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Kurusu Mikimoto
Japanese 美樹本来栖
Romanization Mikimoto Kurusu
Race Human
Age / Birth ?
Sex Male
Status Alive
World The Continent
Affiliation Aida Kenichirou
Appeared in Ouji-sama Lv2


Mikimoto Kurusu is a visitor of Hirai Nagao town accompanied by companion and friend Aida Kenichirou. Both of them are traveling around the Continent and came to Hirai Nagao to ask the town about the cultivation of a certain plant.

The reason why they are traveling is because they want to find a cure for Mikimoto who was turned into a blood thirsty monster by a being that is already dead. During Ouji-sama LV2, his transformation is witnessed by Canaan and Celeste when they hear ruckus in the room next door and run to help in case there is an intrusion. As it turns out, the only thing that can suppress Mikimoto's urge to suck blood temporarily has been stolen, and only grows every three months on top of Mount Saren in Helman. Aida, Canaan and Celeste then form a party to retrieve the stolen good and receive Mikimoto's gratitude. Afterwards, in a desire to not involve people further, as they imply they've made that mistake in the past, Aida and Mikimoto decide to skip town, implying that they are being pursued.

Personality and Appearance[]

Mikimoto is a young man with medium-length auburn hair, violet eyes and fair skin. He is always seen wearing a tattered gakuran (middle-school/high-school japanese uniform). It is always buttonned up which could hint that he is quite a serious person. He is always carrying a long bow with him. He looks younger than Aida despite being the same age, that is because Mikimoto doesn't age anymore.

Mikimoto is a quiet and unapproachable boy. He seems distrustful of strangers and would rather not interact with anyone other than Kenichirou. After Canaan and Celeste help him, he softens up a little. He might be a good cook, or at least somewhat decent at making curry, as talking to him during the cooking competition adds two points of deliciousness.

OujiLV2 Mikimoto Aida CG

Aida holding Mikimoto as his desire to suck blood comes out


Not much is known about his abilities. The fact that he is always carrying a bow seems to hint that Mikimoto is proficient in Kyuudou, the Japanese martial art of archery while Aida seems to be a Kendo martial artist. In his monster form, Mikimoto is probably much stronger, as he is shown carrying a body along with him and probably explains why the clothes of both Aida and himself are tattered. Considering the parallels between him and a certain Rance character, it could be speculated that Mikimoto might be the strongest character that the player meets in the Ouji-sama series.


  • His name and history are a direct reference to Kurusu Miki, but it is unclear whether or not he is a counterpart version in the Ouji-sama universe or if the two characters coexist in the same universe.
  • He is always accompanied by Aida Kenichirou who is Ogawa Kentarou's counterpart.
  • Mikimoto is wearing a gakuran, a school uniform that might hint that he is not from this world.