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Mikos are a special class originating from the country of JAPAN. Much like their real-world counterparts, they are exclusively female and serve as shrine priestesses throughout the country's different regions and work with the Tenshi Sect and the Diviners to protect JAPAN from supernatural threats.

Mikos are powerful magic-users with their own branch of Magic. As it is primarily based on healing and soothing, it serves as a similar equivalent to the Divine Magic used by the priests of the AL Church, with spells like the Miko dance and Healing Mist able to heal even terrible injuries. However, they also possess some offensive powers, particularly the Miko storm which can decimate their enemies.

Mikos can be found throughout JAPAN, however their stronghold is the Miko Institute in Yamatai. The mikos found there have the odd tradition of sleeping with any man who visits them and wins their lottery, and will even use their healing powers to extract some of the corruption in his soul. However unknown to most, their true purpose behind this tradition is to satiate the Legendary Beast Orochi, as the mikos who have completely filled their souls with corruption are sacrificed to Orochi, thus preventing him from destroying all of JAPAN in a terrible earthquake.

Though they are mostly completely absent from the Continent, some mikos have settled in the Portugal, the rich mercantile region closest to JAPAN, with the powerful diviner Copandon Dott being trained by one such group.

Much like the Ninjas of JAPAN, though a miko is a class within JAPAN, it also is a skill level which indicates the natural proficiency of an individual in learning the arts of Miko magic. However, not all mikos have a skill level in it and not all individuals with a Miko level are trained as mikos.

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