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Part 2

Miracle Tou
Japanese ミラクル・トー
Romanization Mirakuru Tō
Race Human
Age / Birth 19 / GI1003
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 165cm / ??kg
Status Alive
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Rance, Zeth
Level limit 66
Skill levels Magic Lv3 (?), Magic Science Lv1 (?), Enchanting Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance IX, Rance X


Miracle Tou is a very high level mage that befriended Patton during a revolt that took place in LP0005 in Zeth with the objective of restoring mages in power. Miracle is referred to as the "Dark Witch" and is feared by many due to her incredible magic and knowledge of various arts. She uses a very old and archaic speaking style with a vibe of superiority. She's later revealed to be Aten Gnu's cousin.

She's one of the few Lv3 users in history and has made World Domination her major goal. She met Rance during the Helman Revolution in Rance IX and was revealed as one of the girls fated to him.

Personality and Appearance[]

Milacle and her "dream group".

Miracle is a very prideful woman that uses a very lordly way of speaking about herself and others. She often refers to herself as the ruler of the world, and talks to others as her minions, peasants or other such tags. She doesn't make friends easily and is actually something that her grandmother reproaches her about. She's the type of person that likes to stand at the top and judge others indiscriminately. She is very arrogant and loves to be praised. While she is self-centered, Pigu somehow manages to handle her pretty well. Despite her attitude, Miracle is actually a pretty nice person that would kindly help others if she's flattered enough.

Miracle often does research in different topics and is very curious about many different things. She has a thing for the grotesque, with the exception of cockroaches, which lead her to panic. For some strange reason she likes people that go against her wishes, deeming them "interesting" or "amusing".

Miracle's way of seeing the world was greatly influenced by her grandmother Mysteria Tou, an old and powerful witch. She was the one that implanted in Miracle's head the idea of world domination since her early childhood. Despite being raped a few times by Rance, she seems to have the ability to bounce right back as if nothing had happened, stating that all happened according to her wishes or that it was just as expected.


Miracle Tou is a very powerful magician, one of the only two human magicians to have magic lvl 3 skill in the whole continent, besides Anise in the Zeth Kingdom. Unlike Anise, Miracle has a vast knowledge in magic and there's no spell she doesn't know about, managing to even master Hunty's instantaneous movement spell after seeing it only a couple of times. She has an incredible ability to learn any complex spell in a short period of time after seeing it in use once. 

She usually moves around in a chair carried by her faithful moving skeletons. These are actually not hers but inherited from her grandmother. 

Milacle traveling to another world.

She has a vast knowledge about many ancient relics and artifacts. Her most impressive skill is the ability to create a gate to a different world. For instance, she once created a gate she called "Saurus Mall" that leads to a world is inhabited by dinosaurs. Not only this, but she's also visited other worlds, one of them which resembles greatly actual Japan and which she seems to be a little cautious of, seeing that the technology that world possesses would be more than enough to wipe out all the inhabitants of the continent(she's referring to WMDs).

She has discovered many worlds using her ability:

  • Saurus Mall: A world inhabited by Dinosaurs.
  • Slow Giant: A world devoid of life, with the exception of a great giant.
  • Steel Horror: A modern-style world. Very industrious.
  • Crazy Plant: A world where vegetation is the dominant intelligence.
  • Poly Poly One: A world full of Poly monsters.

She doesn't have the best naming sense for the worlds she discovers though.

She is bent on world domination and is creating a special unit called "Twelve Knights", mostly composed of the strongest warriors she knows or has heard of, giving each one of them a special name. In Rance IX she says that this group consists of:

While she formed this team in her head, she didn't actually know most of them and she picked them based mostly on their reputation and fame.


  • At one point Rance says that Miracle resembles a character in his head, the raven princess, and wonders how that could be. Naturally Miracle says that she is not that character, but that the fact that Rance came up with a character resembling her means that he was looking for someone like her to be his master.
  • Rance discredited almost everyone in the twelve knights team that Miracle had come up with. Sometimes giving viable points like saying that some of the ones she chose are actually dead, while others he was giving completely irrelevant points.
  • At one point, after visiting a distant world that resembles the real life world, she compared the individual shots of a machinegun with a low level fire spell.
  • She is the only one of Rance's known fated girls to become a Balance Breaker.
  • Miracle is, most likely, the most powerful among Rance's Fated Girls at least among the magic users.
  • She is the only person from zeth to join the Helman revolution.
  • Orion has stated that if she and Anise fought, she would win through planning.


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