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An elite mercenary unit composed of four talented warriors led by the mysterious swordsman Marishiten. While its members vary greatly in personality and abilities, their diverse skill sets allow them to accomplish a vast range of jobs and make a name for themselves across The Continent to a point where few haven't heard of their skills.

The members of the group specialize in assassination, which they are famous for handling quickly, efficiently and quietly, but they also do bodyguard work. Their asking price is steep, but they are willing to work for anyone who pays them regardless of the job. Throughout their careers they have worked for a wide range of people, ranging from major criminal syndicates such as the DX Association to highly influential politicians within national governments. They are generally hired as a group, but also do jobs independently, with Marishiten in particular handling the most dangerous jobs by himself.

The group has currently only failed two missions: the assassination of the legendary witch Mysteria Tou's grandaughter, and the assassination of the brutal warrior Rance.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Strangely, all of its members share a common physical trait of having either very small eyebrows, or having no eyebrows at all.
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