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Meg Makibano
Japanese 牧場野メグ
Romanization makibano megu
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Civilian
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth
Level limit 8
Skill levels Grazing Lv1 (?), Confectionary Lv1 (?), Miko Lv1
Appeared in Rance Quest
Mentioned in Rance X


Meg Makibano is the daughter of ANT Makibano, the owner of a ranch in rural Zeth.

Born possessing the Relax Bust, a mysterious power that forms within the breasts of a person once every century, Meg exudes a natural aura of relaxation and comfort from her body at all times. This aura is capable of enrapturing all who gaze upon her bountiful breasts, draining them of the desire to do anything beyond continuing to stare at her swaying chest. Though Meg is oblivious to the power that lays inside of her, its effects have greatly impacted the lives of herself and those around her, transforming them into careless and leisurely people who care only about blissfully lounging around.

During the events of Rance Quest, Zeth was invaded by the Dark Lord Kite, who had been sent into the country in search of the missing Elite Dark Lord Camilla. With no means of penetrating Kite's protective Invincibility Field available to them, the Zeth Army called for a mass evacuation of all areas surrounding his location. While Meg and her father received the notice to evacuate, they became overwhelmed by a sudden wave of relaxation that caused them to waste an entire week in idle bliss. By the time the two regained control of their senses, Kite and the Zeth Army had already begun to encroach onto their ranch, preventing them from being able to safely gather the various Cows they had left grazing throughout the property. At a loss, Meg sent out a request to various adventuring guilds across The Continent asking for assistance in evacuating the cows. Despite offering a sizable reward of 1,000 GOLD, no adventurers were willing to risk having to contend with a Dark Lord, preventing any of them from accepting it.

Meg's job request eventually reached the offices of the Keith Guild, prompting its guildmaster Keith Gold to call for Rance, the strongest adventurer in his service, to complete it. While Rance was initially opposed to the idea of performing farm work, Keith was able to instantly change his mind after showing him a picture of Meg, compelling him to take on the request in the hope of being able to fondle her enormous chest.

After arriving at Makibano Ranch, Rance and his companion Crook Mofus were greeted by Meg, who graciously showered them with various Foods as she further informed them about her ranch's situation. The combination of Meg's delicious cooking and enormous breasts instantly mesmerized Rance, who was only able to regain his composure after being reminded of the mission at hand. With his resolve restored, Rance negotiated Meg into agreeing to additionally reward him for completing her request by allowing him to fondle her breasts, insisting on three minutes of fondling time for every cow he successfully secured, before heading out with gusto.

Shortly after collecting the last of Meg's cows, Rance's party encountered Kite, who Rance foolishly attempted to fight despite lacking a weapon capable of damaging him. Rance was effortlessly defeated by Kite and knocked unconscious, after which he was transported by the rest of his party back to the Makibano residence to recover. Upon regaining consciousness, the infuriated Rance immediately began planning a counterattack against Kite, only to become distracted by the notion of burying his face between the thankful Meg's breasts. Being in such close proximity to the Relax Bust instantly pacified Rance, replacing his thirst for revenge against Kite and erotic desire to grope Meg's chest with a blind fixation on remaining in the soothing warmth of her bosom. Rance eventually lost all sense of the world beyond Meg's breasts, and had to be forcibly pulled away from them after the allotted time she had promised him had passed. Returned to his senses, Rance left for his residence in the Free City of Ice to obtain the Dark Sword Chaos, a weapon capable of damaging a Dark Lord.

Many days later, Kite returned to the area around Makibano Ranch, this time filled with grief and despair and rampaging wildly. While Meg was somewhat worried by the dangers of the situation, she quickly became more interested in the sudden appearance of rare elastic Grapes in the area and lost focus on the matter at hand. Kite was eventually fought and defeated by Rance, who had reunited with Chaos over his travels, freeing Meg and the rest of Zeth from his anger.


Non-canon warning: This section contains non-canonical information that is not considered part of the canonical timeline and should not be considered part of the overall storyline.

During the mission to collect the missing livestock, Rance has the option of returning to Meg's home to further enjoy eating her cooking and staring at her chest. If Rance chooses to do this multiple times, he will steadily become completely enthralled by her relaxing aura, causing him to lose all interest in searching for the missing cows. He is eventually lifted from his daze several hours later by the arrival of a soldier of the Zeth Army, who reports that Kite had left the vicinity and that it was now safe to move around again. Relief soon turns to stress when Meg inquires about her cows, only to learn that they had all been killed by a horde of Monsters that had accompanied Kite into the area, putting the future of her farm in jeopardy. Having failed the request, Rance sheepishly leaves the area empty-handed.

Sometime later, Rance has a chance encounter with Meg at the McCart Bar in the Free City of CITY. Meg reveals that the loss of their cows has put her family's ranch in financial jeopardy, and that she traveled to the Free Cities in search of work. Eager to continue being around her breasts, Rance abruptly offers Meg the opportunity to accompany him on his adventures, which she agrees to against Crook’s protestations.

Meg’s relaxing aura repeatedly causes problems for Rance’s party during their travels with her, draining them of all will to continue adventuring and forcing them to abandon multiple quests before completing them. These repeated interferences eventually push Crook into performing a thorough investigation of Meg's chest, wherein she confirms the presence of the Relax Bust within it. Despite the Relax Bust being classified as a Balance Breaker by the AL Church, Crook decides against attempting to seal its power, believing that doing so without harming Meg in the process would be too difficult.

If Meg's Level is raised to at least 35, Rance is able to attempt to have sex with her. While Meg is perfectly willing to comply, her calming aura saps Rance of all erotic desire as soon as he begins touching her chest, propelling him into a peaceful sleep before he is able to go any farther. Rance can also choose to simply use Meg's lap as a pillow, but in doing so runs the risk of completely losing himself to her tranquilizing aura if his daughter Reset Kalar is not present to restore his mind through the power of her Hand of Klausen.

As successfully wrangling Meg's cows is necessary to advance the main story of Rance Quest, it is assumed that all content relating to her traveling with Rance's party is non-canon.

Sometime after the events of Rance Quest, Meg began tending to terminally ill patients at a hospice. Through the power of her Relax Bust, she was able to make numerous people pass on in a state of happiness, and gradually came to be known as the "Goddess of Breasts" in recognition of her good deeds. It was said that her breasts maintained their shape and appeal even as she aged well into her forties, allowing her to continue her work for years to come.

Meg was briefly mentioned by Nunuhara Cabbage, Rance's greatest fan, during the events of Rance X, where she hurriedly attempted to tell the player the breast sizes of every female on the Continent as a way of changing the subject after confiding her innermost feelings to them. Nunuhara excitedly exclaimed that the player would finally get to learn who among Meg, Omachi, and Finney Sanada had the largest chest, but abruptly stopped the conversation before beginning the list after Rance appeared and made her flee in embarrassment.

Personality and Appearance[]


Meg is a lighthearted woman whose breasts imbue her with an impenetrable calm.

Meg is a young woman with long brown hair tied into pigtails, violet eyes, and a perpetually serene, glazed-over facial expression. By far her most notable physical characteristics are her enormous breasts, which protrude conspicuously from her otherwise fairly petite build and are seen as tantalizing by nearly all men. Meg's clothing consists of a sleeveless dress with a brown and white bodice and a tan-colored skirt along with a brown and white bonnet adorned with red ribbons on either side and a small cowbell worn around her neck.

As the owner of the Relax Bust, which emit a constant overpowering air of tranquility, Meg maintains a lethargic peacefulness about herself at all times. She is perpetually positive, and can rarely muster the concentration needed to be concerned with a single topic for more than a few minutes. Though this has the benefit of allowing her to remain unperturbed by even the most terrifying disasters, handling both a sudden attack by a Dark Lord and the potential loss of her family's livelihood with dreamy nonchalance, it also makes her ill-equipped to deal with them productively, such as when she spent an entire week lazing around doing nothing after receiving a notice to evacuate her residence. Meg's calmness is highly contagious, to the point where she can rapidly warp others into a similar state of mind simply by being around them, though she seems to be oblivious to this fact.

Beyond her supernatural composure, Meg is shown to be a naturally kind and maternal person, providing Rance and his allies with a deluge of home-cooked meals as a show of thanks for agreeing to assist in protecting her ranch and telling soothing stories to help them drift off to sleep while resting during an adventure. She is entirely unashamed of her large bosom, and freely offers others to smother their faces in between it for warmth and comfort. Meg does not perceive doing so to be an inappropriate gesture, and instead thinks of it as being closer to a mother embracing their child. In conjunction with the power of the Relax Bust, this causes individuals such as Rance, who is infamous for his unquenchable libido, to become swept up by a childish sense of security when in close proximity to Meg and lose all erotic intent in the process. As such, she has never experienced full sexual intercourse in spite of her alluring figure and amenable personality, and quite likely never will.

Meg has a generally good relationship with her father ANT, though her lackadaisical way of being often causes her to overlook the suffering he endures, remaining happily unaware and unhelpful even when he had been crushed by a shed just outside of their house. Nonetheless, ANT views his daughter as the primary source of joy in his life, and always buries himself between her breasts for relief after a hard day of work, a practice that disturbs people from outside the family. At the same time, ANT is also somewhat overprotective of Meg, which has made it difficult for her to pursue romantic relationships. She is not terribly troubled by this, however, and responds to her lack of a love life with the same placid indifference as she does all other things.



Not even Rance's raging sex drive can withstand the soothing effects of the Relax Bust.

Meg is the current owner of the Relax Bust, a legendary trait born in roughly one person every century. Located within her chest, the Relax Bust has caused Meg to develop immensely-sized breasts, which continuously produce pheromones that fill the area surrounding her with a constant sense of serenity. The Relax Bust also modifies Meg's body temperature to be slightly higher than that of an average person, bestowing her with a natural warmth that furthers her comforting ambiance. Through this power, the Relax Bust is capable of steadily influencing the minds of all who approach Meg until they are overcome by a burning need to spend the rest of their lives in a state of indolent pleasure. Though it works most rapidly on men, the Relax Bust can affect people of any race or gender if given time, transforming even the most vicious of monsters and valorous of warriors into gentle and slothful beings. For this reason, the Relax Bust and its various wielders are regarded as balance breakers by the AL Church, as their powers can easily hypnotize entire nations into submissive compliance if left unchecked. As her own mind is influenced by the calming effects of the Relax Bust, however, Meg has no greater ambition than to simply live a laid-back life.

Outside of her Relax Bust, Meg is a talented rancher gifted with exceptional domestic abilities. While she possesses a Level Cap of only 8, giving her very little potential for combat, she has both the Grazing Lv1 and Confectionary Lv1 Skill Levels, allowing her to adeptly raise and domesticate livestock and prepare delectable baked goods from the resources they produce to sell to patrons of her family's business. She is most famous for her chocolate chip cookies, which she serves with a pitcher of her ranch's milk mixed with honey, but she personally prides herself on her pumpkin pie, and looks for any opportunity she can to prepare it for guests. Meg's culinary skills are not limited to dessert items, as she is said to prepare a dish consisting of steak from one of her cows boiled in the milk of another that is equally as delicious.

Somewhat curiously, Meg is said to also possess the Miko Lv1 skill, implying that she has the capacity to perform the healing arts practiced by the shrine maidens of JAPAN. While it is unlikely that Meg is aware of this skill, it is possible that her talent for soothing the bodies, minds, and Souls of others through intimate contact is in part an unconscious channeling of the similar techniques utilized by mikos throughout JAPAN.


  • Meg came in 24th place in the "Characters Most Requested to Receive an H-scene" category in the Rance Quest Popularity Poll.
  • Meg's heavy association with dairy cows is likely intended to be in reference to her large breasts, as the udders of a cow and the breasts of a human contain each species' respective mammary glands.
  • Meg's first name is likely derived from the Japanese dairy company Megmilk Snow Brand, while her last is a combination of the kanji for "ranch" (牧場) and "field" (野).
  • Meg's appearance is based on an unused design for a generic female character of the Healer class in Rance Quest.
  • According to Orion, the Rance Series' lead artist, Meg's name was originally planned to be "Meg Metronome" (メグ・メトロノーム, megu metoronōmu), presumably in reference to her ability to manipulate others into moving at her own steady tempo, before being changed for unknown reasons during development.