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Ice Arrow!

—Melfeis, in battle.

Unit Description[]

A female mage that leads one of the only two genuine mage units in the Leazas Army.

She's surprisingly popular and her unit's organization is very good. However, as the Leazas mages it's made up of can't be considered strong, care is required when using it.

Has no special skills.


  • Defeat her while fighting the Leazas Rebel Army, then choose to have sex with her in the subsequent scene.
    • Otherwise she will die.



"A sexy mage that leads a magic unit.

She had to join the rebel army in order to survive, but she fell for my charm and started working for me.

I should have sex with her at least once every 2 months." -Rance


  • If you don't call Melfeis to the harem in 2 months, she will die from her curse. (Unhappy Ending)
    • There will be an event alerting you right before this happens where she starts losing her mind, so you should call her to the Harem in that same turn.
    • Melfeis' beginning of turn event where she dies can be put off by other beginning of turn events with higher priority, like Kapala's ranking report.
  • If you take her to the Uncurse Spring at the bottom of the Uncurse Dungeon, she will no longer need to be called to the harem, but will lose a point in magic power. (Happy Ending)
    • You will also no longer be able to H her after uncursing as she gets married.


  • If deployed with Ex, Melfeis will receive the "surging with power" bonus, which can randomly increase the attack or defense values of their troops by up to 2 points.