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—Meglass, in battle.

Unit Description[]

A Dark Lord that leads a race called the Horus that can fly at high speeds. He excels at maneuverability in battle.

Like Satella, he has no interest in involving himself in fights between humans.

Uses the special attack "High Speed".


  • Joins the Leazas Army along with Satella when Miki and Kentarou start hiding in Leazas Castle.


  • He will betray you if he's used in a defensive battle against Demon King Kayblis. (Demon King Kayblis appears through Miki's events.)
  • After killing Kesselring and him reviving, if you talk to Meglass, he will tell you the secret to killing Kesselring.


  • Invincibility Field: Meglass won't take any direct damage from anything except other Dark Lords.
  • Meglass will refuse to fight against anything but demons (or other certain beings that can also damage demons).

High Speed[]

Can be used after using the "Wait" command and charging for 1 turn. On the following move, the option to use the move will be enabled. The attack will always deal a fixed 1 damage point to anyone, and can damage Dark Lords.

Very useful for most of the game when Dark Lords retreat upon taking damage, but pretty useless in the Monster Realm Phase.