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Japanese ミレー
Romanization mirē
Race Dragon
Sex Female
Status Alive
World World of Eve
Affiliation QD, Central, Snake Crest
Appeared in Evenicle


Millet is a black dragon, and a Zero Knight of the Central Empire, who mistakenly believe her to be human. Initially assigned to guard the Black Evenicle in the Mirror Labyrinth by QD, Millet abandoned her duty several years before the Arthur Tragedy. She entered the service of Prince Felton, and joined him in the reborn Snake Crest. Her ability to teleport gave the conspiracy access to Sky Island and the Tower of Humanity, which they made their final stronghold, and she also gave them the Black Evenicle, allowing them to translate the final book. These were both massive violations of the dragons' treaty with humanity, but went unnoticed for many years.

Prior to the Snake Crest's open attack, Millet seduced Natal March to their side as a minor administrator. Millet continued her work as an enforcer before ultimately being defeated by Aster and his family about the Battleship Digamma, and was captured by QD, who decided to oversee Millet's punishment personally.

Personality and Appearance[]

Millet has a relatively cold and quiet personality, built on her overwhelming confidence in her draconic superiority. She holds most humans in particularly low regard, with the exception of Felton, whom she greatly admires. She is not much more generous to the half-dragon Aster. QD seized on Millet's ego as part of her punishments, choosing to humiliate and degrade Millet whenever possible. These punishments have left Millet something of a shell of her former self, and submissive to the extreme.

As a human, Millet appears as a slightly dark-skinned woman with red hair and eyes, while as a dragon she has deep black scales, yellow eyes, and numerous red highlights, like on her belly and teeth.


As a fullblooded dragon, Millet has the powers of teleportation and transformation, although QD feels she is not very good at the latter. On the Battleship Digamma, Millet constructed a barrier that prevented Aster and his allies from going deeper into the ship until she had been defeated.

Millet is a Zero Knight, marking her as one of the most powerful warriors in the World of Eve, although she preferred to fight Aster in her previously hidden dragon aspect. As a Zero Knight, Millet can kill members of species protected by Mother Eve's blessing, and can marry at least ten people.


  • Millet's name may be a reference to the Milady D'Winter, antagonist to the Three Musketeers. Like Millet and Prince Felton, Milady has a strong narrative tie to John Felton, although the nature of said relationship is entirely different.
  • Millet is the only dragon to assume dragon form over the course of Evenicle, although QD appears as a dragon in some of Towa's storybook illustrations.
  • It is unclear if Millet is actually an Outlaw. Where all formerly human members of Snake Crest are marked as "Ex-Human" during battle using the Info Display skill, Millet is marked as an "Ancient," rather than as a "Dragon" or "Ex-Dragon."