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Mugen Houyou
Mugen Hōyō
Mugen Houyou cover
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 1995-07-07
Genre / Rating ADV / 18+
Base price ¥7, 500
Voice none
 Mugen Houyou 
Mugen Houyou - banner
General info


Mugen Houyou is an ADV games released by Alicesoft for PC-98, FM-TOWNS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/98. It also saw fan ports to DOS/V and win32 operating systems. This game came to be from the thought that "nukige is popular", so the team decided to make one themselves.

The gameplay is the typical pick-your-option ADV, but it has a lot of branching and endings. Game overs aren't really possible in the traditional sense as you will always get an ending or the game continues if no ending is available.

There are quite a few "real" endings as opposed to the many jokes endings (some 1-liners), the idea was to keep any one run under an hour with leasurely play.

This game is available as freeware.


You take the role of a rather decadent leader of a zaibatsu after he has been diagnosed with an incurable and unknown disease. The doctors do not know when he will die.

He decides that instead of waiting to drop dead, he will up his decadence. He transforms his office on the top floor of his company building into a taishō era mansion and surrounds himself with things and people to his liking. How will he live out his life?


Original pictures: YUKIMI
Scenario: Tori
Programming: Shige
95 version port: WAO
Music: Ikazuchimaru
CG leader: YOK
CG arists: Yok, K, Gencha, Dairagi, 三重紙, Ou Shuran, Shikigami Azuma
Shading: Chomoyama, Minoru
Background: Nakajii, Youichirou
CG Special Thanks: Pukapi~, Akino Kōrogi, Saeki Takashi, Chimiroimu
Debug: Moomin and his pleasant friends
Director: YUKIMI
Producer: TADA