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I am Lordring! Mi Lordring! Humble servant of the great Goddess ALICE! I give my blood! My bones! My very being for the sake of my divine mission!

—Mi Lordring, introducing himself.

Mi Lordring
Japanese ミ・ロードリング
Romanization mi rōdoringu
Mi Lordring (old).png
Race Human
Age / Birth 33 / GI0989
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 181cm / 70kg
Status Alive
Class Priest
World The Continent
Affiliation AL Church
Level limit 37+
Skill levels Holy Magic Lv1 (?), Handicrafts Lv1 (?), Divine Magic Lv0 (?)
Appeared in Rance 01, Rance 03, Rance Quest Magnum, Rance X


Mi Lordring is a fanatical priest of the AL Church. Through sheer grit and enthusiasm, he rose from the position of an ordinary priest to one of the four bishops that serve directly under the pope, placing him among the highest authorities in the Church.

Claiming to hear the voice of the Goddess ALICE from a young age, Lordring became convinced that it was his divine calling to serve as an envoy of ALism and began traveling across The Continent to spread the word of his goddess and help others in need, training to improve his abilities all the while. As a symbol of his devotion, he constructed a crude doll in what he believed to be ALICE's likeness and began to refer to it as a "sacred idol", insisting that his possession of it allowed him to more easily communicate with the goddess. Though his intentions were good, his hot-blooded personality and tendency to have extended conversations with his ALICE doll caused many of the people he encountered in his journeys to be unsettled by him, while his poor sense of direction and refusal to move in any direction other than forward often led him into danger. He never allowed these setbacks to dissuade him, however, perceiving each to be a trial given to him by ALICE to test the limits of his faith, and continued to work with the same fervor he had begun with.

In the year LP0001, Lordring made a pilgrimage to Leazas Castle Town, the capital city of the Kingdom of Leazas, to visit the altar of ALICEMAN in the surrounding frontier land as part of his priestly training. While staying in the castle town, he had his Level increased by Willis Fujisaki, a young woman who ran a local level shop. Though Lordring payed Willis no mind, she became enamored with his earnest and straightforward dedication to his mission and began to surreptitiously follow him around the city to admire him from afar. She gradually convinced herself that these outings were dates and that Lordring was her boyfriend, attributing their lack of interaction to his chaste life as a priest preventing him from being in an intimate relationship.

During the events of Rance 01, Lordring crossed paths with the warrior Rance while on his way to visiting ALICEMAN's altar. Having lost his way, he at first attempted to ask Rance for directions before declaring his directionlessness to be yet another trial imposed by his goddess and barreling away. Lordring later ran into Rance two additional times while trying to exterminate the Undead creatures that had appeared in the Leazas Castle Town's cemetery and the Khien Mansion, each time running off just as quickly as he had in their first meeting. While the two men's respective personalities caused them to forget each other between each of their brief encounters, with Rance consistently dismissing the priest as a random pervert, Lordring always made a point of healing Rance's wounds prior to making his exit, claiming it to be his duty as a follower of ALICE to do so.

At some point during his pilgrimage in Leazas, Lordring wandered into the castle town's sewer system and fell into the wastewater, getting pulled deeper and deeper into the sewers by its current. By coincidence, he ran into Rance once more, who had traveled through the sewers in pursuit of Princess Lia Parapara Leazas, the person responsible for the kidnappings of several young woman throughout the castle town. Despite his own poor circumstances, Lordring made sure to heal Rance's injuries once more before being pulled away by the water, replenishing the adventurer's strength in preparation for his final battle. Lordring was eventually able to escape from the sewer through unknown means and complete his work in the Leazas, after which he promptly set out on his way to continue training.

Lordring begins to lose his hair from the stress of being haunted by an "evil spirit".

In the year LP0002, Willis passed the exam needed to transform an ordinary person into a Level God. Her infatuation with Lordring remained even after becoming a god, which caused her to begin following his every move in an incorporeal form. While Lordring could not see Willis, he felt her presence around him at all times and began to believe that he had become possessed by an evil spirit. The stress brought on by this notion made his hair begin falling out and compelled him to redouble his efforts to improve his training. In a panic, he began to deliberately move through Monster-infested dungeons throughout the Free Cities Alliance to raise his level more quickly in the hope that doing so would grant him the strength needed to dispel the otherwordly force from his body.

During the events of Rance 03, Leazas and the Free Cities were invaded by the forces of the Helman Republic, enveloping the region in chaos. Though the lives of many people became swept up in the conflict, known as the 7th Leazas-Helman War, Lordring was largely indifferent to it and continued his training unperturbed. Throughout this period, he ran into Rance, who was assisting the Leazas Liberation Army in repelling the Helman Army, on numerous occasions. The two remained oblivious to each of their previous meetings, with Lordring healing Rance and his allies before abruptly leaving just as quickly as he appeared.

Later on into the war, Lordring entered the battlefield during the Battle of The O, a decisive attempt to push the Helman Army out of the Free Cities. Having no formal affiliation to either the Helman Army or the Leazas Liberation Army, he turned to his ALICE doll for consultation on which side to lend his aid to. The doll repeatedly advised him to help the Liberation Army, which propelled him to rapidly move across various key points in the struggle and begin healing its soldiers. Lordring's sudden actions confused both sides of the dispute, but proved invaluable to maintaining the Liberation Army's strength. The battle eventually ended in the Liberation Army's favor, with the Helman Army being forced to retreat into Leazas after sustaining a major blow to its numbers.

After the Battle of The O, Mi continued to assist in defeating the Helman Army by appearing randomly to heal wounded soldiers of the Liberation Army. His movements led him to the sewers beneath Leazas Castle once more, which had become occupied by Helman soldiers. In the sewers, he crossed paths with Rance's party for a final time, where he again healed their injuries. Rance was not at all appreciative of the gesture, having mistaken Lordring for an enemy until he had revealed himself, and kicked him into the wastewater in irritation. Lordring stayed trapped in the stream for the remainder of the war, but made a point of healing Rance's party whenever it passed his location. The Liberation Army soon succeeded in driving out the invaders from Leazas Castle and bringing an end to the war, with Lordring leaving the sewer to resume his training not long afterward.

In the years following the end of the war, Lordring continued to work tirelessly to improve his skills, exterminate restless spirits, and assist others in need. Over time, his actions began to get recognized by the Church itself, leading to him rising through its ranks at an unprecedented rate. After only a few years, he was appointed to the position of bishop and began working directly under Pope Duran Teyuran, the leader of the Church. While many high-ranking members of the Church looked down on Lordring as an eccentric outsider, he proved to be extraordinarily popular with the common people, who greatly admired him as a man from humble beginnings that achieved great success through hard work and dedication. Even with his newfound status, however, Lordring himself payed no mind to how others perceived him, and continued to diligently rove across the Continent helping others as he had during his time as a common priest.

In the wake of Pope Teyuran's death, the four bishops compete for the position of his successor.

In the year LP0006, Pope Teyuran passed away, leaving the AL Church without a leader. In sacred tradition, the four bishops that had served directly beneath him were pitted against each other in a competition known as the Mula Test to determine who among them would be chosen as his successor. The test required the bishops to carry out various holy tasks, such as performing miracles, excising spirits, and collecting Balance Breakers, people or things that threatened the stability of the world, to gain points, with additional points being given from votes submitted by the public. The bishop who scored the most points after several months would be recognized as the new pope and instantly be given all of the privilege and authority that came with the position.

Lordring showed little interest in participating in the Mula test during its earliest stages, claiming that status meant nothing to a servant of ALICE, and did not in any way alter his usual activities. This suddenly changed while he was praying at a small church in rural Leazas, where his ALICE doll reminded him that becoming the pope would allow him to speak with her directly. The notion of getting to see his beloved Goddess in the flesh made Lordring surge with a newfound passion to become the pope, causing him to charge out into the world in search of ways to improve his score.

Despite his vigor, Lordring had no real strategy for winning the competition and instead chose to run wildly in random directions with no particular goal in mind, often needlessly throwing himself into danger along the way and doing little to actually gain points. Because of this, he was not viewed as having a serious chance of becoming pope by either his competitors or much of the general public, causing his candidacy to be mostly ignored. The major exception to this assumption was King Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi of the Magic Kingdom of Zeth, who was deeply moved by Lordring's straightforward zeal and pledged him his country's support in the competition, going completely against the advice of his subjects in the process.

During the events of Rance Quest, the four bishops reconvened in the sacred chamber in the basement of Kaiz to discuss the actions of the Church in the pope's absence. While discussing mission work, Bishop Roule Enron revealed that less than five percent of the eastern nation of JAPAN had converted to ALism, with the vast majority of the country's people choosing to instead follow the local religion of Tenshiism. To overcome this obstacle, Bishop Oz Tortoise proposed to covertly spread the black death, a virulent plague with a high mortality rate, throughout JAPAN and have AList missionaries offer relief aid to those willing to convert. Though Enron eagerly supported this idea, both Bishop Crook Mofus and Lordring objected to it under the belief that killing non-believers was not something that the Goddess ALICE would approve of, preventing it from coming to fruition. After failing to reach an agreement on many other hanging issues, the bishops separated to resume the Mula test.

Throughout the Mula test, Lordring was reunited several times with Rance, who had been unknowingly assisting Crook in completing tasks for it. Lordring showed no animosity toward Crook as a rival, offering her words of encouragement and healing for herself and her companions whenever they crossed paths. Though he continued to never recognize or be recognized by Rance throughout their encounters, Lordring was eventually alerted to the other man's status as a balance breaker and attempted to have him sealed to gain points in the competition. Rather than try to subdue him in combat as others had, Lordring revealed his intentions to Rance directly and asked him to come with him to the Holy City of Kaiz, the headquarters of the AL Church. Before the situation could escalate further, Lordring was taken aside by Crook, who informed him that Rance was not a threat to the world and thus had no need to be sealed. Lordring took Crook at her word and politely apologized for the misunderstanding, making no further efforts to capture Rance.

After months of work, the Mula test concluded and the bishops gathered beneath Kaiz once more to hear the final results. Before a formal verdict was announced, the four each received a parchment that projected their chances of victory based on the number of points they had scored. Lordring received the lowest probability of winning at only 35 percent, but was enthused by these results, proclaiming them to mean that he would become pope 35 times were one hundred competitions held, and showed no fear of losing. In contrast, both Tortoise and Enron expressed outrage at their results relative to Crook, who had scored the highest at 55 percent, and attempted to convince her to drop out of the contest. When Crook refused, Enron accused her of having allowed her body to become corrupted by sin by giving her chastity to a Devil and demanded that a test be performed to confirm the presence of her hymen. While Lordring disagreed with this course of action, he did not wish to question the judgement of the senior bishops and instead left the chamber in embarrassment as they conducted the procedure.

When Lordring returned to the chamber he found that Crook was absent, with Tortoise and Enron claiming that she had left to perform a ritual to cleanse her body of corruption. Unbeknownst to Lordring, the ritual the two elder bishops spoke of was a violent gang rape at the hands of the Calpis Choir, a group of young men that Tortoise had raised to purge any women he deemed to be too "filthy" for his own pleasure, with the intention of breaking her mind and body before the new pope was declared. Oblivious to the heinous conspiracy that was underway, Lordring did not investigate the issue further, believing it to be patronizing to question Crook's ability to perform a purifying ritual by herself.

Crook was later rescued by Rance and his allies, who had stormed Kaiz in concern after learning that she was one of the bishops taking part in the Mula test. While Tortoise tried to have the group apprehended for entering a holy space without permission, the four bishops were called to hear the final results of the competition just as he did, preventing them from receiving any recourse. Lordring was the second of the four to be eliminated, only scoring higher than Enron, but was not ashamed of his loss, having been brought to tears of joy by merely getting to witness the outline of the Goddess ALICE’s figure draped in blinding light. After hours of further deliberation, Crook finally emerged from the chamber accompanied by the echoing voice of ALICE declaring her to be the newest pope. Taking the word of his goddess as law, Lordring immediately pledged loyalty to Crook while Tortoise and Enron fled to parts unknown to mourn their losses and escape the potential repercussions of their actions.

In the days immediately following Crook's appointment as pope, Lordring assisted her alongside the Church's private army the Temple Knights in unsealing balance breakers that posed a low risk to the world and returning them to their previous locations. After all of the low-risk balance breakers had been released, the group returned to Kaiz to gather with the leaders of the major world powers and formally celebrate the ascendancy of the new pope. During the festivities, the Shepherds, an organization headed by former pope Am Isuel intent on spreading despair across the world, infiltrated the proceedings and abducted the Kalar queen Pastel Kalar along with several dangerous balance breakers. On Crook’s orders, Lordring and an elite squad of Temple Knights began a widespread search throughout the area for the Shepherds’ whereabouts.

The Temple Knights eventually succeeded in locating the Shepherds’ headquarters within a secret waterway inside of Kawanakajima, the island on which Kaiz was located. Eager to save Pastel, Rance goaded Crook into taking him to the hideout ahead of the knights. Rance and his allies managed to corner Am at the hideout, only for her to escape with Pastel in tow before she could be defeated.

Mysterious black mist causes the populace of the Continent to fall into a profound state of despair.

Shortly after the Shepherds’ disappearance, a mysterious black mist began to emanate from the Tower of Babel, a mysterious structure that had been constructed next to Rance’s new residence Rance Castle in the Free City of CITY. The mist quickly spread across the Free Cities and Leazas, and started to move into the easternmost parts of Zeth. Those who inhaled the mist became filled with an overwhelming sensation of despair which compelled them to bring despair onto others, quickly throwing the infected regions into chaos. Connecting the phenomenon to the Shepherds, Crook gained ALICE’s permission to storm the tower and investigate the mist. 

After several difficult battles, Rance, Crook, and their allies managed to dispel the source of the mist, a congregation of completely polluted Human Souls being amplified by a dispersion morurun Curse cast by a brainwashed Pastel, and defeat Am. Soon after their victory, they were greeted by Lordring and an elite unit of Temple Knights, whose strong religious faith allowed them to resist the mist’s effects. Equipped with high-level sealing items, Lordring and the Temple Knights contained the bodies of Am and the other individuals throughout the tower with high soul pollution to prevent their pollution from further spreading, putting a stop to the Shepherds’ dark plans once and for all.

Following the defeat of the Shepherds, the AL Church resumed its normal activities. As both Tortoise and Enron, who had run to the Shepherds for protection after their losses and were respectively killed and sealed during the attack on the Tower of Babel, were no longer able to act as bishops, two high-ranking priests were promoted to fill their vacant positions. Lordring, the sole bishop that maintained his rank after the Mula test, continued to serve faithfully under Crook, who, despite his unpredictable nature, viewed him as a trusted subordinate.

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In the year LP0007, a large army of monsters suddenly appeared in the Kinani Desert at the center of the Continent and began to attack Leazas, Zeth, Helman, and the Free Cities in a conflict that would come to be known as the 2nd Dark Lord War. Unprepared for the invasion and unable to damage the Dark Lords that led the Monster Army’s forces, the four nations each quickly began to buckle against the attack. Kawanakajima’s isolated location rendered it relatively safe from the Monster Army, allowing it the freedom to deploy its resources to assist the rest of the Human Realm. Recognizing Rance, who wielded the Dark Sword Chaos that could penetrate the Invincibility Field that protected Dark Lords from conventional damage and had close relations with all of the Human Realm’s most influential figures, as the one person who could unite humanity to victory against the monsters, Crook commissioned the Temple Knights to scan the world for his location.

During the events of Rance X, Crook and the Temple Knights finally found Rance after a month of searching inside of the crashed Horus colony ship in the tundras of Siberia on the northernmost edge of the Continent. The group wasted no time in escorting Rance and his allies back to Rance Castle, where a global summit was being held between the Human Realm's leaders to coordinate a joint strategy against the Monster Army. Crook asked Rance to serve as a goodwill ambassador to help mediate the discussion between nations. While Rance was initially disinterested, he was quickly compelled into agreeing at the urging of Oda Kou, the leader of Oda House, the dominant power in JAPAN.

Soon after entering the conference hall, Rance grew frustrated with the unproductive nature of the summit and audaciously interrupted the proceedings to declare that he would defeat the Monster Army, demanding that the rest of humanity simply follow his lead. While many in attendance were infuriated by the display, the representatives of the Human Realm's five largest nations agreed to the proposal without hesitation, with Crook following soon afterward. Unwilling and unable to object to the unanimous decision of the six most powerful people in the world, the rest of the summit's attendees accepted Rance's demand. Days later, the military powers of all the Human Realm's nations officially merged together under Rance to form the United Human Army, combining their resources to mount a more effective resistance against the monsters.

In December of LP0007, three months after the beginning of the war, Kawanakajima was attacked by an army of 50,000 monsters led by the Dark Lord RedEye. Lacking the numbers to defend against an army of such size, Crook ordered the Temple Knights to lead the island's inhabitants in an evacuation. While the Temple Knights conducted the process efficiently, many of the Church's most dedicated members refused to abandon Kaiz, considering it to be sacrelige to give up the holy city to monsters. Though Lordring shared his associates' anguish about having to surrender the Church's most sacred ground, he convinced them to go through with the evacuation by assuring them that the pope's judgement represented that of the Goddess ALICE, and that their goddess would not abandon them for abandoning Kaiz in their time of need. Before leaving with the rest of the evacuees, Lordring made an effort to collect every sacred relic from Kaiz he could carry to ensure that they would not be destroyed by the Monster Army, which helped put the minds of his colleagues further at ease. His heart heavy with doubt, Lordring took one final look at Kaiz as he boarded a ship to return to the Continent, unsure of whether he had truly made the correct decision.

Immediately after the evacuation was completed, Lordring made a request for Crook to authorize a campaign to take back Kaiz from the Monster Army. Crook was hesitant to agree to the appeal, but relented in response to the overwhelming support it received from other devout ALists. Rallying together a small army of volunteers made up of devoted ALists from across the Continent, Lordring led the operation to liberate the holy city. Lordring played an active role on the frontlines throughout the attack, barreling ahead of his subordinates to scout out the enemy's numbers and fighting off any monster soldiers that stood in his way. While his subordinates were concerned for his safety, his daring proved highly beneficial to the mission, with the Monster Army being driven out from Kaiz within a month.

At some point during the war, Lordring was recruited to serve as a member of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, an elite fighting force led by Rance designed to fight against and defeat each of the Dark Lords invading human territories. As a member of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, Lordring devised a new form of worship known as the "fire-walking line", in which he walked barefoot across hot embers as a show of his devotion to ALICE. Despite now working together as teammates, Lordring and Rance continued to forget one another between meetings, with Rance never failing to refer to Lordring as a pervert each time they were brought together. As a prank, Rance stole Lordring's ALICE doll and threw it out one of Rance Castle's windows. Rather than take offense, Lordring leapt through the window to follow it, interpreting the gesture as Rance's way of telling him to continue searching his heart to deepen his faith and improve the appearance of his doll.

During the “From the Sea” ending route, Lordring boards the ship the Sunset along with half of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad’s members to covertly invade the Monster Realm from the sea. The Sunset is unexpectedly swept away during the voyage by a violent storm, leaving its crew shipwrecked on a small island and unable to immediately accompany the remaining half of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad into enemy territory. After several days of hard work, the crew succeeds in repairing the Sunset and, following a signaling beacon sent out by the Dark Witch Miracle Tou, rescue their comrades from a large army of monsters within the underground waterway of Mount Bezdog, which the Monster Army’s leader, the Dark Lord Kayblis, had been using as his keep. After reuniting, the combined forces of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad engage in a final decisive battle against Kayblis, freeing humanity from his tyranny and ending the war.

In the year RA0004, four years after the end of the 2nd Dark Lord War, all divine presences abruptly vanished from the Continent, with both level shops and Divine Magic users suddenly ceasing to be created as a result. Stripped of all but its most rudimentary functions, the AL Church steadily began to lose power across the world, with many of its followers relinquishing their faith under the perception that they had been abandoned by God. By the year RA0008, an anti-religious movement heralded by the RECO Cult, which preached "God is dead, and we have killed him", began to gain traction throughout the Human Realm, depriving the AL Church of what little remained of its global influence. It is unclear how Lordring was affected by the radical shifts in the social climate of the world, though he is presumed to have been impacted significantly.

In the year RA0009, Rance, who had become the Demon King at the conclusion of the 2nd Dark Lord War, was overcome by the corrupting influence of the Demonic Blood Pool, causing his mind to become filled with an overwhelming desire to bring ruin to the Protagonist Race. In order to satiate this urge, he ordered his monster forces to invade the territories of the Human Realm, sparking the beginnings of a conflict that would become known as the War of the Brutal King. To combat the new threat, Miracle, who had assumed the position of leader of humanity's forces, assembled an elite team composed of humanity's strongest warriors known as the Neo-Twelve Knights, with Lordring serving as one of its members.

After a year of constant fighting, the Neo-Twelve Knights were able to temporarily restore Rance's sanity through the combined efforts of his daughter Reset Kalar and the mysterious creature SBR. Following his recovery, Rance ordered the monsters to cease their assault on the Human Realm, ending the war in the process. While it is unknown what happened to Lordring after the war, he and the other members of the Neo-Twelve Knights would go on to be revered by history as legendary heroes in recognition of their exploits and achievements.

Personality and Appearance[]

Lordring is a hot-blooded and unpredictable individual utterly devoted to ALism.

Lordring is a tall man with a thin build and sharp, narrow features. He possesses very striking eyes with bright green irises and slitted pupils which are further emphasized by his lack of eyebrows, giving him a perpetually intense and determined expression. While he once had long, wavy brown hair, he began to lose much of it in the year LP0002, becoming completely bald by the time of LP0006. During his time as an ordinary priest, Lordring's clothing consisted of a black cassock with dark brown and white stripes down the front, a white mantle with a golden cross-shaped fastener, black boots, white gloves, and a dark brown stole with gold trimming. After achieving the rank of bishop, Lordring began wearing a brown and white dress shirt with gold lining and black cufflinks adorned with gold crosses, white pants, a high-collared black and gold mantle adorned with a white-colored twisting vine pattern, and a gold-lined white cape bearing the symbol of the AL Church.

Lordring is never seen without a small handmade doll in the likeness of the Goddess ALICE at his side, which he claims to be a sacred idol through which the goddess communicates with him. The doll's looks grow progressively more accurate to those of the actual ALICE across its chronological appearances; beginning as a crude wood block in LP0001, becoming eerily realistic in LP0002, closely resembling Alicesoft's company mascot Alice-chan in LP0006, and looking nearly identical to ALICE in LP0007. Lordring maintains that the doll, which he constructed himself, is an externalization of his religious beliefs, with its appearance becoming increasingly closer to the actual Goddess ALICE's as his faith deepens. As such, he has repeatedly refused assistance in redesigning it from Crook Mofus, who has spoken with ALICE directly many times, due to his desire to further push the limits of his understanding.

An absurdly passionate man brimming with boundless religious fervor, Lordring follows the teachings of ALism with such rigid enthusiasm that he cannot be described as anything less than a zealot. He believes that he has been blessed with the ability to hear the voice of the Goddess ALICE, and as such sees it as his divine calling to spread word of her teachings all across the Continent. Compared to other priests of the Church, he rarely spends very long in any particular area, choosing to instead run tirelessly around the word providing healing and guidance to anyone he meets along the way. He almost never puts any thought behind his actions and often lunges unhesitatingly into the unknown, needlessly endangering himself in the process. Rather than show any kind of concern in these instances, Lordring regards any and all hardship he encounters in life as trials sent from heaven to test his faith, and responds to them with equally dangerous and poorly thought out solutions, such as attempting to escape from a pitfall by tunneling deeper underground. Because of this, he frequently finds himself in a number of truly bizarre locations, including hanging from tree branches and floating in drainage ditches, and startles anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby with his tendency to suddenly shout at the top of his lungs when they pass him.

Despite his eccentricities, Lordring is a genuinely goodhearted person with a sincere devotion to the governing principles of ALism. Along with doggedly providing healing to all who he believes are in need of it, he is also incredibly forgiving and willing to show compassion even to those that would ordinarily be recognized as enemies of the Church, most notably devils and followers of Tenshiism, under the belief that the Goddess ALICE would want him to. He is not at all judgemental when dealing with such individuals, instinctively assuming that they have a good reason for their behavior and never trying to impose his religion onto them. Additionally, while other high-ranking members of the Church often abuse their stations for personal gain, Lordring is perfectly content simply acting as an envoy of ALICE and shows no interest in status or power if it is not in the service of strengthening his connection to her. Though these qualities make him a loyal and reliable priest, with Oz Tortoise admitting that he would make an ideal pope based on his piousness alone, they also cause him to be naive to much of the corruption and darkness of the world, making him occasionally overlook wrongdoing when it is right in front of him. This overly-trusting nature was on full display throughout the Mula test, where he repeatedly failed to notice the obvious transgressions being performed by his colleagues Oz Tortoise and Roule Enron out of a desire to respect them as his seniors.

Lordring's ALICE doll provides him with unending praise and inspiration.

Lordring's constant companion in his misadventures is his ALICE doll, which he often consults for guidance when at a loss for what to do. He provides the voice for the doll himself by speaking in a cartoonish falsetto, and portrays it as having a bright and playful personality that cheerfully offers him support and encouragement for whatever he is currently doing. In defiance of the apparent performative nature of these exchanges, Lordring is adamant that the doll is an avatar of the goddess herself, and shows utter confidence in its words being her own. During times of great personal grief and uncertainty, Lordring will claim that the goddess' voice has gone silent and will not speak with the doll, suggesting that it is more a manifestation of his own faith and determination than anything having to do with the actual ALICE.

Rather shockingly, Lordring is incredibly well-liked by ordinary ALists, who celebrate him as a paragon of the merits of hard work and effort. In particular, he is astonishingly popular with women, with Sachiko Centers praising him as being "super cool" and Sel Catchgolf swooning over his righteous adherence to the pillars of ALism. While Lordring is polite to these people whenever he engages with them, his single-minded fixation on the Goddess ALICE makes him disinterested in the attention, to the point of instantly forgetting about those from outside of the Church even after speaking with them several times. This is perhaps most pronounced in his dealings with Rance, who he has encountered numerous times but is utterly incapable of remembering. Further complicating their relationship is Rance's own indifference to men making him constantly forget Lordring, leading to almost every interaction between the two consisting of slight variations of Lordring loudly introducing himself before being dismissed as a pervert by Rance.

Lordring's most long-standing admirer is Willis Fujisaki, who first became interested in him after he visited her level shop during a pilgrimage to Leazas Castle Town. Willis would follow Lordring from afar as he went about his business throughout his time in the Castle Town, eventually deluding herself into thinking that these outings were dates and that he was her boyfriend. While Willis lost all memory of her human life after becoming a level goddess, including those of Lordring, her strong attraction to him remained, which compelled her to continue following him around in an incorporeal form. Prolonged exposure to Lordring eventually made Willis regain her memories of their ostensible relationship, causing her to believe the two of them to be fated soulmates. Upon regaining these memories, Willis made it her personal goal to steadily improve her standing within the Gods' Realm until she could succeed ALICE as the presiding goddess of the AL Church, intending to reunite with Lordring after he became its pope.

Even relative to his usual obliviousness to others, Lordring showed no awareness of Willis during her time as a human and made no references to her throughout his various run-ins with Rance. Though he continues to remain oblivious to her existence as a level god, he is able to sense her presence surrounding him at all times, which he mistakes for that of an evil spirit haunting him. The stress brought on by this mistaken assumption has made Lordring experience rapid hair loss, and motivates him to improve his divine magic skills in the hope of someday being able to perform an exorcism on himself.


A shining example of the power of perseverance, Lordring is a phenomenal individual who has managed to overcome his own lack of talent through sheer force of will. He is shown to have reached the moderately high Level of 37 by the time of the 2nd Dark Lord War, which is assumed, but not confirmed, to be his Level Cap. While such a level cap would ordinarily bestow a person with a considerable amount of innate potential, Lordring is regularly shown to be capable of performing feats of physical spectacle that far surpass these perceived limits, including running at speeds too great to be tracked by Kentou Kanami, a trained Ninja, and tunneling through several kilometers of earth using only his bare hands without showing any signs of fatigue. Though it is unclear how exactly Lordring is able to accomplish these superhuman actions, his ability to do them squarely places him among the most powerful people on the Continent.

In surprising contrast to his commitment to his career as a priest, Lordring has very little natural aptitude for performing divine magic, the staple Skill of all members of the AL Church. Possessing a divine magic skill level of only 0, he is incapable of casting all but the most basic healing spells and can only replenish meager amounts of vitality compared to more proficient divine magic users. To circumvent this weakness, he has rigorously trained himself to be able to cast basic healing spells several times in quick succession, exponentially increasing his recovery output. He is currently able to consistently cast a healing spell 16 times within a single second, allowing him to heal wounds at an even faster rate than many more gifted divine magic users could while casting much higher level spells. Lordring performs these repeated healing spells at such high speeds that he appears to only be using the spell once to the untrained eye, creating the false impression that his power is much stronger than it actually is.

In combat, Lordring fights by striking at his enemies with his fists. Due to always carrying his ALICE doll in one of his arms, he is only capable of fighting with one arm at a time, referring to his right as the "Iron Hammer of God" and his left as "God's Left Hand". Despite lacking an Unarmed Combat skill, his punches are incredibly strong, enough to shatter armor on impact, and have great application in battle when paired with his tremendous speed. Lordring has proven his exceptional skills as a combatant several times, defeating dangerous enemies such as a squad of Helman soldiers and a swarm of high-level monsters single-handedly. Additionally, Lordring possesses the Holy Magic Lv1 skill, giving him the potential to cast the unique offensive magic of the Holy Magic Sect with great proficiency. As he has never been shown using any holy magic in battle, however, it is assumed that he has made no use of this skill.

During his appearance in Rance X, the majority of Lordring's character cards have a skill known as "ALICE's Blessing". The skill itself has no function in battle but is described as requiring the user to have "transcendental faith" to be used correctly. It is possible that this skill is meant to imply Lordring's unflinching faith that the Goddess ALICE will protect him no matter what is what allows him to surpass his body's natural limits to the remarkable extent that he has.

Outside of combat, Lordring possesses the Handicrafts Lv1 skill, making him talented at constructing decorative items and tools through dexterous hand movement. Lordring primarily utilizes this ability to improve the design of his ALICE doll, which he made entirely by hand. His skills as a craftsman have improved tremendously over time, going from making a crude woodblock with only a vague resemblance to ALICE to an intricate miniature model of the goddess over six years of work. Lordring is also something of a practicing ventriloquist, as he is able to throw his voice to create the impression that his ALICE doll is speaking without his aid. He is suggested to be fairly unskilled at this, however, as others often comment on the peculiarity of him speaking to himself when watching it happen.


  • Lordring is lactose intolerant, but encourages others to drink milk often to build strong bones.
  • Lordring came in 7th place in the "Males" category of the Rance 03 Popularity Poll and in 23rd place in the "Males" category of the Rance X Popularity Poll, tying with Cordoba Burn in the latter.
  • The characters of the three AList bishops apart from Crook underwent multiple major design overhauls during the development of Rance Quest's story, and were at one point intended to consist of a pleasant-looking overweight man, a large muscular man, and a serious-looking bespectacled young man. While these character concepts were eventually removed from the setting entirely, Orion, the lead artist of the Rance Series, noted that he had some fondness for both the muscular and bespectacled bishops.
  • According to Orion, Lordring was designed with the intention of being an "ALICE otaku"; a person with such a strong fixation on a single interest or hobby that it consumes all aspects of their life. His carrying around and speaking to a handmade doll in the likeness of ALICE is likely meant to be analogous to the stereotype of an otaku buying and building model kits based on their favorite fictional characters, most iconically ones that they are attracted to, and treating them as though they were real living things.
  • Lordring's name, "Mi Lordring" (ミ・ロードリング, mi rōdoringu), can be rearranged to spell the phrase "Milo drink" (ミロ ドリンク, miro dorinku) in reference to the Australian chocolate malt drink Milo. His lactose intolerance is somewhat ironic when considering this, as Milo is most commonly prepared by being mixed with milk. Despite its similar spelling, Orion confirmed that Lordring's name is not intended to reference the Lord of the Rings fantasy novel series.
  • Lordring is voiced by Yuji Masuoka (ますおかゆうじ) in Rance 03, who also provides the voice of the character Kon Margarin. Masuoka previously lent his voice to the character Yarase in the Alicesoft game Evenicle.
  • The outfit that Lordring's ALICE doll wears during its appearance in Rance Quest matches the one worn by Alice-chan in the Alicesoft game DiaboLiQuE.
  • Lordring was originally planned to appear in Rance X: Part 2, which would have revealed him to have lost the ability to hear the voice of ALICE after the disappearance of all divine beings from the Continent. His attempts at constructing additional ALICE dolls following this would only result in him building statues of Oni, causing him to fall into a deep depression and regrow all of his lost hair. This appearance was eventually cut for unknown reasons, leaving it unclear if it is still considered to be his canonical fate.
  • Despite Lordring debuting in Rance Quest, Willis mentions that a level 12 priest is her boyfriend as early as the original Rance I, released in 1989. Rance is actually capable of encountering Willis' boyfriend, referred to only as "Level Shop's Boyfriend" (レベル屋の彼氏, reberu-ya no kareshi), in the PC-88 version of Rance I, where he attacks and seemingly kills him while he is out on a date with her in the cemetery. When Rance returns to the cemetery later in the game, Willis' boyfriend reappears as the Demon King and attacks him in revenge.
  • In the Q&A section of the Rance VI website, TADA, the director of the Rance series, clarified that Rance is incapable of summoning Willis in dungeons due to her being busy on a date with her boyfriend. In light of information revealed in later games in the series, it can be assumed that she is actually stalking Lordring during this time.
  • Lordring is notably referred to exclusively by his first name by the system and narration during his appearances in Rance 01 and Rance 03 and exclusively by his last during his appearances in Rance Quest and Rance X. As both of the latter appearances occur after he has become a bishop, this was possibly done to convey his higher status within the AL Church.