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The Monster Realm is the name given to the area on the western side of the Continent, established during the reign of Demon King Gi.

The south-eastern part of the Monster Realm is home to the "Monster Forest", a dense woodland filled with rogue and unafilliated beasts. If a low-level creature, human or otherwise, entered this area, death would be all but guaranteed. 

All kinds of monsters inhabit the Monster Realm, though it's important to note that the number of Guy Monsters vastly outnumber the total amount of Gal Monsters.

Due to constructs such as the Zethan Maginot Line, it has become very difficult to organize an invasion force from the Monster Realm upon humanity, as there is a hurdle of fortresses to pass through and an army cannot be brought across undetected, it's also impossible to bring a Demon Army through the Crystal Forest unscathed. Due to this, large-scale monster invasions are very rare in this day and age.

The Monster Realm has a strict hierarchy built on power and control, it's very much survival of the fittest. 

The Demon King reigns at the top of the society and commands the Dark Lords, the Dark Lords command Apostles and Monsters. Regular monsters themselves are judged on their strength, a Dekant would be inherently considered to be of a higher social class than a Squidman, but if said Squidman could take down the Dekant then he would warrant more respect.

The Monster Realm is foggy and full of thick clouds. The air is constantly heavy, it's humid, and it feels like you're breathing miasma. The monsters like it, but to a human it would feel like fatigue was constantly eating away at them.

At present, the Monster Realm is divided into two factions, Kayblis and Hornet, both sides have wildly different opinions on the future of their species and are at constant odds. This has further "split" the Monster Realm, with the members of Hornet Faction residing to the north and the members of Kayblis Faction residing in the south. Both factions have Demon Armies working under them as well, formed by monsters who sided with each faction based on their own personal beliefs.

List of Demon Kings[]

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List of Dark Lords[]

Hornet Faction

Kayblis Faction