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Monsters are very important to the Planner scenario, they are born to be killed by the Protagonist Race and, to a lesser extent, other races. They vary in power, so as to always provide a challenge for people of different levels. They also serve as canon fodder of the antagonist race and troops in Demon Armies.

They are servants of the Dark Lords and theDemon King but they also have their own lives, personalities, levels and ambitions.

Also, it's worth to note that not all monsters are necessarily bad or evil, they may attack humans by instinct or simply because they were ordered to. Some could be really nice or even befriend humans. It mostly depends on the species since some monsters are irrational beasts while others are friendly individuals that wish no harm.

Monster Tamers[]

Main article: Monster Tamers

A tamer is a human that fights alongside monsters, either by forcefully capturing them or by forming relationships with them.

1st Generation[]


Monsters were initially created as the main antagonist to oppose the protagonist race and provide entertainment to Ludo-Rathowm. The first monsters were the Shellfish, a monster specifically made to serve as antagonists of the Round Ones. The Shellfish eventually went extinct, and the Round Ones had no enemies to fight, although their shells still prevail in the current era.

Needless to say they were utter failures and they weren't even remade into other monsters. Although there's a certain someone that loves to collect their shells.

Currently the Round Ones data was used to remodel new monsters.

List of 1st Generation Monsters[]

2nd Generation[]


During the era of the dragons, more monsters were added to the catalogue like the Chasobas and Chatsumis. The most notable monsters however are the Hannies, clay creatures that are now seen everywhere and actually serve as a subspecies of dragons.

Hannies are silly and clumsy and most of them are fairly weak but some of them can be suprisingly strong. S Hannis for instance are among the strongest monsters there are and the Hanny King is claimed to be one of the most powerful beings in the world, and a good friend with KD.

List of 2nd Generation Monsters[]

3rd Generation[]

Four Holy

The Four Holy Gal Monsters.

The era of humans. Instead of randomly creating monsters, the gods decided to opt for something different. They decided to create 4 godesses known as the "Four Holy Gal Monsters". These four populated the world with hundreds of different species and are the "mothers" of most monsters.

The holy gal monsters seeded the Gal Monsters and the Guy Monsters. These two new classes date with each other and keep populating the world. There are hundreds of species of guy monsters and gal monsters, and different crossing produce different mutations and give birth to new and unique types of monsters. These brought a huge variety and number of monsters in the world.

There are also a few other sentient organisms that aren't technically monsters, but they are labeled as such by humans since they behave the same as monsters do. The Holy Skeletal Fighting Marshal are a good example of this.

List of 3rd Generation Monsters[]

Gal Monsters[]

Guy Monsters[]


There are also many creatures that, while aren't technicallly monsters in that they weren't designed by the Gods to be nor do they serve the Demon King, some are labeled as such by Humans because they are instinctively hostile against other living beings or simply fight against humans for the sake survival.


Artificial Organisms[]




Unique Monster Characters[]


Monsters from the world of Evenicle have a deliberate resemblance to the monsters from The Continent, and as such many of the details from this page apply to them as well. The primary difference between the two worlds is that monsters from the World of Eve are actually manifestations of human desire, which is siphoned away by prayer and later manifests in the form of a hostile creature.

Monsters were originally created by the death of the Archfiend Adan, and thus are not parcelled into "generations," like the monsters of The Continent. Nevertheless, Evenicle makes a reference to the system of generations in the form of "Ancients," a set of monsters created by QD, which consists of first generation monsters from The Continent: namely, Circles and Magballs, as well as the similar-looking Spheres (the term "Ancient" also applies to dragons). The Bambara set of monsters is also said to be artificial, having been created by a human based on notes from another world.

The World of Eve is also home to Insects, which are a deliberate part of its makeup, and also to Haniwa, whose role in the grand scheme is unexplored. It is not known to be home to Devils.