Japanese ますぞゑ
Romanization masuzoe
Race Dark Lord, Brutal Hanny(former)
Sex Male
Class Haniwa
World The Continent
Affiliation N/A
Appeared in Rance Quest, Rance X


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Masuzoe is the biggest enigma of Dark Lords. Formerly a Brutal Hanny, he is referred to as the "Lord of the Abyss". He is feared by the Haniwa all around the world. He stays in the Abyss, with little interest to the outside world and isn't affiliated to either factions of Dark Lords.

He occasionally plays with Haniko (female Hanny) that wanders into his lair.

He has three Apostles. Brad and Pitt are ghost Hannies that serve Masuzoe. They resist physical attacks because they are ghosts, and magic attacks because they are Hanny, effectively being immune to everything. His other apostle is the Lord of the pit a monster who is infamous for killing several famous adventurers.

He has a strange appearance, resembling a Hanny with a more humanoid look. His body is red and has a glowing "Ma" stamped in his chest.

He first appears in Rance Quest where he is reduced to a Blood Soul by Rance and his party and taken away by Hannies. He is the resuscitated by one of the Hannies.

If the player follows an alternative route during the Poppins mission in part 1, they may encounter Dark Lord Masuzoe, where Rance and his Dark Lord Extermination Squad will immediately engage in combat against. The battle results in Masuzoe's defeat and subsequent death, with his Demonic Blood Soul getting confiscated and sealed by the AL Church.


Being a Dark Lord, he possesses the invincibility field. However, he also possesses the magic immunity characteristic of the Haniwa race, making him an unbeatable opponent for magic users. He can also perform a unique attack called "Masuzoe Flash", which is a more powerful version of the Hanny Flash that ignores the enemy's armors. He wields a drilled-like spear that is directly connected with his "hand". He's certainly a powerful Dark Lord but he's very uncooperative and anti-social, so he prefers to be unaffiliated with neither faction of Dark Lords.


  • He's the only Dark Lord that it is unknown in whose Demon King's era he was created.
  • He's the only Dark Lord unaffiliated to either factions that chose to remain neutral.
  • He's one of the few alive Dark Lords that didn't first appear in Kichikuou Rance or any of the previous games although his existence was revealed in the Kichikuou Rance Limited Edition's booklet before making an official appearance in Rance Quest.