Romanization mikado
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Empress
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Japan

Appointed by Shibagami, this girl has the power to eliminate the chaos in the empire of Japan. With a sworn duty to protect Japan, she can use the ability "Kamikaze". As ruler of the country, she has absolute power in the Nation's decision-making. With her cheerfulness and kindness, she is friendly to everyone. But due to her position, she has trouble making close friends, mostly due to the overprotectiveness and formal attitude of those around her. But perhaps someone easygoing and carefree yet gentle can do something about that...

She also has the uncanny ability to tell a person's character just by touching them.

"Mikado" is not her name but her title. It is impolite to say the name of the empress in Japan. (see wikipedia:ja:諱)

“Well, I will leave this to you, Tougou.”

Voice Actor : Aoi Miu

Stats[edit | edit source]

Command Points: 330

Recruitment: Japanization Route. Will replace Shibagami once you own 15? planets

Skill: "God's Miracle" - Attack against disasters +30%

Level 0

All Stats + 10% (Preset Flagship)
Aircraft +10%
HP +10%
Radar +10%


  • Growth rate +4%

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Ranked second, with 4896 votes, in Alicesoft's female popularity poll. (Ælfhild ranked third with 4828 votes.)

Mikado has stated that she doesn't even remember what her real name is after becoming the empress

Figurines[edit | edit source]

Announced September 2012, a figurine of Mikado is announced for January 2013

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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