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Mikura Noriko
Japanese 三蔵 法子
Romanization Mikura Noriko
Noriko Icon
Race Human
Age / Birth 18
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 161cm / 47kg
Measurements B86 W56 H89
Status Alive
World Prostudent G
Affiliation Education HQ
Appeared in Prostudent G


Mikura Noriko is a protagonist of the Alicesoft game Prostudent G. She is a young and intelligent teacher who has a gift for inventing things. Her naming sense leaves a lot to be desired. She only just became a teacher when the game starts.

Before the events of Prostudent G she lived in Massachusets, USA. She skipped a few grades in the engineering department of a school which explains her young age.

In Prostudent G she's first seen when she comes for Endou Gorou to get him to help her. Wary of him to the point where he gets a shock collar, she basically chaperones him wherever they go at first. She slowly warms up to him throughout the game. At that point she's already accompanied by Yagami Choko, Shimanto Saori and San-chan.


  • Her ending requires her to be chosen first, like with Yagami Choko.
  • Basically a genius inventor
    • she invents a giant mecha at age 7
    • Has various inventions ready and can invent more on the fly
  • Also capable of complex surgery
    • Endou Gorou gets saved by her transplanting his brain multiple times into other bodies
    • Daijirou gets saved in a similar way
    • She reveals Hikaru Sanjo didn't quite die. He's just braindead and removed his brain to use his body.
  • Has a star shaped birthmark
  • Values academic achievements, but not more than student freedom.
  • San-chan sleeps under her hat which somehow always stays on.