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When I win...let's see...I'll make you my pet. Then, I'll use you to feel good...even when you're all worn out and puking blood...heh...

—Medusa, threatening Silky during their battle.


Japanese メディウサ
Romanization Mediusa
Race Dark Lord, Hebi-san(former)
Age / Birth +1021 / GL????
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 210cm / 166kg
Status Alive
Class Warrior
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm, Kayblis Faction
Level limit 152
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv1 (?), Magic Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance X


Medusa is a cruel and sadistic Dark Lord that's terrorized humanity for centuries. Originally born as a type of Gal Monster named Hebi-san, at some point during the Gele Era she encountered Demon King Gele and consumed her blood, resulting in her transformation into a Dark Lord.

On the year GI0815 Medusa formed a Demon Army and used it to invade the Magic Kingdom of Zeth that'd recently been formed on the southwest of the human territories, bordering with the Forest of Monsters of the Monster Realm. This year came to be known as the "Medusa Dark", and her name became immensely feared among the citizens. The year she spent savaging the land was so savagely brutal that it encouraged the mages of Zeth to build a defensive barrier named the Mazeel Line to prevent more invasions from Dark Lords. Not satisfied, 32 years later she performed a 2nd invasion but the defensive system built pushed her back, preventing a second Medusa Dark.

During the division of the Monster Realm that took place after the death of Demon King Gi, Medusa decided to join the Kayblis Faction, targeting Kurusu Miki to take her life so that Kayblis can become the new Demon King instead. The following years the Kayblis Faction and the Hornet Faction have been in a state of total war. Most of the times she doesn't join the fights and when she does she makes her goal to capture a female Dark Lord from the opposing faction to be able to toy with her, but so far she has failed in capturing any.

Personalility and Appearance[]

Medusa is a vicious and cruel monster that enjoys toying with her victims until they die.

A frightening and intimidating figure, Medusa is a dreadful presence for any human that witness her. She has the appearance of an exceedingly tall woman, boasting a large black hair, bloody red eyes and wears a priestess-like robe. In contrast with her otherwise humanoid looks, her hands are twisted and demonic, as well as remarkably bigger than average. Also, while it isn't always noted, her tongue is long and prehensile, allowing her to use it as an extra limb, though she doesn't do it so often. Probably her most notable trait is the huge white snake that is warped around her body and coming out from her crotch, possibly conserved from her previous time as a Hebi-san. This large snake is actually fused to her uterus and has control over it as a part of her. It also serves as a sexual appendage that grants her sexual stimulus similar to that of a human penis.

Additionally, Medusa is known for having a ravenous sex drive, spending extended periods of time in sexual play for pleasure. She has an intense libido and she likes to satiate it but she's largely uninterested in males, and she will immediately kill any man that opposes her. Instead, she finds happiness and sexual gratification in kidnapping young beauties, raping them with her appendage while it eats their internal organs out from inside of their womb. She's extremely sadistic, and enjoys to brutally slice her victims during intercourse or severing their limbs, as well as resorting to all sorts of sex toys. She also takes great pleasure in torturing young women in her castle, slowly ripping their flesh and bones until they die. While she finds great satisfaction in toying with humans like this, she's sometimes grown bored with them because she claims they die too quickly, expanding her horizons with Angels or Devils. She longs for an opportunity to play with another Dark Lord, and the war with the Hornet Faction has granted her the perfect opportunity to capture one.


Aside from the most vicious and cruel aspects of her personality, Medusa has an overall laid-back and easy going lifestyle. She holds absolutely no respect towards anyone, not even Dark Lords with a higher position than hers and never has any intention of hiding her thoughts or opinions with others, mocking or insulting them directly. She's fearless and conceited, looking down on others and often makes use of her own superiority to intimidate those who are weaker than herself, and she's hardly hesitant to provoke those more powerful and her either. She's self-centered and very lazy, spending most of her time simply procrastinating on her castle. She doesn't often engage on battles directly, instead choosing to prey on small villages and kidnap beautiful girls to toy with. She is self-indulgent, leaving most of her social and house-work affairs to her faithful Apostle, Alefgard. He acts as her housekeeper, finance manager and social event planner, as well as managing Medusa's whole schedule. Surprisingly she has a close relationship of mutual respect with Alefgard, as she greatly values his work and treats him with an incredible amount of esteem. She also has established a solid friendship with Dark Lord Kayblis and they get along well due to their similarly malicious and barbarous personalities. She often mocks him by calling him "Kay-chan", which infuriates him, but they get along well and often torture humans together for fun.


Medusa is even harder to kill than most Dark Lords due to her regeneration ability.

A powerful and ferocious Dark Lord, Medusa is a merciless and predatory fighter capable of eradicating large numbers of foes without batting an eye, and is a force to be reckoned with even by other Dark Lords. She's aggressive, employing her claws to tear apart her opponents or using her snake as a lethal weapon to assault her opponents with a great speed and accuracy. She's also seen carrying a sword, as well as boasting a Sword Combat Lv1 skill, suggesting that she has some level of aptitude as a warrior as well. Her large and intimating frame makes her an opponent no-one would wish to face against. She also has a Magic Lv1, implying that she's a talented magician and possibly even a spell-blader, but she's yet to be seen employing magic in any way. With an obscene Level Cap of 152 and 102 being her current Level, very few humans would be able to even give her an entertaining fight.

As a Dark Lord, she also possesses an Invincibility Field that makes her immune to any conventional attack, furtherly enhancing her already high combat abilities. Additionally, she also possesses a higher regeneration that most Dark Lords, allowing her to recover from battles faster than normal.

Appearances in the Series[]

Kichikuou Rance[]


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She can be killed La Vaswald if she reforms.

(To be Completed)

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Rance X[]

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Medusa leads an attack on Zeth, along with RedEye. If she isn't defeated in time, she will lead a raid on Camilla's seal that ends with her freedom and Alex's death. She will also kill Gandhi and violate Kaoru and Wichita before killing them and will violate Rizna, which led to Rizna becoming a Dark Lord.

It is currently unknown if the deaths of Alex, Wichita, Ghandi and Kaoru are canon or not.


  • She's the tallest female character in the series, standing at 210 cm tall.
  • It is entirely possible that she's still technically virgin, since as far as its known, she's never had vaginal sex and she always experiences sex on the penetrating side. This was never confirmed though.
  • She's Kayblis' only friend.
  • In Kichikuou Rance, Rance's first impressions of Medusa were "She's got a nice face, but she's pretty big..."