Miyazato Erika
Japanese 宮里絵梨花
Romanization miyazato erika
BBA Erika face.png
Race Human
Sex Female
World Japan (Big Bang Age)
Affiliation Wolf Fang
Appeared in Big Bang Age
Eri of the chain never turns around!

—Miyazato Erika

Miyazato Erika is student at Seijou Academy, calls herself "Eri of the Chain". Along with her classmates Shorko and Saki, she's formed the Miyazato Gang. They defy authority but are really good girls all around.

During the events of Big Bang Age, Erika and her gang have taken refuge on Seijou Academy's rooftop once Zanma Rouga begins his dream of conquering Japan. After Rouga defeats them in battle, they decided to join Wolf Fang.

Battle quote - "Hey hey hey! Eri of the Chain will kick you you know!"


Erika has green eyes and brown chest-length hair, done up in a ponytail with a red and white hairband that appears to resemble a collar. She also wears a pink ribbon in her hair.

Erika's wearing a standard Seijou Academy female school uniform alongside a type of gauntlet on her right hand that she coils her signature chain around. She's also wearing a pink ribbon as a choker. On her right cheek she appears to have a bandage.


  • In NRF's doujin fighting game based on Big Bang Age, Big Bang Beat, Erika and her gang can be seen in the background of Heita's stage during daytime.
  • Surprisingly, despite scoring number 1 in the females category of the Big Bang Age Popularity Poll, Erika was not playable in Big Bang Beat. She was made playable, as a team with Shoko and Saki, in the sequel Big Bang Beat - Revolve.