in Tottori (塔鳥). An event should auto-trigger on the next turn. After which, speak to her in the Companion Phase (might need to speak to her more than once).
  • Station her in Akihabara (秋波原). An event should auto-trigger on the next turn.
  • Station her in Forestland (樹界). An event should auto-trigger on the next turn.

Other Notes:

  • CG [7-3-3] is obtained by doing her 3rd star clear.
  • The item "Strange Quick Bug (素早い変な昆虫)" can be randomly obtained by talking to her.
  • Mummy may be recalled from her defending post if stationed on certain regions (such as Shinjiku or Tottori), thus wasting a start-of-turn event slot.

"It's warm... please, give it to me again" Self-proclaimed royalty.

She thinks that what she wears is normal. She's quite weird.

Battle quote -

  • "Hah... If I keep doing these sorts of things I'll get thirsty..."
  • "... I think I'll have some oden when I get home."