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Mother Eve's blessing is a concept from the World of Eve. According to the Church of Eve and the Evenicle, Mother Eve's blessing enables those under its purview to lead happy, productive lives, and to create sustenance out of the earth. Those who violate Eve's commands are denied the blessing and become Outlaws.

As was later revealed by the Snake Crest and their updated translation of the Evenicle, the blessing is misnamed. While Eve did restructure the world to accommodate her human children, the so-called "blessing" is actually the default state of affairs, and the limits placed on Outlaws are more of a curse than a removal of a blessing.

Mother Eve instituted the Outlaw curse as one of a series of measures put in place to contain human desire after the death of the Archfiend Adan. The curse was followed by the institution of knighthood, which allowed for exceptions from the curse.

The CommandmentsEdit

Mother Eve issued two key commandmants, and punished any violators with the status of an Outlaw.

  1. Do not kill anyone from a species under the blessing of Eve.
  2. Do not have more than one sexual partner.

While not outright defined as a rule, it is also implied that having sex with an Outlaw causes one to become an Outlaw, regardless of either party's sexual history. Those who do have sexual relationships within the bounds of the commandments are gifted with golden rings that manifest on their hands at some point after the act.

The Blessing of Eve applies to all humans, poppins, and dragons. It does not apply to kalars, who might have trouble reproducing without multiple sexual partners. Unfortunately, this leaves kalars exempt from the protection from the first commandment, an oversight that the Snake Crest administrator Rocinante exploited to nearly create a war between the kalars and the Kingdom of El Quixote.

While generally accepted by the populace, Mother Eve's commandments are actually quite faulty, punishing innocent victims of rape or accident. Some people, like Tio and Louin Eden, have tried to help these innocent Outlaws by giving them a safe place to live, food and water, and means of attaining a somewhat-regular life.

The second commandment is extremely limited in scope, and applies only to heterosexual, penetrative, genital sex. Any other combination of factors does not seem to violate the commandment. Aster and his family discovered even more bizarre loopholes than those during the course of their adventure. These exceptions also apply to the less frequently mentioned rule regarding sex with Outlaws.


Outlaws, or Ex-Humans (or hypothetically Ex-Poppins and Ex-Dragons, although none have been encountered), are those under the curse of Mother Eve. These individuals are marked by a black ring that appears on their fingers after they violate one of Mother Eve's commandments. As Outlaws, they are unable to produce sustenance from the earth, be it by farming, shepherding, or even mining. They are limited to hunting, stealing, or producing other goods and services, which are unlikely to succeed due to their poor reputation.

Outlaws are typically ostracized from society, even if they became Outlaws through no fault of their own. After having her powers forcibly enhanced by the Snake Crest, Croix Eden made it a personal mission to break the Outlaw curse on innocent individuals, and developed a technique to do so.

List of Notable OutlawsEdit

During the Snake Crest's capture of Croix Eden, Mother Eve's commandments were recinded for several days. During this time, some individuals committed crimes that would have marked them as Outlaws if the commandments had been in place. Notable individuals who fall into this category include Natal March, Yarase, and even Aster (although QD said she would have exempted him if the situation had been different, and later did).


  • Despite the rings' prominence in the game's story, and even though the game is capable of modifying character portraits on the fly, no character portraits or CGs actually depict the rings on any characters' fingers.
  • Evenicle Rance includes two changes to Eve's laws that cannot be considered canon. During a fantasy, Ramius murders Rance after marrying him, which causes her to become an Outlaw despite her Knight status. Later, when Rance actually does become an Outlaw, both his wives become Outlaws as well.
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