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Tutorial (Raw Chat Log)[]

Draft Verison 0.1. Collected by Afker, #Alice_In_Hgameland, Dalnet

Last updated 2002 April 29

Since it's a direct transcript of conversions, it's going to be very confusing. Read at your own risk (also, not all info gaurenteed to be correct).

A revised guide will come out sometime in June if people bug me enough.

[03:40] <Elementasts> so hwo does this game work?
[03:40] <Xcaliberium> pick options for family to do stuff
[03:40] <Xcaliberium> like Study watch tv
[03:40] <Elementasts> hwo do I save?
[03:40] <Xcaliberium> Masturbate
[03:40] <Elementasts> O_o
[03:40] <Xcaliberium> after everynight you get to save
[03:41] <Xcaliberium> 3 options
[03:41] <Elementasts> hmm
[03:41] <Xcaliberium> First is Save  2nd is load  3rd is contine game
[03:41] <Elementasts> is there anyway to bypass the intro?
[03:41] <Xcaliberium> hold right mouse button
[03:41] <Elementasts> k
[03:41] <Xcaliberium> also speeds up all text
[03:41] <Xcaliberium> at start all you have control of is the Sister
[03:42] <Xcaliberium> you can name each character 2
[03:42] <Elementasts> what is the red and green button at the bottom of the house?
[03:42] <Afker> really??
[03:42] <Afker> I only played the demo that came with my Mamatoto
[03:42] <Xcaliberium> bottom right is red it ends 1 hours
[03:42] <Afker> so I only controled the sys, and can't name her
[03:42] <Elementasts> ends 1 hours?
[03:43] <Xcaliberium> blue brings up screen
[03:43] <Afker> sis
[03:43] <Elementasts> blue?
[03:43] <Xcaliberium> where you can enable/disable view of what you see from characteres
[03:43] <Elementasts> where's the blue?
[03:43] <Xcaliberium> everynight you get 3 hours
[03:43] <Xcaliberium> it gets broken up into 3 parts
[03:43] <Xcaliberium> 9  10  11
[03:44] <Xcaliberium> depending on what you get them to do and how many bad luck hits them
[03:44] <Elementasts> oh yea
[03:44] <Afker> or good luck
[03:44] <Xcaliberium> the next day certain things will happen
[03:44] <Elementasts> when I click on a star fish
[03:44] <Xcaliberium> weather it is abducted by aliens or raped
[03:44] <Elementasts> two options pop out
[03:44] <Xcaliberium> you have points in top right
[03:44] <Xcaliberium> with the luck god
[03:44] <Elementasts> yea
[03:44] <Xcaliberium> killing a black star takes 50 points
[03:45] <Xcaliberium> which is left option when clicking on it
[03:45] <Elementasts> which option is that?
[03:45] <Xcaliberium> right cancels
[03:45] <Xcaliberium> if you run outta points gameover
[03:45] <Elementasts> when I left click on it
[03:45] <Elementasts> 2 options pop out
[03:45] <Xcaliberium> the mother is the only 1 who can replenish points
[03:45] <Xcaliberium> if she is in the room beside the kitchen below brother's room
[03:46] <Elementasts> prayer room, I assume
[03:46] <Xcaliberium> 1 kills for 50 point loss other cancels action
[03:46] <Xcaliberium> yep
[03:46] <Xcaliberium> she prays
[03:46] <Xcaliberium> and you get like 60 - 95 points
[03:46] <Elementasts> so I clicked on the daughter
[03:46] <Elementasts> what do these options mean?
[03:46] <Xcaliberium> after you beat the game once you can start a new one but now you will have control of sister and brother
[03:47] <Xcaliberium> then mother
[03:47] <Xcaliberium> then cat
[03:47] <Xcaliberium> each option tells what she will do and point cost
[03:47] <Afker> haha, that's how Alice get you to replay this game (-:
[03:47] <Xcaliberium> anything big in number is big
[03:47] <Xcaliberium> like a big choice
[03:47] <Elementasts> hmmm
[03:47] <Xcaliberium> most things are like 15 point loss
[03:47] <Afker> this log is going to be saved and distro as the intro gameplay guide for the game (-:
[03:48] <Elementasts> of course I dont understand what they mean XD
[03:48] <Xcaliberium> hehe
[03:48] <Xcaliberium> me either
[03:48] <Elementasts> lolz
[03:48] <Elementasts> ok
[03:48] <Xcaliberium> mainly click and see what she does
[03:48] <Xcaliberium> then you can label it
[03:48] <Afker> I will know, when I get the game
[03:48] <Elementasts> wont lose time?
[03:48] <Afker> d-:
[03:48] <Xcaliberium> after you pass 1 night
[03:48] <Xcaliberium> it will show all 4 members of family
[03:49] <Xcaliberium> with 2 options on each
[03:49] <Elementasts> what do those do?
[03:49] <Xcaliberium> left 1 is watch what happens that day
[03:49] <Xcaliberium> other skip it
[03:49] <Elementasts> left one?
[03:49] <Xcaliberium> yep
[03:49] <Elementasts> gotcha
[03:49] <Xcaliberium> it starts on it
[03:50] <Xcaliberium> many endings for each character
[03:50] <Xcaliberium> most are bad
[03:50] <Elementasts> hehe
[03:50] <Xcaliberium> supposedly there is 3 good endings
[03:50] <Elementasts> did you get all the endings?
[03:50] <Xcaliberium> no
[03:50] <Xcaliberium> I couldn't find out how to survive the ghost lady or how to have the Brother H his Mom
[03:51] <Elementasts> well I can try to do that
[03:51] <Xcaliberium> and a few others
[03:51] <Elementasts> just have to do something different
[03:51] <Xcaliberium> there is also a dog you can find
[03:51] <Xcaliberium> on last day of week top right corner
[03:51] <Elementasts> top right corner?
[03:51] <Xcaliberium> when it shows time of day when going thru day
[03:51] <Elementasts> huh?
[03:51] <Xcaliberium> like 8:00am 8:30am 9:00am
[03:51] <Xcaliberium> all those
[03:52] <Elementasts> it only says time
[03:52] <Xcaliberium> well above that are tabs
[03:52] <Elementasts> how do you know the day?
[03:52] <Xcaliberium> each tab is a different day
[03:52] <Xcaliberium> have you ended 1 night yet?
[03:52] <Elementasts> where are the tabs?
[03:52] <Elementasts> not yet
[03:52] <Elementasts> hehe
[03:53] <Elementasts> is there any benefit to makign the character do the same activity multiple times?
[03:55] <Xcaliberium> some of them
[03:55] <Elementasts> :/
[03:55] <Elementasts> in what way?
[03:55] <Xcaliberium> like if you get the sister to go top right room last hour of each day
[03:56] <Xcaliberium> she will summon a monster
[03:56] <Elementasts> uhhh
[03:56] <Xcaliberium> that will do something or rape her
[03:56] <H-junkie> woah
[03:56] <Elementasts> lolz
[03:56] <H-junkie> evil game >,<
[03:57] <MakubeX> not as evil as Darcrows which is another good alice classic after kichikuou.
[03:57] <Elementasts> XD
[03:57] <Elementasts> is this pic
[03:57] <Elementasts> an H pic?
[03:57] <Xcaliberium> the red circle is the days of the week in the pic
[03:58] <Xcaliberium> the tabs
[03:58] <Xcaliberium> showing you what you have run into and gotten so far
[03:58] <Elementasts> how d you get to view this?
[03:58] <Xcaliberium> well I did it the hard way
[03:58] <Xcaliberium> hitting Printscreen
[03:58] <Xcaliberium> and pasting it in paint
[03:58] <Elementasts> umm
[03:58] <Elementasts> I mean
[03:59] <Elementasts> where can you see this part?
[03:59] <Xcaliberium> easy way which I remember is an option in top menu of screen
[03:59] <Elementasts> err
[03:59] <Xcaliberium> you will see that part after each night
[03:59] <Elementasts> oh
[03:59] <Elementasts> ok
[03:59] <Xcaliberium> shows day
[03:59] <Xcaliberium> 7 days you get
[03:59] <Xcaliberium> then end
[04:00] <Xcaliberium> this is a pic from the game but it will not end it
[04:00] <Elementasts> this one is an H pic?
[04:01] <Xcaliberium> just something that will happen if you summon monster
[04:01] <Elementasts> k
[04:01] <Xcaliberium> to save pictures move mouse to top of screen
[04:01] <Xcaliberium> the bar will appear with options
[04:01] <Xcaliberium> it is the first option with (G)
[04:01] <Xcaliberium> which saves current screen shot
[04:03] <Elementasts> k
[04:03] <Xcaliberium> after you finish the game around 12 to 13 times you should have pretty much all endings/CG
[04:03] <Xcaliberium> cept maybe like 4 to 9 pics
[04:03] <Afker> Xcal: what's that pic about?
[04:03] <Elementasts> 12-13 times...
[04:03] <Elementasts> hmmm
[04:03] <Elementasts> XD
[04:04] <Xcaliberium> each game only takes like 20 minutes or less
[04:04] <Xcaliberium> longer if you could read what is happening
[04:04] <Elementasts> oh
[04:04] <Elementasts> hehe
[04:05] <Xcaliberium> since I don't know a word that is said i just hold right mouse button
[04:05] <Xcaliberium> it saves all the CG into a Jap filename
[04:05] <Xcaliberium> which you can view in the game later
[04:06] <Afker> hmm
[04:06] <Xcaliberium> and if wurst comes to worst and you give up trying to get all the CG Densetsu has it for you in a Saved game
[04:06] <Elementasts> XD
[04:10] <Xcaliberium> also if you use the option in Mamori to save the Pics it saves them all in BMP format
[04:10] <Elementasts> ah
[04:12] <Xcaliberium> and BMP take a billion HDD space up
[04:12] <Xcaliberium> where jpg is like 90Kb
[04:12] <Xcaliberium> 90Kb for jpg 900 for bmp
[04:13] <Elementasts> jpg significantly reduces it
[04:13] <Xcaliberium> yep
[04:13] <Xcaliberium> and supposedly t losed pic quality but i can't notice a thing
[04:14] <Elementasts> well it does
[04:14] <H-junkie> jpg is a little more blurry
[04:14] <Elementasts> you kinda notice it after awhile
[04:14] <H-junkie> colors rn't so sharp
[04:14] <Xcaliberium> yes
[04:14] <Xcaliberium> but no real major difference
[04:14] <Xcaliberium> I prefer 80K then 1meg
[04:14] <H-junkie> dats quite true
[04:15] <H-junkie> wait....dats true
[04:16] <Xcaliberium> yep