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"I told you, call me Moromi-san"

—Moromi, Expressing hatred for her first name

Megadeath Moromi
Japanese メガデス・モロミ
Romanization Megadesu Moromi
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Archer, Gunner
World The Continent
Affiliation Prima, Ice Flame, Zeth
Level limit 18
Skill levels Bow Combat Lv0 (?)
Appeared in Rance VI, Rance Quest, Rance X


Megadeath Moromi is a veteran member of Ice Flame and like much of its members is not a magic-user, making her part of the mistreated 2nd class citizens of Zeth.

She was originally a part of Sanakia Drelshkaf's Silver Corps, but was eventually approached by Rance who was trying to convince her to join his Green Corps. Since her friend and crush, the cute nurse Prima Hononoman is already part of the Green Squad, she gladly accepts.

Rance starts flirting with the cute "Moromi" as she prefers to be called, but soon finds out that she is more into women, as she "got bored" with men. Megadeath instead mercilessly teases Prima, however she doesn't try to outright seduce her, as she'd rather play with someone with experience instead of a virgin like Prima

Eventually, when Rance sleeps with Prima, Megadeath agrees to a threesome where she finally indulges in her long-time crush.

After the disbandment of Ice Flame, Megadeath still spends time with Prima and drags her in a multitude of shopping sprees.

She later appears in Rance Quest as an early member of Rance's party.

Personality and Appearance[]

Megadeath has a youthful appearance, with arranged short green hair and a skirt that combine to make her closer to a young princess than a warrior.

She is often peppy and cheerful, playfully teasing Prima and Rance ( or as she calls him, "Sex Captain" ), though she is easy to vex, particularly if one bothers her or says her name isn't cute (even as she also thinks so).

Despite her innocent appearance, she is quite lustful and sexually domineering, making the inexperienced Prima easy prey for her. She is also completely unabashed about sex, as she was perfectly willing to flip her skirt and proposed a threesome. She also seems to be quite menacing for many, as she is somewhat infamous in the lower quarters of Italia, though the details are unknown.



While Moromi has some archery skills and is above the average human, she is otherwise very unimpressive.

Megadeath Moromi uses a bow in combat which she uses with some proficiency. However with no skill Lv and an mediocre cap of 18, she provides some nice long-range firepower but not much else.



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