Mary Britain
Japanese マリー・ブリテン
Romanization Marī Buriten
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation The Empire of Aeris

Sarah's younger sister and a Tomboy.

Unlike her sister, she is carefree and that is why she wasn't considered for being the next queen. She still supports her sister as a Navy admiral.


Recruitment: You must conquer Arabia first. After that don't attack South Africa immediately, and wait for the following events:

Capture South Africa AFTER she chooses to station there. There are two events for this. In the first one, she mentions going to South Africa. In the second one, everyone sends her off. You can attack South Africa after that (scout first to make sure).

Command Points: 390 (420)

Skill: Aeris Royalty: 90% damage reduction against Aeris troops. This reflects the fact that she doesn't want to fight against her country.

Stats +30%
  • Growth: +4%
  • Her first four events, prerequisites for the last two events, are only available before Aeris falls.
  • If Sarah dies when Aeris falls (capture Eliza, then attack London without doing her events), she will leave after some turns.
  • Her fixed slot takes 105 Command Points.