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Millie Lincle
Japanese ミリー・リンクル
Romanization Mirī rinkuru
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Shopkeeper
World The Continent
Affiliation Leazas
Skill levels Fortune Lv? (?)
Appeared in Rance I, Rance 01, Rance III, Rance 03



Millie Lincle is a shopkeeper working in the capital of Kingdom of Leazas in a Weapon Shop called Akirame. This weapon shop originally belonged to her father, but she inherited it and kept managing after his decease. The Shop sells all sorts of high quality weapons, as one would expect from a Shop located on the heart of the Capital of the wealthiest country on The Continent. It has large windows that displays armament for everyone's view.

She made her fist appearance in Rance 01 simply as the seller of her weapon shop, assisting Rance by selling different weaponry he could need for his quest of searching the missing noble girl Hikari Mi Blanc.

She's frequently assaulted by thugs and the like, but she somehow always manages to be saved in one way or another. Despite her lack of combat skills, physical training, or even motivation to fight back, she's always saved by different circumstances. This is product of her "absolute luck". For some reason, Millie possesses an ability to be absurdly lucky at all times, to the point she can get whatever she wants and nothing bad will happen to her as long as she doesn't wish for it. This, however, backfired and led her to realize there were no challenges in life and she started to feel like living had no meaning, which has made her quite jaded about life itself and at times made her flirt with wanting to die.

Rance at first tried to assault her as well, albeit failing like the rest. He eventually managed to have sex with her by using a special item that nullified her absolute luck for a short period of time. This actually made her think of Rance as an interesting yet strange person, since he's the first one that managed to overcome her luck.

During the Helman invasion of Leazas in Rance 03, Millie and Patty were unaffected by it since they coincidentally traveled for a conference in South just before the invasion took place, though they were unable to return due to the Helman troops occupying Leazas territory.

Personality and Appearance[]


Despite being the type of person that hardly puts any effort into anything due to lack of motivation, Millie is popular and well known for being very attractive. With a long blonde hair, blue eyes and a perfect skin, Millie is a beautiful young girl that many long for. She often dresses in black clothing consisting of a stylish dress and long stockings. She also carries a significant higanbana (the red flower) on her hair. Because of the assaults she experiences, she's also seen having bandages here and there, but she keeps them even after she's already healed up.

Her personality is mostly apathetic and calm, displaying little emotion all the time and maintaining a collected demeanor. It doesn't matter how hopeless or grim a situation she finds herself is, she won't ever panic. She is a very dark and gloomy girl, noted for being quiet and with little motivation and enthusiasm to do anything. She's mostly despondent and maintains a low spirit. She also tends to be rather pessimistic, cynical and uninterested. Despite being in charge of her Shop, she's not very good at dealing with people as she lacks the keenness to actively attend people and sell her products, prefering to spend her time sleeping, which is the only thing she's really fond of doing. Her personality is a direct consequence of her Absolute Luck, which has killed all her motivation and interest in doing anything to the point that she's considered suicide.

Despite her polar opposite in terms of personality, she gets along well with Patty The Summer, the owner of a nearby shop. She's probably the only person she considers a friend, and the two tend to spend time together.


In spite of being always assaulted by thugs, she somehow always survives in one way or another.

Millie's potential remains unknown due to the lack of information of her Level Cap and Skill Levels. As she stands, she's a mere civillian that lacks any fighting ability or even physical fitness. Like her appearance suggests, she's a rather fragile and weak girl that can be easily subdued by almost anyone.

Her most notable ability is her Absolute Luck, a skill inherent in her that allows her to come on top of more or less any situation. No matter the place or time, she's naturally favored by circumstances without even taking any action herself. Whatever she wishes for, her surroundings will adapt and shape to gravitate towards to allow her to achieve her goal, effectively allowing her to achieve almost anything she proposes with no effort. Additionally, unless she wishes for it, nothing unfortunate will ever befall onto her and will always experience positive events. While unconfirmed, it is likely that she has either a Fortune Lv2 or maybe a Fortune Lv3 Skill Level, based on how absurd her luck is.

As a shopkeeper she's competent at her job due to carrying knowledge of the weapons she sells and she herself being alluring enough to attract customers without actually trying. However, she's not a very pleasant person and is rather blunt, which results in her not being particularly good at selling her products. It is, nonetheless, more than good enough for her to make a living of it, which is somewhat impressive considering how little effort she puts on her job.


Millie (Rance 01, Rance 03)


  • It is a common theory that her absolute luck is result from a wish granted to her by Supreme God Planner as a source of amusement.
  • For some reason, in the shop window of her store she has a gun, despite the fact that fire weapons don't exist in The Continent. Some fans speculate that is just a plastic model and not a real weapon.
  • The "Unlucky Glasses" that Rance uses to counter her Absolute Luck are a reference to TADA's fetish for glasses girls that suffer misfortunes.
  • In the Rance 01 Popularity Poll she ranked 4th, and in Rance 03 Popularity Poll she was ranked 16th among female characters.