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Even other Dark Lords hate my body... She was the first person that ever treated me so tenderly...

Lei, reflecting on Mary Ann's kindness.

Mary Ann
Japanese メアリー・アン
Romanization mearī an
Race Human
Age / Birth 57 / GI0964
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 135cm / 28kg
Status Alive
Class Civillian
World The Continent
Affiliation Lei, Leazas
Level limit 2
Skill levels Cooking Lv1 (?), Knitting Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance

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Mary Ann is an old woman that lives in the city of Rich in the country of Leazas. She's known in town for being a charming and amiable woman who leads a peaceful life.

In truth, Mary Ann has undergone some special circumstances, being a long time acquaintance of Dark Lord Lei. In the year GI0981 Mary Ann, then a young and beautiful woman, came across a wounded Lei after he had just faced Kayblis in a violent brawl. Kayblis easily defeated Lei and left the Dark Lord on the brink of death. Perhaps initially unaware of his status as a Dark Lord, Mary Ann took him home with her and nursed him back to health. However, Lei has a unique body that constantly discharges electricity, wounding all those that get near him. This caused Mary Ann to suffer constantly while treating him, but she bore the pain without complaint. The lonely Lei was impressed by this, since he had spent his whole life avoiding others for fear of hurting them. After leaving her care, Lei would regularly return to visit Mary Ann; over time a very special relationship developed between the two, growing into love. The formerly aggressive Lei changed into a more caring and thoughtful individual. Despite their deep love for on another, the couple has never made direct physical contact in any way, aside from when Mary Ann treated Lei's wounds, since it could prove lethal for her.

Mary Ann is a skilled knitter and is the one that made the insulated clothing Lei wears outside of battle to avoid having his electrical discharge destroy his surroundings.

At present, 34 years later, Mary Ann has become an old woman and began to show severe health problems. Despite her elderly appearance, while Lei retains a youthful look as a result of his status as a Dark Lord, the two still love each other and he spends as much time as he can with her. Lei has tried to convince Mary Ann to become his Apostle, or at least receive aid from Dark Lord Kesselring to prolong her lifespan, but Mary Ann does not wish to live forever or prolong her life any further than is natural. Lei has chosen to respect her decision, though the idea of losing Mary Ann greatly upsets him.

Lei intended to stay with Mary Ann until the end of her life. However, in the year LP0001, when war broke out between the two factions of the Monster Realm, Kayblis threatened Lei that he would kill Mary Ann if Lei didn't join the Kayblis Faction and aid him in the war against the Hornet Faction. A reluctant Lei agreed to aid his most hated enemy and has since begun to distance himself from his love. He keeps all this secret from her, but Mary Ann has been able to discern some of the truth of their situation, although she still prefers to act oblivious.

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