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He loves women more than anything. So I'm sure Manmaru-san is safe. I can't guarantee her chastity, though...

—Genri, describing Manmaru's potential fate after captured by Rance.

Japanese まんまる
Romanization manmaru
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Tenshi Monk
World The Continent
Affiliation Tenshi Sect, JAPAN
Appeared in Sengoku Rance

About[edit | edit source]

Manmaru is one of the most important members of the Tenshi Sect, the prime and most important religious group in JAPAN. She, along with her younger twin sisters Sankaku and Shikaku, are members of the Triplets, a group conformed by three individuals with a great amount of Tenshi Power and a deep connection with one another. Because of their devoted lives and strong link with each other, the three were raised to carry the task of the Triplets. This group is formed by the Sect to serve as the catalyst for the spell created by Geppei thousands of years in the past, designed to seal Dark Lords in the case that JAPAN finds itself invaded by them. In order to take effect, the spell requires the Elder Monk, currently Seigan, to use them as catalyst to seal the Dark Lord. This spell is extraordinarily powerful and effective, as it is able to seal even the most powerful Dark Lords without resistance, but it carries some drawbacks. In order to perform the spell, all three of the Triplets must be together, and if one of them dies, it cannot be employed. Additionally, it is exceedingly rare to find three individuals capable of serving as Triplets, due to the training and Tenshi Power required to serve as the catalyst and the fact that they have to resonate with one another in order to make the spell effective. Because of this, the Sect usually raises the Triplets themselves.

At some point, Manmaru was born along with her sisters to some unknown parents and selected to become the Triplets of the current generation. As such, she lived a disciplined and strict upbringing and devoted her life to one day fulfill her role as the sacrifice for Geppei's spell in the case that a Dark Lord showed up. Along with her sisters, she remained at Seigan's side at all times to make sure that she would be there when she was needed. During the events of Sengoku Rance, Manmaru appears alongside Seigan along with her sisters during events involving the Tenshi Sect. However, when war breaks out between the Sect and the Oda House under the leadership of Rance.

Eventually, the sect is defeated and crumbles entirely, forcing Seigan, Genri and the Triplets to escape on their own, as even if the Sect falls, they can't afford to die now more than ever as Dark Lord Xavier was plotting his revival and they tried to make their escape. Unfortunately for her, Manmaru was the only one that was captured by Oda's forces. Upon captured, Rance himself personally interrogated on Seigan's wherabouts, resorting to extensive acts of sexual torture through different sex toys in order to extract information from her. His interrogation was largely unproductive, since Manmaru had no idea of where Seigan ran to, but since Rance was having fun with the interrogation, he continued with the interrogation for far longer than he needed until she peed herself and passed out. Once done, Rance concluded the honesty of her words and was simply kept as a prisoner.

From that point, Manmaru remained under Rance's personal vigilance, serving as his attendant by doing simple chores for him. Oddly, she formed a positive relationship with him and consistently tried to convince him to release her as well as explaining the important mission of the Triplets. Rance will strongly refuse to free her though, as she doesn't want her to trade her life to seal a Dark Lord he's perfectly capable of killing with Chaos. The option to free her is only available during the non-canon Ran's Route of Sengoku Rance, where she will be successfully reunited with Seigan and her sisters prior the the Honnou Temple Incident, allowing Seigan to perform Geppei's spell and seal Xavier before he was fully revived. This event is considered non-canon however.

Personality and Appearance[edit | edit source]


Manmaru is a fairly attractive and well-cared woman that was raised under the protection of the Sect. Her physical appearance is identical to that of her twin sisters, with a short dark purple hair and a stoic conduct. Like her sisters, she's completely blind, leading her to keep her eyes closed almost all the time.

Due to the role she was entrusted with upon birth and the rigid raising she faced, Manmaru is extremely devoted to her duties, believing that her life's sole purpose is to one day serve as the catalyst for Geppei's spell and nothing else. Because of this, she's very scared of dying, not because of the death itself, but because she would be incapable of carrying out her duty if she did. However, unlike her sisters who are more vocal about it, Manmaru has learned to live with this feeling, and serves as a guiding figure to her younger sisters. She's serene and single-minded, and lacks any hesitation due to her strong belief in the teachings of the Tenshi Sect. She feels slightly anxious when getting separated from Seigan due to the feeling that he could be needing her to use Geppei's spell at any time.

Because her whole life she was completely dedicated to her training and waiting until her day to sacrifice herself as a sealing tool, Manmaru held little attachments to life itself and concealed any unnecessary feelings she might have felt. This emotional suppression might have been the reason for her odd and unexpected relationship she formed with Rance. Initially scared of the sexual sessions with him due to her inability to see, she surprisingly ended up showing strong masochistic feelings, with Rance remarking how she would sound disappointed when he wouldn't "torture" her and that she was immediately blushed and aroused at the thought. Nonetheless, Manmaru remained mostly focused on her duty, and was still mostly determined on fulfilling the role she was assigned since birth, something Rance disapproved as he didn't want to let a woman die. During her stay on the Oda House, she grew surprisingly attached to Rance, and should the player free her during Ran's Route, she will even show conflicted in leaving, looking back at Rance many times while departing.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her name manmaru means “circle” and likewise the names sankaku and shikaku of her sisters have the meaning of “triangle” and “square”, respectively.

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