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Tutorial (Raw Chat Log)[]

Draft Verison 0.6. Collected by Afker, #Alice_In_Hgameland, Dalnet

Last revised 2002 Nov 13, Last edited 2006 Feb 25 for clean language

Since it's a direct transcript of conversions, it's going to be very confusing.
Read at your own risk (also, not all info gaurenteed to be correct).

A revised guide to Mamatoto will come out sometime in June if people bug me enough.

Part 1[]

[22:36] <Afker> let me explain gameplay of mamatoto now
[22:36] <Afker> for each "chapter", excpet for the first one (intro chapter),
[22:37] <Afker> you get to choose whether to move on with the story or attack monsters
[22:37] <Afker> this makes the game really easy
[22:37] <Elementasts> whats the difference?
[22:37] <Afker> well, you don't need to fight monsters
[22:37] <Elementasts> O_o
[22:37] <Elementasts> then whers the story?
[22:37] <Afker> but gives you experiene, and "cards", which I'll explain later
[22:37] <Afker> the story involves conquering other nations
[22:38] <Elementasts> so attacking monsters is like extra exp?
[22:38] <Afker> yeah
[22:38] <Elementasts> but even if you choose atttack mosnters
[22:38] <Elementasts> youll go on with the story right?
[22:38] <Afker> eventualy
[22:39] <Elementasts> k
[22:39] <Afker> after you finish fighting monsters, you go back to the choice of wiether to go on with story, or attack monsters again
[22:39] <Afker> there are three types of battles
[22:39] <Afker> 1. maze
[22:39] <Afker> in mazes, you can send in two of your generals
[22:39] <Afker> ack
[22:39] <Elementasts> go on
[22:39] <Afker> change maze to "dungeon"
[22:39] <Elementasts> ?
[22:40] <Afker> I was thinking in chinese
[22:40] <Elementasts> its ok
[22:40] <Elementasts> I understand 
[22:40] <Afker> in dungeons, you can send in a few generals, the number depending on the specific dungeon
[22:40] <Afker> they go in, kill all the monsters, and win
[22:40] <Afker> I think if one "dies", you can send in a replacement, but forgot, not sure
[22:40] <Elementasts> if one dies
[22:41] <Elementasts> do you get him back?
[22:41] <Afker> yeah
[22:41] <Afker> after the chapter ends
[22:41] <Afker> so it's not really dead.  just ran out of HP
[22:41] <Elementasts> cuz in rance
[22:41] <Afker> yeah
[22:41] <Elementasts> if your general dies
[22:41] <Elementasts> X(
[22:41] <Afker> it's different from rance 5 <edit: should be "Kichikuou Rance" not "Rance 5">
[22:41] <Elementasts> ok go on
[22:42] <Afker> second type of battle is invade
[22:42] <Afker> you get to send in more generals, and again, wipe out enemy
[22:42] <Afker> third type of battle is "defend"
[22:43] <Afker> enemy attack your fortress ("Mamatoto")
[22:43] <Afker> in defend, there are two stages
[22:43] <Elementasts> k
[22:43] <Afker> during the first stage, you kind of fight at the entrance of the fortress
[22:43] <Afker> you pick one general
[22:44] <Afker> who can commend magical soldiers who are made out of cards
[22:44] <Afker> the number of solders you can place on the field depends on the general's "command" ability
[22:44] <Afker> I think
[22:44] <Elementasts> cards?
[22:44] <Afker> to be explained later
[22:44] <Afker> you get cards in battle
[22:45] <Afker> so the object of first stage, is to prevent as many enemy troops from 
  getting into the "heart" room of mamatoto as possible
[22:45] <Afker> enemy appear in wayves, and will do their best to rush behind yoru lines 
  (to the left of the screen)
[22:46] <Afker> first stage ends when all the enemies are either dead, or made it to the 
  heart room, or if your general died
[22:46] <Afker> if your general died, then all the rest of the enemy will make it to the 
  heart room
[22:46] <Afker> that brings us to the second stage
[22:46] <Elementasts> k
[22:46] <Afker> in the second stage, you are in the heart room, and you send out all 
  yoru generals to defend
[22:47] <Afker> the enemy will try to run to the heart, and you want to prevent that
[22:47] <Afker> the heart has a certain HP.  if it reaches 0, then mamatoto gets busted, 
  and you lose
[22:47] <Afker> so you send out all your generals hoping to kill them
[22:48] <Elementasts> if that doesnt work?
[22:48] <Afker> the heart does have an automatic defense system.  so any enemy that 
  makes it to the heart will die, but they will also damage the heart depending on their 
  own remaining hp
[22:48] <Elementasts> damn
[22:48] <Afker> dont' worry too much
[22:48] <Elementasts> I cant find a demo of richwin
[22:48] <Elementasts> hehe
[22:48] <Afker> oh
[22:49] <Afker> btw, when you first play mamatoto, it'll have a demo of the combat 
  system (chapter 0)
[22:49] <Afker> so it'll show you stuff I just told you
[22:49] <Elementasts> do you get to control anything?
[22:49] <Afker> you get cards by killing enemies
[22:49] <Afker> you control the generals and the magic soldiers
[22:50] <Elementasts> are there different types of attacks?
[22:50] <Afker> yeah
[22:50] <Afker> every general has his/her unique attack
[22:50] <Elementasts> can you use items while in battle?
[22:50] <Afker> and "super attacks"
[22:50] <Afker> no
[22:50] <Afker> you can equip items prior to battles
[22:51] <Afker> equipped items change your character's stats
[22:51] <Elementasts> are there healing spells and stuff?
[22:51] <Afker> change "super attacks" to "special attacks"
[22:52] <Afker> one of the general's special attack is healing
[22:52] <Afker> everyone heal completely between chapters
[22:52] <Elementasts> how do you change attacks?
[22:52] <Afker> most special attacks have longer range
[22:53] <Elementasts> I see
[22:53] <Afker> so if no enemies are in the normal attack range, then those who are in 
  special attack range would be highlighted
[22:53] <Elementasts> so you get to choose?
[22:53] <Afker> otherwise (ie, if there are enemy in normal attack range, or if special 
  attack isn't really an "attack"), then
[22:53] <Elementasts> if you use normal or special?
[22:54] <Afker> then by clicking on the general itself, it switches to special attack
[22:54] <Afker> yeah
[22:54] <Elementasts> ah
[22:54] <Elementasts> I get it
[22:54] <Afker> each general caon only use special attack limited num of times
[22:54] <Afker> designated by the # of stars on the upper left hand corner when that 
  general is selected
[22:55] <Elementasts> does it get recharged after every battle?
[22:55] <Afker> yeah
[22:55] <Elementasts> k
[22:55] <Afker> the total number depends on each general, and also depend on how many 
  "nanasu points" (NP) they receive at the beginning of the chapter
[22:55] <Afker> the main character is called Nanasu
[22:55] <Afker> iirc
[22:55] <Elementasts> Nanasu points?
[22:56] <Afker> yeah.  basucally, you have about 4 "encourangement" points to distribute 
  among all your generals at the beginning of each chapter
[22:56] <Afker> *hint hint*  can't get a girl unless she has accumulated enough NP
[22:56] <Elementasts> damn
[22:57] <Elementasts> so you can "encourage" multiple times?
[22:57] <Afker> yeah
[22:57] <Afker> up to 8 per general per chapter I think
[22:57] <Afker> though usually you don't have 8 to give out
[22:57] <Elementasts> to recharge same number of stars?
[22:57] <Afker> nah
[22:57] <Elementasts> 1 encourage = recharge all stars?
[22:57] <Afker> no
[22:58] <Afker> one NP equals one extra star
[22:58] <Afker> and the extra star doesn't carry over to next chapter
[22:58] <Elementasts> eh?
[22:58] <Elementasts> so that star doesnt exist?
[22:58] <Afker> so if one general usually has 4 stars, if you assign 3 NP to him, he'll 
  have 7 starts during the battle
[22:59] <Afker> one NP "converts" to one extra star, my bad
[22:59] <Afker> regardless of whether he uses up all 7, or didn't use any of the stars, 
  after the chapter is over, he'll go back to having 4 stars agian, unless you give him 
  NP again the next chapter
[23:00] <Elementasts> how do you know the limit?
[23:00] <Afker> at the beginning of chapter, you know how many NP you get to hand out.
[23:00] <Afker> each general can only receive 8 NP at maximum
[23:00] <Elementasts> I mean
[23:00] <Afker> but usually you don't have that many NP to hand out anyways
[23:01] <Elementasts> the max stars of a general
[23:01] <Afker> doens't exist
[23:01] <Afker> no limit
[23:01] <Afker> or maybe 65535
[23:01] <Elementasts> but you said any extra stars dissapear
[23:01] <Afker> they disappear *after* the battle is over
[23:01] <Afker> resets
[23:01] <Elementasts> yea
[23:01] <Elementasts> so thats the limit
[23:02] <Afker> all stats, except experience, resets for each chapter
[23:02] <Afker> mmm
[23:02] <Afker> there are items you can equip to give you extra star
[23:02] <Elementasts> I see
[23:02] <Afker> but otherwise, I suppose the limit is 8+however that general usually 
  start out with
[23:02] <Afker> some generals only have 2 or 3, others have 6 or 7 stars
[23:03] <Elementasts> can you choose which side you play?
[23:03] <Afker> no
[23:03] <Elementasts> ;9
[23:03] <Elementasts> :(
[23:03] <Afker> you are the prince of Mamatoto
[23:03] <Afker> you go out and conquere other nations
[23:03] <Elementasts> Wouldve had nice replay value :p
[23:03] <Afker> other nations just kind of sit there...
[23:03] <Afker> couldn't make the story work out
[23:03] <Elementasts> do you get to capture girls?
[23:03] <Afker> yeah
[23:04] <Elementasts> what story?
[23:04] <Elementasts> just choose side
[23:04] <Afker> story of the game
[23:04] <Elementasts> and say
[23:04] <Elementasts> your jealous of so and so
[23:04] <Elementasts> and want to conquer him
[23:04] <Elementasts> hehe
[23:04] <Afker> well, the story is about mamatoto go out and conquer others.  the other 
  nations just kinda sit there
[23:04] <Afker> wouldn't work to play as other nations
[23:05] <Afker> anywas
[23:05] <Elementasts> they dont anything?
[23:05] <Afker> not really
[23:05] <Afker> they get attacked
[23:05] <Afker> some attack mamatoto
[23:05] <Elementasts> one more thing
[23:05] <Afker> but none of them want to conquer the world
[23:05] <Elementasts> -_-
[23:05] <Afker> there's more to just the battles btw
[23:05] <Elementasts> lame kingdoms
[23:05] <Elementasts> more?
[23:06] <Afker> actally, it's kind of like this: there is stability/stalemate, so none 
  of the nations can actually take over the world
[23:06] <Afker> cuz if they start war with another country, a thrid one might have 
[23:06] <Afker> mamatoto is different
[23:06] <Afker> it has zero territory to worry about
[23:06] <Elementasts> why?
[23:06] <Elementasts> hehe
[23:06] <Elementasts> -_-
[23:06] <Afker> the problem is, it doens't have much of a population also
[23:06] <Afker> either
[23:07] <Afker> so you don't really ahve an army
[23:07] <Elementasts> how the hell can it conquer stuff then?
[23:07] <Afker> so for many years, Mamatoto, the moving fortress, has been hiding in the 
  monster lands
[23:07] <Elementasts> if it has no population
[23:07] <Afker> however,
[23:07] <Afker> you, Nanasu, who studies magic really hard
[23:07] <Afker> has recently invented a magic to creat these magical soldiers.
[23:08] <Elementasts> hmm
[23:08] <Afker> these magical soldiers are made via cards which you can obtain via 
[23:08] <Afker> so the more battles you fight, the more cards you collect, and the more 
  troops you have in reserve
[23:08] <Elementasts> hey wait
[23:08] <Elementasts> once you capture a kingdom
[23:08] <Afker> so now, Mamatoto, the fastest moving fortress in the world, started its 
  move to conquere the world
[23:08] <Elementasts> shouldnt you keep its land?
[23:08] <Afker> not really
[23:08] <Afker> d-:
[23:09] <Elementasts> then how will you conquer the world ?!!?!
[23:09] <Afker> you just defeat its army, and moveon
[23:09] <Elementasts> Xp
[23:09] <Afker> you take out the army and then you capture their capital
[23:09] <Afker> so then you get to rule the place
[23:09] <Elementasts> and then they just bow down to you?
[23:09] <Elementasts> but like you said
[23:10] <Elementasts> if you try capture this kingdom
[23:10] <Elementasts> what stops the other from attacking
[23:10] <Afker> 1. your fortress moves so fast they can't catch you
[23:10] <Elementasts> I mean
[23:10] <Afker> 2. the superior technology of your magic cards
[23:10] <Elementasts> what stops them
[23:11] <Elementasts> from attacking and capturing the terrirtory youve already captures
[23:11] <Elementasts> captured*
[23:11] <Afker> think of it this way:
[23:11] <Elementasts> k
[23:11] <Afker> actually I'm just rationalizing it for them
[23:11] <Afker> but
[23:12] <Afker> you don't win a war until you defeat the government
[23:12] <Afker> mamatoto directly attacks the government thingy
[23:13] <Elementasts> hmm
[23:13] <Elementasts> yes I understand that
[23:13] <Afker> if any other two nations fight, it might get into a prolonged war
[23:13] <Afker> for mamatoto, every battle is a victory
[23:14] <Afker> and now you have this new technology, you can claim a better advantage 
  on resources
[23:14] <Afker> that's as much as I'm going to rationalize
[23:14] <Afker> anyways, back to the flow of the game
[23:14] <Elementasts> so once you attack a country?
[23:14] <Elementasts> you rule them
[23:14] <Afker> kind of
[23:14] <Afker> maybe you just leave it alone
[23:14] <Elementasts> but tell me
[23:15] <Elementasts> yes
[23:15] <Elementasts> thats what I mean
[23:15] <Afker> until you are done conquering the world, then you come back and govern it
[23:15] <Afker> that's my guess
[23:15] <Elementasts> how the hell do you conquer the world if you just leave it alone?
[23:15] <Elementasts> theyll rebuild
[23:15] <Afker> cuz there are only so many governments I need to take over
[23:15] <Elementasts> and if you leave them alone
[23:16] <Elementasts> what if another government attacks it?
[23:16] <Afker> if you kill the entire English royal house
[23:16] <Afker> engliand won't be able to rebuild anytime soon
[23:16] <Afker> and their army just got wiped
[23:16] <Elementasts> ok
[23:16] <Elementasts> but for example
[23:16] <Afker> they might be able to rebuild in 10 or 20 years, but you'll be finished 
  with the world in a few months
[23:16] <Elementasts> while attacking
[23:16] <Elementasts> another country
[23:17] <Elementasts> England is captured by AMerica
[23:17] <Elementasts> or some other closer country
[23:17] <Afker> then I'll just take out Washington, and don't worry aobut london
[23:17] <Elementasts> wont you have to capture it again?
[23:17] <Afker> no
[23:17] <Afker> unless Whitehouse moved to London
[23:17] <Elementasts> man
[23:17] <Elementasts> those rulers are stupid
[23:17] <Afker> see, mamatoto's goal isn't to get territory
[23:17] <Afker> it's to take out governments
[23:17] <Elementasts> oh
[23:18] <Elementasts> so if a new government pops up
[23:18] <Elementasts> they wont have anything to fight with
[23:18] <Afker> so even if another nation currently controls the entire contenient, if 
  you take out that government, then you get to rule the contenent
[23:18] <Afker> yea
[23:18] <Elementasts> but does it happen in the game?
[23:18] <Elementasts> I mean
[23:19] <Afker> no
[23:19] <Afker> you do get attacked actually
[23:19] <Elementasts> another country taking over one you just conquered?
[23:19] <Afker> your fortress
[23:19] <Afker> but no one worries about territories
[23:19] <Elementasts> oh
[23:19] <Elementasts> so
[23:19] <Elementasts> you can just leave the conquered country there
[23:19] <Elementasts> and no one will bother to get it?
[23:19] <Afker> well, you take out their fortress
[23:20] <Afker> in this land, nations rule by fortresses
[23:20] <Elementasts> no fortress, no country?
[23:20] <Afker> kinda
[23:20] <Elementasts> but what I mean is
[23:20] <Afker> well, some nations have multiple fortresses
[23:20] <Elementasts> why dont they want to get the free terrirtory?
[23:20] <Elementasts> why dont they want to get the free terrirtory you leave behind?
[23:20] <Afker> maybe they do
[23:20] <Afker> I don't know
[23:21] <Elementasts> but they dont do it in the game
[23:21] <Elementasts> right?
[23:21] <Afker> but if they do take it, it'd be the same as declaring war on Mamaoto
[23:21] <Afker> and since mamatoto is the fastest moving fortress, it gets to pick when 
  and where it wants to fight, most of the time
[23:21] <Elementasts> so it never happens in the game?
[23:21] <Afker> I forgot
[23:21] <Afker> didn't remember the entire plot
[23:21] <Elementasts> all I can say is those leaders are dumb :p
[23:21] <Afker> soemtimes mamatoto does get attacked
[23:22] <Afker> nah... it's a new type of economy/politics
[23:22] <Elementasts> I know mamatoto gets attacked
[23:22] <Afker> so it has different implications
[23:22] <Elementasts> but those leaders
[23:22] <Elementasts> not getting
[23:22] <Elementasts> undefended terrirtory
[23:22] <Elementasts> is just dumb
[23:22] <Afker> for regular nations, yes, territories is good, but war is bad.  so if 
  getting territory will start a war, then you'll only do it if you know you'll win
[23:23] <Afker> well, war is bad beause they might lose territory over it
[23:23] <Elementasts> oh
[23:23] <Elementasts> and since
[23:23] <Elementasts> mamatoto
[23:23] <Elementasts> can attack you directly
[23:23] <Afker> mamatoto doesn't need to worry about defending territories, so it can 
  attack freely
[23:23] <Elementasts> I see...
[23:23] <Elementasts> so once you get rid of the fortresses
[23:23] <Afker> and maybe it's like the beginnig of WWII
[23:24] <Elementasts> no matter
[23:24] <Afker> no one did anything to Geremny
[23:24] <Elementasts> ow much territory
[23:24] <Elementasts> you have
[23:24] <Elementasts> mamatoto just attacks your base
[23:24] <Elementasts> and you die?
[23:24] <Afker> well, the peasants don't really care who rules their land, unless the 
  tax is going to change
[23:24] <Elementasts> ah
[23:24] <Elementasts> now I get it
[23:24] <Afker> to the peasants, it's all the same
[23:24] <Afker> they wouldn't rebel
[23:24] <Elementasts> dumba peasants have no sense of nationality :p
[23:25] <Afker> they get exploited anywyas
[23:25] <Afker> d-:
[23:25] <Elementasts> ok so back to the flow of the game
[23:25] <Afker> yes, finally
[23:25] <Afker> so at the begining of each chapter, you distribute NP to generals
[23:25] <Afker> then you enter the fight
[23:25] <Elementasts> yep
[23:25] <Afker> each chapter may have multiple battles
[23:26] <Afker> each general can only fight in one of them
[23:26] <Elementasts> it would be pretty short if you only had one battle for each 
  country :p
[23:26] <Afker> after the fight, you may have captured enemy generals
[23:26] <Elementasts> you "may"?
[23:26] <Afker> if so, you go talk to them in the prison, and they join you
[23:26] <Elementasts> that means its random?
[23:26] <Afker> whether you do or do not depends on the chapter
[23:26] <Afker> not random
[23:26] <Afker> some chapters you don't capture ppl at all
[23:27] <Elementasts> so youll get all the generals eventually?
[23:27] <Afker> yeah
[23:27] <Elementasts> ah
[23:27] <Afker> that part is very linear
[23:27] <Elementasts> I was worried about playing over and over to get the Hscenes :p
[23:27] <Afker> that you'll have to do
[23:27] <Afker> getting the general is linear
[23:27] <Elementasts> huh?
[23:27] <Afker> h-ing the girls isn't
[23:27] <Elementasts> it isnt?
[23:27] <Afker> no.  I can explain later
[23:28] <Elementasts> so its impossible to get all the girls in one playthrough?
[23:28] <Afker> so if a general joins you, then you see a demo of that general's special 
[23:28] <Elementasts> k
[23:28] <Afker> depends on definition of getting all girls
[23:28] <Afker> it is impossible to get all the h-scenes in one playthrough
[23:29] <Afker> so after the fight, and maybe some story, you enter the "Administration" 
  part of the game
[23:29] <Afker> under administration, you have 6 options:
[23:30] <Elementasts> k
[23:30] <Afker> plants (factories), weapon-research, status (equipping generals), 
[23:30] <Elementasts> go on
[23:30] <Afker> card viewing, CG Mode, music mode
[23:30] <Afker> that's 6
[23:31] <Afker> under plant/factory
[23:31] <Afker> you can build factory for different kind of card soldiers
[23:32] <Elementasts> hmm
[23:32] <Afker> the more factories you build for a type of solder, the stronger they are
[23:32] <Elementasts> oh
[23:32] <Elementasts> how do you build?
[23:32] <Afker> you gain money from battles
[23:32] <Elementasts> so at the start, you dont have money?
[23:33] <Afker> you select building type from a bunch of choices on the upper right
[23:33] <Afker> and place it in the "field"
[23:33] <;Afker> different factories have different shapes, and you have to make them fit 
  in the field
[23:33] <Elementasts> so each factory is for a different kind of soldier?
[23:33] <Afker> each "type" of factory
[23:34] <Afker> there is also the "Weapon resarch lab", which you can onlybuild one
[23:34] <Elementasts> what are the different types of soldiers?
[23:34] <Afker> and that enables the "Weapon research" under the min adminiistration 
[23:34] <Afker> there are:
[23:34] <Afker> wait
[23:35] <Afker> 1. Fighter
[23:35] <Elementasts> k
[23:35] <Afker> they can walk a lot of spaces, and do normal attafck
[23:35] <Afker> attack the block next to them
[23:35] <Afker> 2. Wiz
[23:35] <Afker> they self explode, damaging all enemies around them
[23:36] <Afker> 3. block
[23:36] <Afker> normally they are really weak
[23:36] <Elementasts> hmm
[23:36] <Afker> and can't attack
[23:36] <Afker> but
[23:36] <Afker> if you active their special move, they'll turn into a wall (taht takes 
  up one block)
[23:37] <Afker> with really high physical and magical defense
[23:37] <Elementasts> whats the use of that?
[23:37] <Afker> and will randomly reflect damage to enemy
[23:37] <Elementasts> wont enemies just move around them?
[23:37] <Afker> most ememy will walk around the walls, since it usually takes longer to 
  kill them
[23:37] <Afker> but there are natural obstructions too
[23:37] <Afker> on the map
[23:38] <Elementasts> so you have to douse them sparingly
[23:38] <Afker> so you can completely block a pathway with one or two Blocksoldiers
[23:38] <Elementasts> I see
[23:38] <Afker> soemtimes, I just get 7 of them to line up
[23:38] <Afker> blocking a very wide bridge
[23:38] <Elementasts> hehe
[23:38] <Elementasts> ok go on
[23:38] <Afker> and have my general who can do longrange damage, to kill the enemy
[23:38] <Afker> next is "One Line"
[23:39] <Elementasts> what kind of unit is that?
[23:39] <Afker> like the Wiz, can only attack once, then dies
[23:39] <Afker> it's attack range is infinite
[23:39] <Afker> horzontal line
[23:39] <Afker> so all the blocks to its right will be in range
[23:40] <Afker> neat when many enemies are lined up, to pass through some obstruction
[23:40] <Elementasts> oh
[23:40] <Afker> if you level it up enough, the width of its laser beam become 3 blocks
[23:40] <Elementasts> hmm
[23:40] <Elementasts> k
[23:40] <Afker> next type is Miu
[23:41] <Afker> on maps sometimes there would be treasures
[23:41] <Afker> regular card soldiers can't open them
[23:41] <Afker> only generals, and this Miu, can
[23:41] <Elementasts> a miu is a little cat right?
[23:41] <Afker> Miu has ok movement range, but weak, and can't attack
[23:41] <Afker> kind of
[23:41] <Elementasts> yea
[23:41] <Afker> more like a fox to me rally
[23:41] <Elementasts> they used it in Kartia
[23:41] <Afker> however
[23:42] <Afker> if you build enough Miu factories, you can upgrade Miu so Miu can do 
  ranged magic attacks
[23:42] <Elementasts> hmm
[23:42] <Afker> also, ifyou build enough fighter factories, they upgrad to have one 
  extra attack range and also extra movement ranges.  irrc
[23:43] <Elementasts> are there any toher soldier types?
[23:43] <Afker> yeah
[23:43] <Afker> Chiya
[23:43] <Elementasts> plant?
[23:43] <Afker> no
[23:43] <Elementasts> sounds like Chia :p
[23:43] <Afker> it can increase the stars of other soldiers
[23:44] <Elementasts> by how many stars?
[23:44] <Elementasts> and how many times?
[23:44] <Afker> more like chiya transfers star from chia to other soldiers
[23:44] <Afker> one at a time
[23:44] <Afker> total depends on how many chiya plants you have I think
[23:45] <Afker> last but not least, Warp
[23:45] <Elementasts> k
[23:45] <Afker> special move is teleport a solder of yours to any place on the map
[23:45] <Elementasts> isnt that too powerful?
[23:46] <Afker> one at a time
[23:46] <Afker> and limited by the number of stars the warp have
[23:46] <Elementasts> so once all the stars
[23:46] <Elementasts> are used up
[23:46] <Afker> usually I use it to get treasure chests only
[23:46] <Elementasts> its just cannon fodder?
[23:46] <Afker> the warp dies
[23:46] <Elementasts> oh
[23:46] <Elementasts> :(
[23:46] <Elementasts> do soldiers cost money to create?
[23:46] <Afker> besides fighter, block, and Miu, the rest die when they finish their 
[23:47] <Afker> no
[23:47] <Elementasts> wait
[23:47] <Elementasts> they all die?
[23:47] <Elementasts> even fighter?
[23:47] <Afker> you just need the right card to make soldiers
[23:47] <Afker> not fighter
[23:47] <Elementasts> ah
[23:47] <Afker> fighter, block, and Miu don't
[23:47] <Elementasts> I see
[23:47] <Afker> the rest die when their stars run out
[23:47] <Elementasts> so they carry over to the next battle?
[23:47] <Afker> mmm
[23:48] <Afker> all of the die when the battle is over
[23:48] <Afker> )-:
[23:48] <Elementasts> oh well
[23:48] <Afker> it's ok though
[23:48] <Elementasts> now back to factories
[23:48] <Afker> cuz each battle you get tons of cards
[23:48] <Afker> yeah
[23:48] <Afker> factories
[23:48] <Elementasts> does the space increase?
[23:48] <Afker> no
[23:48] <Elementasts> does the space where you put factories increase?
[23:49] <Elementasts> so you'll eventually run out of space?
[23:49] <Afker> 12x18 field
[23:49] <Afker> yeah
[23:49] <Afker> will run out
[23:49] <Elementasts> k
[23:49] <Afker> and each factory has different shape
[23:49] <Elementasts> yea
[23:49] <Afker> so kind of like playing puzzle
[23:49] <Elementasts> thats the puzzle part I guess
[23:49] <Afker> hehe
[23:49] <Afker> so besides the plants for soldiers,
[23:49] <Elementasts> what are the orders of the factories
[23:49] <Elementasts> I mean
[23:49] <Elementasts> what do the plants look like?
[23:50] <Elementasts> on the menu
[23:50] <Elementasts> like first factory
[23:50] <Elementasts> is for what type of soldier
[23:50] <Afker> that should wait until you are looking at the screen
[23:50] <Afker> too hard to describe
[23:50] <Afker> you can save beforhand and experiment
[23:51] <Afker> cuz when you build plant for a type of solder, you can see a number go up
[23:51] <Afker> so eventually you can match them together
[23:51] <Elementasts> ah
[23:51] <Elementasts> k
[23:51] <Afker> but besies plans for solers, and the weapon research
[23:51] <Afker> there's also a "Puppet Inc"
[23:52] <Elementasts> wait
[23:52] <Elementasts> weapon research
[23:52] <Afker> or "Puppet Company"
[23:52] <Elementasts> isnt complicated right?
[23:52] <Afker> no it's not
[23:52] <Afker> very linear
[23:52] <Elementasts> for who do you research weapons for?
[23:52] <Afker> generals
[23:52] <Elementasts> ah
[23:52] <Elementasts> the items they get to equip?
[23:52] <Afker> that's a different section, we'll go back to that
[23:52] <Afker> no
[23:53] <Elementasts> ok
[23:53] <Afker> so, there's this Puppet, which you would recognize from rance 5 <edit: Kichikuou Rance>
[23:53] <Afker> that merchant thingy
[23:53] <Elementasts> k
[23:53] <Afker> so if you build this Puppet Company, then the puppet will be able to 
  sell stuff to the king
[23:54] <Afker> ps, you aren't the king
[23:54] <Afker> you are the prince
[23:54] <Afker> your dad is the king
[23:54] <Afker> so that's it for the factory section
[23:54] <Elementasts> what does that mean?
[23:54] <Elementasts> what kind of items will it sell?
[23:54] <Afker> that'll be covered later
[23:55] <Afker> under the section "Kakalo Mode"
[23:55] <Elementasts> Kakalo mode!?!?
[23:55] <Afker> kakalo is the name of the King, your dad
[23:55] <Elementasts> ok
[23:55] <Afker> so, back to the Administration
[23:55] <Afker> if you have built the weapon reasearch institute
[23:56] <Afker> then you can enter it from the Administration section
[23:56] <Elementasts> k
[23:56] <Afker> once in it, you'll see all your generals lined up
[23:56] <Afker> the process of making weapon is thus:
[23:56] <Afker> first you spend money to get it designed
[23:57] <Afker> (the button next to the gold sign is the "design" button).
[23:57] <Elementasts> gold sign?
[23:57] <Afker> gold
[23:57] <Afker> it displays amount of gold you have
[23:57] <Afker> money
[23:57] <Afker> gold
[23:57] <Elementasts> oh
[23:57] <Afker> underneath gold, is "card"
[23:58] <Afker> you need weapon cards to actually construct weapons
[23:58] <Elementasts> dont you need htose for soldiers?
[23:58] <Afker> no
[23:58] <Afker> oh cars?
[23:58] <Afker> there are different cards
[23:58] <Afker> all cards arfe for specific purposes
[23:58] <Afker> so there are fighter-making cards
[23:58] <Elementasts> how can you tell which is which when you get them?
[23:58] <Afker> build-making cards
[23:58] <Afker> you don't really
[23:59] <Elementasts> then how cna you check?
[23:59] <Afker> you find out whe you are in card viewing section under administration
[23:59] <Afker> that's how you check
[23:59] <Afker> pretty much you know when you kill an enemy you get a card but dunno 
  what type
[23:59] <Elementasts> aaah
[23:59] <Afker> until you are in Administration
[00:00] <Elementasts> go on
[00:00] <Afker> but like in Weapon research institute, it'll tell you how many weapon 
  cards you have available
[00:00] <Afker> the annoyiinging about weapon research is
[00:00] <Afker> when you click design, it randomlly choses which general's get a new 
[00:01] <Afker> cuz each general uses different styles of weapons
[00:01] <Afker> the game just randomly pick who gets researchs
[00:01] <Elementasts> how do you use these weapons?
[00:01] <Afker> and once there are designs, you can click the "build" butto to have it 
[00:01] <Afker> it's automatically equipped
[00:01] <Afker> some modify damage, some modify range
[00:02] <Elementasts> I see
[00:02] <Afker> each general may have three upgrades
[00:02] <Elementasts> k
[00:02] <Afker> yeah, while they call it weapon, basically it's just upgrading the attack
[00:02] <Afker> so each can get three
[00:03] <Afker> and the higher the upgrade, cost more gold and cards
[00:03] <Afker> that's it for weapon reasearh
[00:03] <Elementasts> k
[00:03] <Afker> now back in Administration, there is ths Status section
[00:04] <Afker> here you can view the stats of each general
[00:04] <Afker> also list chances to deal critical damange, and chaces to counter attack
[00:04] <Afker> also shows the "weapon", and how it modifies your attack
[00:04] <Afker> also describes the general's sepcial move
[00:04] <Elementasts> hehe
[00:05] <Afker> those are on the left side of the screen
[00:05] <Afker> in the middle
[00:05] <Afker> you see items
[00:05] <Afker> upper middle are up to 6 slots for the general to hold items
[00:05] <Afker> (actual number of slots vary from general to general)
[00:05] <Elementasts> how do you acquire these items and what do they do?
[00:05] <Afker> lowermiddle are all the items in your inventory
[00:05] <Afker> acquire through treasure chests found in battle
[00:06] <Afker> when an item is highlighted, it's description will be shown
[00:06] <Elementasts> k
[00:06] <Afker> some modify stats
[00:06] <Afker> probalby all modify stats
[00:07] <Afker> hp, mp, attack, to hit, evade, range, number of solders you can command, 
  and how well you can command them (directly affects movement range of card soldiers)
[00:07] <Afker> magic defense
[00:07] <Afker> regualr defense
[00:08] <Afker> critical rate, counter rate
[00:08] <Afker> some items raise one stat but lower another
[00:08] <Elementasts> go on
[00:08] <Afker> anyways, so you can equip those items
[00:08] <Afker> and you can view stats ofyou generals
[00:08] <Afker> that's it for status
[00:08] <Afker> back to Administration
[00:08] <Afker> btw, we should save this in a txt file
[00:09] <Afker> even thoug tons of typos
[00:09] <Afker> actually, Administration is called "Internal Affairs" in the game
[00:09] <Elementasts> just keep typing :p
[00:09] <Afker> the factory is called "Plant Productoin"
[00:10] <Afker> so now on to the "Card Apppreciation" section
[00:10] <Afker> once in, it's like a collection book
[00:10] <Afker> on the right there are different buttons.
[00:11] <Afker> each button whill display cards for that purpose (soldier, weapon, 
  summon, scratch)
[00:11] <Elementasts> scratch?
[00:11] <Afker> I think those are useless cards
[00:11] <Afker> dont' quite remember
[00:11] <Elementasts> is that the order they come in?
[00:11] <Afker> well
[00:11] <Afker> there are two columns of buttons
[00:12] <Afker> going from top to bottom on the left column:
[00:12] <Afker> Fighter, Wiz, Block, One-Line, Chiya, Warp, Miu, Item (= Weapon), 
[00:12] <Afker> going from top to bottom on the right column:
[00:13] <Afker> Light, Darkness, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightening, Void, and Scrap2
[00:13] <Afker> scratch=scrap
[00:13] <Afker> in japanese it's actually Suka
[00:13] <Afker> for the "scra" part...
[00:13] <Afker> all the elements on teh right colunm are summons
[00:14] <Afker> anyways, so you can clikc on these buttons, and view the cards, and see 
  how many of each you have
[00:14] <Afker> each card will also hae some text description, which adds depth to the 
  game, but doens't affect/help gameplay at all
[00:15] <Afker> that's it for Card Appreciation
[00:15] <Elementasts> light?
[00:15] <Afker> back to Administration, the next two sections are CG mode and Music mode
[00:15] <Elementasts> light = soldier?
[00:15] <Afker> Light is a summon
[00:15] <Elementasts> so the soldier types are elements?
[00:15] <Afker> no
[00:15] <Afker> nonono
[00:15] <Elementasts> umm
[00:15] <Afker> soldier types have nothing to do with the elements
[00:15] <Afker> noting whatsoever
[00:15] <Elementasts> what do you use those element cards for?
[00:16] <Afker> element cards are used for summons
[00:16] <Afker> I'll explain summon now
[00:16] <Elementasts> k
[00:16] <Afker> in each battle, you, Nanasu, may summon one "Spirit Lord"
[00:16] <Afker> and only once
[00:17] <Afker> once per batle
[00:17] <Elementasts> how does the number of element cards affect that?
[00:17] <Afker> some deal physical damage to all enemy on the map
[00:17] <Afker> you need x amonts of cards of an element to perform a summon
[00:18] <Afker> each element has a different card requirement
[00:18] <Elementasts> and then those cards will be used up?
[00:18] <Afker> yeah
[00:18] <Elementasts> a summon is a oneshot spell?
[00:18] <Afker> yeah
[00:18] <Elementasts> k
[00:18] <Afker> but may have lasting effects
[00:18] <Afker> i'm not sure
[00:19] <Afker> like one doubles movement range of all your units on the map
[00:19] <Afker> that might be a lasting effect, not sure
[00:19] <Elementasts> but only for htis battle right?
[00:19] <Afker> others include physical damage to all enemy on the map
[00:19] <Afker> yeah
[00:19] <Afker> magical damage to all enemy
[00:19] <Afker> enable all your units to move again
[00:20] <Afker> (battle is turned based.  you move all your units then enemy move all 
  theirs, then your turn again)
[00:20] <Afker> increase defense
[00:20] <Elementasts> ok
[00:20] <Elementasts> so its different for each element
[00:20] <Afker> fetch all treasures on the map (water elemental, my faorite)
[00:20] <Afker> each element does one thing specific
[00:21] <Elementasts> kewl
[00:21] <Afker> cuz you are summonging the Elemental Lord of that element (Elemental 
  Lord = Spirit Lord, I'm improvising translations here)
[00:21] <Elementasts> only one lord per battle?
[00:21] <Afker> yeah
[00:21] <Elementasts> I guess its for balance
[00:21] <Afker> yup
[00:22] <Elementasts> ok go on
[00:22] <Afker> game is already easy as it is
[00:22] <Afker> so now we are done with Summons
[00:22] <Afker> and I dont' think CG mode and Music mode under Internal Affairs need to 
  be explained
[00:22] <Afker> CG mode is very self explanatory
[00:22] <Afker> and you cna't hear music
[00:22] <Elementasts> hehe
[00:22] <Elementasts> HAHA
[00:23] <Elementasts> go on
[00:23] <Afker> so afte you are done with Internal Affairs (done, by clicking a large 
  button at the bottom of the screen.  the smaller one is the Load button)
[00:23] <Afker> you move on to ADV section
[00:23] <Afker> in ADV section, there is first the Nanasu mode, and then the Kakalo mode
[00:24] <Afker> you get ot pick two girls to talk to, in each mode
[00:24] <Afker> Nanasu mode is the pure-love style
[00:25] <Afker> at first your relationship with girls is "Talking" (yellow)
[00:25] <Afker> then it can advance to "Friends" (green)
[00:25] <Elementasts> is there an indicator?
[00:25] <Afker> then "....." (blue.  don't worry, this means the girl is starting th 
  think about you)
[00:25] <Afker> yeah
[00:25] *** shannaGETS invites you to join #mindfire
[00:25] <Elementasts> a bar?
[00:25] <Afker> you can see in in the adv mode
[00:25] <Afker> no
[00:25] <Afker> just color coded
[00:25] <Elementasts> umm
[00:25] <Elementasts> where do you see the color?
[00:26] <Afker> under the girl's name
[00:26] <Afker> the girls are just listed out
[00:26] <Afker> in each mode (Nanasu/Kakalo), you get to click on two girls
[00:26] <Elementasts> k
[00:26] <Afker> after the blue ".....", is "Koi" (pink)
[00:26] <Elementasts> hehe
[00:27] <Elementasts> >:D
[00:27] <Afker> koi is a concept hard to expliain in englihs
[00:27] <Elementasts> koi is love
[00:27] <Afker> it's kind of like "falling in love"
[00:27] <Elementasts> yea 
[00:27] <Afker> after "Koi", it's "Ai" which is "Love", and color is red
[00:27] <Afker> difference between Koi and Ai
[00:27] <Afker> Koi is kind of adolecent love
[00:27] <Elementasts> Koi is like crush?
[00:27] <Elementasts> yea
[00:28] <Afker> where as Ai is like you really love the person
[00:28] <Afker> deep love
[00:28] <Elementasts> I see
[00:28] <Elementasts> what color is Ai?
[00:28] <Afker> red
[00:28] <Afker> that's when you get the girl
[00:28] <Elementasts> so because
[00:28] <Elementasts> you only get to choose 2 girls
[00:29] <Elementasts> per Nanasu session
[00:29] <Afker> each chapter
[00:29] <Afker> yeah
[00:29] <Elementasts> you wont be able to get all the girls right?
[00:29] <Afker> that's not the reason
[00:29] <Afker> you can probaby get most, if not all the girls into Koi
[00:30] <Afker> but once you have Ai with one girl, you can't get Ai with any other girl
[00:30] <Elementasts> umm
[00:30] <Elementasts> you only get one girl!?!?
[00:30] <Afker> ie, you can have this crush-adolecent love on all of them, but only one 
  can you deeply love
[00:30] <Afker> yup
[00:30] <Elementasts> for 1 game?!?!?
[00:30] <Afker> save/load
[00:30] <Afker> you get 20 save spots
[00:31] <Elementasts> hehe
[00:31] <Afker> just get them all to Koi, save, and go from there
[00:31] <Elementasts> but still
[00:31] <Elementasts> does this affect the ending?
[00:31] <Afker> there's another status, which is "???", and it's black
[00:31] <Afker> doesn't affect the history of the continent
[00:31] <Elementasts> ???
[00:31] <Afker> just affect what girl you end up with
[00:31] <Elementasts> what that mean?
[00:32] <Afker> that means you can't get the girl
[00:32] <Elementasts> damn
[00:32] <Afker> for reasons you shall find out
[00:32] <Elementasts> do soem girls start with that?
[00:32] <Afker> no
[00:32] <Afker> "???" is a deadend status
[00:32] <Elementasts> k
[00:32] <Afker> can't get out of it, unless you load
[00:32] <Afker> it means for whatever reason, the girl won't be with you
[00:33] <Afker> it's never your fault htough...
[00:33] <Elementasts> hehe
[00:33] <Afker> moving on
[00:33] <Elementasts> k
[00:33] <Afker> after Nanasu mode is over, you go to Kakalo mode
[00:33] <Afker> now, there are two basic genres of h-game play in the world
[00:33] <Afker> one is called "Pure Love" in japanese
[00:34] <Afker> ie, the nice, romantic love
[00:34] <Afker> the other one is what Rance 5 is titled after <edit: Kichikuou Rance>
[00:34] <Elementasts> I hate that :p
[00:34] <Elementasts> Kichiku
[00:34] <Elementasts> brutish
[00:34] <Afker> nod
[00:34] <Elementasts> evil type
[00:34] <Elementasts> hehe
[00:34] <Afker> that's the evil type
[00:34] <Afker> now Nanasu mode is the pure love mode
[00:34] <Elementasts> so what does this have to do with Kakalo?
[00:35] <Afker> hehe
[00:35] <Afker> Dr. Watson, what do you say?
[00:35] <Elementasts> I say
[00:35] <Elementasts> you get to screw em :p
[00:35] <Afker> yup
[00:35] <Elementasts> so its the kings fault?
[00:35] <Afker> Kakalo mode is the kichiku mode
[00:35] <Elementasts> why they become black?
[00:35] <Afker> yeah
[00:36] <Elementasts> hahaha
[00:36] <Afker> usually
[00:36] <Elementasts> gaddamn daddy stealin my girls :p
[00:36] <Afker> so in kakalo mode
[00:36] <Elementasts> but you can get all the girls in Kakalo mode right?
[00:36] <Afker> girls start in blue "Detect" or "Information Gather" status
[00:36] <Afker> yeah
[00:36] <Elementasts> nice
[00:37] <Elementasts> go on
[00:37] <Afker> that's why earlier I said "depend on definition of getting all girls"
[00:37] <Afker> d-:
[00:37] <Afker> after that, is the green mode.  I'm not sure what the kanji means, but 
  pretty much Kakalo has found the girl's vulnerability/weekness
[00:37] <Elementasts> hehe
[00:37] <Afker> after that, is the brown "H Process"
[00:38] <Afker> process is a noun, not verb
[00:38] <Elementasts> wait how do you move through these colors?
[00:39] <Afker> after that, is a blood red "H Slave" (actually literal translation is 
  Meat Slave, but it means H slave)
[00:39] <Afker> by selecting the girl
[00:39] <Elementasts> so she just moves through one color when you select her?
[00:39] <Afker> not always
[00:39] <Elementasts> :(
[00:39] <Elementasts> how do you know then?
[00:39] <Afker> select means action.  either talk, or approach
[00:40] <Afker> or something else
[00:40] <Afker> to move to the next color, there might be requirements
[00:40] <Afker> such as what chapter you are in
[00:40] <Elementasts> oh
[00:40] <Afker> or how many NP the girl has
[00:40] <Afker> (NP is important for both Nanasu and Kakalo mode)
[00:40] <Elementasts> NP also matter?
[00:40] <Afker> yeah
[00:40] <Elementasts> I see
[00:41] <Afker> cuz it symbolizes how much nanasu cares about the grl
[00:41] <Elementasts> go on
[00:41] <Elementasts> so more NP = bad for Kakalo?
[00:41] <Afker> some rquirements are status with other girls
[00:41] <Afker> no
[00:41] <Afker> cuz kakalo usually use the girl's crush on Nanasu as the weakness
[00:42] <Elementasts> aha!
[00:42] <Afker> so usually the girl needs to like nanasu this much before kakalo can do 
[00:42] <Elementasts> k
[00:42] <Afker> and there are a few cases where kakalo needs to do something and then 
  nanasu has a chance
[00:43] <Elementasts> go on
[00:44] <Afker> and sometimes nanasu needs to know htis girl this well before the other 
  gilr likes him
[00:44] <Afker> or gets jealous, which opens opportunity
[00:44] <Afker> so, many factors
[00:45] <Afker> also, some girls, if H'ed by kakalo, then won't be able to participate 
  in battles
[00:45] <Elementasts> k
[00:45] <Afker> either they left mamatoto in shame/sadness, or got killed
[00:46] <Afker> in addition to the girls, in Kakalo mode,
[00:46] <Afker> you can buy stuff from the puppet
[00:46] <Afker> h-stuff
[00:46] <Elementasts> yea
[00:46] <Afker> that's about it.
[00:46] <Afker> after ADv, the chapter ends
[00:47] <Afker> next chapter begins, actually with production of new card soldiers
[00:47] <Afker> then distribution of NP, etc etc
[00:47] <Afker> if you don't move on with chpater, you can fight monsters
[00:47] <Afker> wow, transfer is done
[00:47] <Elementasts> hehe
[00:48] <Afker> fighting monsters give you money, card, and exp
[00:48] <Elementasts> hmm
[00:48] <Afker> monster level up as your generals level up.
[00:48] <Elementasts> you can fight as many monsters as you want?
[00:48] <Afker> yeah
[00:48] <Elementasts> cool
[00:48] <Afker> there's a "National Leve"
[00:48] <Afker> which is the average of the levels of all your generals
[00:49] <Afker> this determins the level of the monsters (but not the enemies during 
  regualr story plot)
[00:49] <Afker> so you can go in monster land, level up a bit, and move on with story 
  and win easily
[00:49] <Afker> National Level is also the leve of your card soldiers
[00:49] <Afker> which is different from the number of plants for the soldiers
[00:49] <Elementasts> hmm
[00:50] <Afker> each of the two factors modifies stats/abilities of the card soldiers 
[00:50] <Afker> oh
[00:50] <Afker> during the Factory section, antherthing you can build is additional Heart
[00:51] <Afker> each heart increases max HP of mamatoto by 30
[00:51] <Afker> and also, the Heart's HP is the one thing that doesn't reset/heal 
  between chapters
[00:51] <Elementasts> you can only increase the max?
[00:51] <Afker> you must heal/fix it during plant mode
[00:51] <Afker> by spending money
[00:52] <Afker> you can also remove plants in plant mode
[00:53] <Afker> doens't cost money to demolish (also don't get money back)
[00:53] <Elementasts> oh
[00:53] <Afker> the reason you would want to demolish something is to make space for 
  othe rting
[00:53] <Elementasts> yea
[00:54] <Afker> like, at first you were dependin on yoru fighters, but hten you change 
  stragety, and decide to use blocks and warps and chiya combo to support the general
[00:54] <Afker> so you would demolish the fighter plants to make space for others
[00:54] <Afker> of course, money is an issue d-:
[00:54] <Elementasts> yea
[00:54] <Afker> or "can be" an issue
[00:54] <Elementasts> but since you can fight unlimited monsters :p
[00:54] <Afker> yeah
[00:55] <Afker> one thing to be careful
[00:55] <Afker> you only get new card solders at the begining of each chapter
[00:55] <Elementasts> hmm
[00:55] <Afker> so you can attack monsters 100 times, get 10000 chards and 500000 gold, 
  but new card soldiers won't be produced
[00:55] <Elementasts> you can choose how many and which ones to make right?
[00:55] <Afker> not until you move on to next chapter
[00:55] <Afker> no
[00:56] <Afker> you gt these cards
[00:56] <Elementasts> so you automatically get the soldiers from those cards?
[00:56] <Afker> so depend on how many of each type of card you got, how many of each 
  type of soldiers you get
[00:56] <Afker> you make
[00:56] <Afker> at the begining of the chapter only
[00:56] <Afker> it'll make more sense as you actually play the game
[00:57] <Afker> also, during the "defend" tpe of battles, 
[00:57] <Afker> there are these "demolition soldiers"
[00:57] <Afker> kind of look like construction workers
[00:57] <Afker> if thye get through your front line (the entrance stage)
[00:57] <Afker> then they'll directly deal damage to Mamatoto's heart
[00:57] <Elementasts> damn
[00:58] <Afker> instead of showing up in tthe second stage of teh Heart's chamber
[00:58] <Elementasts> what do they look like?
[00:58] <Afker> chapter 0 shows you that
[00:58] <Afker> so pay attention
[00:58] <Elementasts> k
[00:58] <Elementasts> what else do I need to know?
[00:58] <Afker> mmm
[00:59] <Afker> noting in terms of game play really
[00:59] <Afker> quite a bit on stragety
[00:59] <Elementasts> I can handle that
[00:59] <Afker> but hard to explain, sinc eyou cant' read chinese characters
[00:59] <Afker> d-:
[00:59] <Elementasts> I wonder who has big bad Osamu
[00:59] <Afker> just remember, some units have high magical defense while low physical 
  defense, and vice versa
[00:59] <Elementasts> yea
[01:00] <Elementasts> I know that from Panyorn
[01:00] <Afker> (-:

Part 2[]

[16:58] <Elementasts> howdy
[16:59] <Shin-Imran> hello
[16:59] <OneSideBlind> moin moin
[16:59] <Afker> greetings
[16:59] <OneSideBlind> now how much greetings are there now left
[16:59] <Afker> Elementasts: you had a questions?
[16:59] <Afker> a question
[17:00] <Afker> OneSideBlind: depending on how many ppl there are to greet
[17:00] <Afker> d-:
[17:00] <Elementasts> yis
[17:00] <Elementasts> theres this one building
[17:00] <OneSideBlind> thanks imran
[17:00] <Elementasts> that I dont know what the use is
[17:00] <Afker> what's the shape?
[17:00] <Elementasts> its this white building
[17:00] <Elementasts> square
[17:00] <Afker> hold on
[17:01] <Afker> let me launch the game
[17:01] <Elementasts> k
[17:01] <Elementasts> !shinsukebegames!
[17:01] <Afker> oh!
[17:01] <Afker> that's a dummyplant
[17:02] <Afker> you know those demolition-enemys
[17:02] <Elementasts> what it do?
[17:02] <Elementasts> yes
[17:02] <Afker> who can directly damage the heart
[17:02] <Elementasts> yup
[17:02] <Afker> the dummy confuses them
[17:02] <Elementasts> how?
[17:02] <Afker> so if you have one of those built
[17:02] <Afker> then the demolition enemy will blow up the dummy plant, instead of damaging the heart
[17:02] <Elementasts> is it random?
[17:03] <Afker> dont' think so
[17:03] <Afker> but then, I never let them get through
[17:03] <Elementasts> so 1 dummy plant will disappear
[17:03] <Afker> so never tested out
[17:03] <Elementasts> if a demo guy gets through?
[17:03] <Afker> the demoltion are like my top priority to kill
[17:03] <Afker> yeah
[17:03] <Elementasts> hmm
[17:03] <Afker> one note on experience points
[17:03] <Elementasts> yea?
[17:03] <Afker> to level up faster
[17:04] <Afker> kill all the enemies at the "defense" stage, where you have multiple generals
[17:04] <Elementasts> the second stage?
[17:04] <Afker> at least I had a theory about it
[17:04] <Afker> inside the heart chamber
[17:04] <Elementasts> yea
[17:04] <Xcaliberium> !list
[17:04] <Afker> cuz I think the experience are shared
[17:05] <Afker> somehow
[17:05] <Afker> I forgot the details
[17:05] <Elementasts> do you know what the stats are?
[17:05] <Afker> but overall, your people as a whole group gain more experience by killing in the chamber
[17:05] <Afker> instead of the entrance
[17:05] <Afker> I can get that for you
[17:05] <Elementasts> like which one is hp
[17:05] <Afker> ok
[17:05] <Afker> so I"m watching from the status screen
[17:06] <Afker> I'm assuming the layout during battle is same, but not very sure
[17:06] <Afker> so the top left is obviously Level
[17:06] <Afker> the two following that are "current exp" and "exp total needed to level up"
[17:06] <Afker> I'm going down
[17:07] <Afker> then it's "current hp" and "max hp"
[17:07] <Elementasts> k
[17:07] <Afker> middle column:
[17:07] <Afker> "physical attack", "magical attack", "chance to hit", "movement range"
[17:07] <Afker> right column:
[17:08] <Afker> "defense (physical)", "magical defense", "evade", and "attack range"
[17:08] <Afker> if you are under the status mode
[17:08] <Afker> then look under the portrain of the character
[17:08] <Afker> you see:
[17:09] <Afker> "number of subordinates (card soldiers) you can lead on the field", "command power (affects movement range of 
  fighters, and maybe other card soldiers too", and finally "special move"
[17:09] <Elementasts> is evade and chance to hit a percentage?
[17:09] <Afker> special move is done by <default> + <additional due to NP>
[17:09] <Afker> don't htink thye are percentages
[17:10] <Elementasts> and how does command power work?
[17:10] <Afker> for every one extra command power, your fighters get one extra movement range
[17:10] <Elementasts> oh
[17:10] <Afker> I forgot if it affects other soldier types
[17:11] <Afker> and at the status screen,
[17:11] <Afker> on the top left
[17:11] <Afker> you see two percentage numerbers
[17:11] <Elementasts> does command power also affect the number of items  the general can equip?
[17:11] <Afker> top one is chance to deal critical , the second one is chance to counter
[17:11] <Afker> nothing to do with num of items
[17:11] <Elementasts> do all generals have both?
[17:12] <Afker> but you can equip items to modify command power
[17:12] <Afker> all generals have both chance to deal critical, and chance to counter.  though many of them have 9%
[17:12] <Afker> 0%
[17:12] <Afker> but it's modifiable via items
[17:12] <Elementasts> I see
[17:13] <Afker> anything else?
[17:13] <Elementasts> not at the moment
[17:14] <Afker> k

Part 3[]

Session Start: Thu Apr 25 01:03:16 2002
Session Ident: klako
> I'll just tell you from here, remember to save this log
<klako> ok, i will append it to the other log.:)
> Gret
> bah, great even
> Ok, at the title screen (first screen) theres three different buttons, from left to right is:  New Game, Continue Game, and the last one I'm not sure about...might be quit
> Do you have Mamatoto on right now?
<klako> no.
<klako> haven't even install it yet.
> Doesnt install, just unzipping it gives you all you need
> Ok, when you click new game, a battle tutorial will open super close attention to it
> Now lets go back and click the continue button:
> When you press that, a whole slew of little avatars pop up, each avatar is a differnt save file, plus theres numbers beside each one
> The one with the largest number to the very left of each avatar is how far you are, the bigger the number, the farther you are
<klako> far from where?
> Farther into the game
> Like if it says 19 to the very left, you're almost to the end
> Mamatoto I just gave you have a whole slew of already saved games
> With me so far?
<klako> ok
> Ok, now if you click on one of the save files (Anywhere near the avatar)  Two buttons will appear on the bottom
> The right one means Load this charcter, the left one means Do not load this charcter
> Now these two buttons are used alot, but they always mean 1 thing.  The right is Accept, the left is Decline
> Once you clicked accept on a save file, a new screen will appear
> You'll see 6 buttons, 3 on the left, 3 on the right
> The top left button is Building mode, refer to Afker's guide to this
> In the building mode, theres 3 buttons to the very right, they're small with red kanji
> Now one thing you never learned from Afkers guide is how to restore health to your heart
> You restore it with gold, which you get from battles
> One of the 3 kanji buttons you press will open up a little meter with 0 in the middle and an arrow going up and an arrow going down
> Pressing the up arrow increases the 0 button, so press it once, it'll turn to 1, and so on
<klako> oh, from reading the afker guide, i get the impression restore health might be automatic or something.
> Nope, have to buy it, 1 gold is 1 health
> Pressing the down arrow, of course, lowers the number
> So lets say the meter is set to 50, that means 50g will be spent to repair your heart with 50 health points
> Another of the kanji buttons shows a list of buttons with different figures on them
> Click on one of the figures then move your mouse to the map screen where all the little buildings are
> You'll see that the little figures are actually miniture versions of the buildings
> Now this is extremely easy, in order to upgrade your units, just keep building the same building to upgrade the unit you want
> Now its color coded, soldiers are red, so red buildings are for soldiers
> If you build like, 5 red buildings, the little soldier meter at the very left should go up 1, or 2
> Now, each time you want to build one, a little black window will pop up, the top is ACCEPT, the bottom is CANCEL
> Any questions?
<klako> so far so good
> Ok, now lets get out of the building screen
> To get out, simply move the mouse to the bottom green button, the button will turn into a sign saying EXIT, its kinda self explanatory
> Once pressing exit, you'll return to the room with the 6 buttons
> Now that we know what the top left button is, lets see what the middle left button is.
> Truth is, I have no idea what it is, I cant get into it
> But its not needed to complete the game
> It MIGHT be a button to buy items, not sure
<klako> hm..
<klako> maybe we should ask afker.
> Yeah, we should
> Now for the bottom left button
> I might have forgotten, but that might be the equip window
> Equip windows is really easy, select the charcter you want to equip, choose an item (I have no idea what the items do)
> click the item, and presto, insta equip
> Now for the top right button
> This button isnt much use, its just to see what kind of cards you have
> All you really do here is look at the pretty pictures
> Now for the middle right button
> The first two letters are CG, so its kinda self explanatory
> Theres a TON of CG, two pages full
> Oh yeah I forgot something
> Anytime you wanted to exit out of those buttons, go to the green button to the bottom, it'll ALWAYS turn into an exit
> Now, the bottom right button is.....
> I forgot, dont think its needed to win though
> Another thing to ask Afker
> Alright, you're done with the 6 buttons, and you want to continue on
> In the 6 button window, go to the green button on the bottom (Theres basically always a huge green button at the bottom)
> When your mouse goes on it, two buttons should appear
> Can you guess what they are?
<klako> quit?
> Wait, I think 3 buttons might appear, two regular big ones, and a third smaller one
> Yeah, three buttons appear
> the small third button is LOAD, it'll return you to the avatar screen
> The two buttons, from right to left, is of course, ACCEPT, and CANCEL
> Also remember, if you see a third small button, its ALWAYS, ALWAYS load
> Plus Mamatoto constantly takes you to the save screen (Looks EXACTLY like the load screen)  If you want to save, click a spot, if you dont, go to the green button and choose ACCEPT, which is the right most button
> Trust me you'll be able to pick this up on your own, I learned all of this in one night
<klako> i see
<klako> any tricky part? like you click some button and it suddenly quit. those are the one we need to know in advance.
> Basically not really
> If you see a black window pop up with two choices, the bottom is CANCEL and the top is ACCEPT
> In battle theres 3 buttons, but more on that later
> Ok, back to the 6 button screen
> Click the ACCEPT button (Bottom large green button to the right, not the small green button)
<klako> you said 3 buttons? which big one?
> Now, it should take you to the save screen so you can save, save if you want, but if not, click accept
> Ah
> Theres 2 big, 1 small
> Big one to the left is cancel
> Big one to the middle (Or sometimes to the farthest right) is Accept
> Right most one, (Much smaller then the 2 big buttons) is LOAD
> Now, after clicking Accept on the save screen, you'll go into ADV Mode
> Now theres two different ADV modes, which afker pointed out
> The first one is the Prince adventur
> Its pretty easy, just click on the girl avatar you want to ADV with and it'll start by itself
> But you can only ADV with two girls each ADV mode, so pick well
> Now, when you're done with ADV for the prince, move your mouse to the bottom, three buttons should appear (Or maybe 2)  If theres 3 buttons, then the left button is CANCEL, the middle button is ACCEPT, and the right button is LOAD.   If theres only two buttons then the left button is CANCEL, and the right button is ACCEPT
> Still understanding?
<klako> yeah
> Ok, when you click on the Accept button, it will go into evil King ADV mode
> Like the prince ADV mode, you can only pick 2 girls at a time to ADV with
> Now, theres something different about the large green button in King Mode
> As usual, 3 buttons should appear
> But the right most button is of course LOAD
> Now you're probably wondering what the middle button is
> If you click it, sometimes some text will spew at you and nothing will happen
> But sometimes, Klako (The king) will talk to this woman and this weird blue puppet, and a black window with 2 buttons will appear, bottom one is of course CANCEL, and top one is ACCEPT
> Now if you click Accept, you'll get a photo of some evil sexual act (Like Afker said about Klako mode)
> If you keep trying it you'll get different photos, thus adding more to your CG
> You can do it like 3 times every Klako mode
> Ok, so you're done with Klako mode
<klako> afker is awake in main channel.
> Click on the left most button, which is ACCEPT
> Oh Good
> Now you'll enter a screen with a map in the background
> It'll ask you if you want to fight monsters, click the right button for YES or the left button for NO
> If you click yes, you'll fight them, if you click no, you'll continue on to the main battle chapter
> if you clicked no, then the charcters will start talking, blah blah blah
> Then you'll appear in a window will you can assign Star points (Refer to Afkers guide for this)
> After you hand out stars, click accept
> which is of course, the right most green button
> The window which I am referring to has all your general avatar models
> Now click on an avatar you want to command your troops
> Now HERE where it gets confusing, since I cant remember all the buttons, I'll give you the easy facts on how to start a battle and still be able to win
<klako> afker in channel.
> Now when you click an avatar, the mouse will automatically transpot to the large green button, which will moprh into 7 different buttons
> Now a new window will pop up, showing the general you choosed plus a small bit of the battleground around the general, to the right of the screen is unit avatars with a number of how many units of that type you have
> If you want a unit to join your general in battle, click on the unit avatar you want, and click an area around the general, presto, instant unit
> Now after clicking the units you want, click accept, then at the 7 button screen, click the right most button, then click accept, you'll be in battle then
> Fight the enemy, win, you might have to repeat the unit thing, then you should start in the window with the 6 buttons, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat

Part 4[]

[03:37] <Afker> I'll get to mamatoto then
[03:37] <Elementasts> to where?
[03:37] <Afker> 1st, you know about the NP
[03:37] <Elementasts> oh
[03:37] <Elementasts> hehe
[03:38] <Afker> 2nd, advancing in relationship with one girl sometimes depends on your relationship with another girl
[03:38] <XiahouDun> okay how about the elven girl then
[03:38] <XiahouDun> or the purples hair girl
[03:39] <Elementasts> after one mission, she just disappears
[03:39] <Afker> needs advancement in all three
[03:39] <Afker> maid?
[03:39] <Elementasts> yea
[03:39] <XiahouDun> ahhh all three in pink mode?
[03:39] <Afker> not necessarily
[03:39] <Afker> maybe the "..." mode will be enough
[03:39] <Afker> forgot
[03:40] <Afker> but I remember the three go together
[03:40] <Elementasts> k
[03:40] <XiahouDun> well i have them all in pink mode actually
[03:40] <Elementasts> I neve got any of them XD
[03:40] <XiahouDun> but i can't seem to get any farther with them....
[03:40] <Afker> you need some jealously to boost up relationships
[03:40] <Afker> also
[03:40] <Afker> sometimes Kakaro also needs to advance with them
[03:40] <Afker> not the the point of H-ing them
[03:40] <Afker> but still
[03:40] <XiahouDun> well them i'm at that point already
[03:41] <Afker> ok
[03:41] <Elementasts> I never got any of them with kakalo either XD
[03:41] <XiahouDun> because each scene is h-ing for each
[03:41] <Afker> another thing is the chapter
[03:41] <XiahouDun> i'm on 18
[03:41] <Afker> even if all other criteria are filled, 
[03:41] <Afker> oh
[03:41] <Afker> nvmind then
[03:41] <Afker> it should be good already
[03:41] <XiahouDun> how many chaps are there?
[03:42] <Afker> 20 or 21
[03:42] <XiahouDun> but it isn't....i still can't get any of them
[03:42] <Afker> are all three in at least "..." status?
[03:42] <XiahouDun> above that
[03:42] <XiahouDun> all in the crush stage
[03:42] <Afker> so all in pink
[03:42] <Afker> mmm
[03:42] <Afker> MMM
[03:42] <Afker> how much NP for each?
[03:43] <XiahouDun> about 12 i think
[03:43] <Afker> probably too low
[03:43] <XiahouDun> ? really
[03:43] <XiahouDun> they all end the same though
[03:43] <Afker> yeah
[03:43] <XiahouDun> ends with the girl in glasses speaking and then the monster
[03:43] <Afker> ah
[03:43] <Afker> I totally forgot
[03:43] <XiahouDun> having a conversation
[03:43] <Afker> that's a clue
[03:44] <Afker> but I never remembered what it meant
[03:44] <XiahouDun> all three end that way
[03:44] <Elementasts> the girl with glasses was also in Persiom X
[03:44] <Afker> hehe
[03:44] <XiahouDun> heh
[03:44] <Afker> I need to look that up
[03:44] <Afker> hold on
[03:44] <XiahouDun> okay thats fine....
[03:44] <XiahouDun> how about the green haired one
[03:45] <Elementasts> and her monster too
[03:45] <XiahouDun> with the little flying creature
[03:45] <Elementasts> hmm
[03:45] <Elementasts> wasnt she in rance 5? <edit: Kichikuou Rance>
[03:45] <Afker> flying creature?
[03:45] * Afker tries to think
[03:45] <XiahouDun> the small flying creature on her shoulder
[03:45] <Elementasts> the bird?
[03:46] <Elementasts> Xiao means the weird girl
[03:46] <Afker> wait...
[03:46] <Elementasts> the one with Aqua blast
[03:46] <Afker> I was thinking hte girl at the research place
[03:46] <XiahouDun> indeed
[03:47] <XiahouDun> so........
[03:47] <Afker> I"m looking up what the conversation indicates
[03:47] <XiahouDun> ah
[03:48] <Afker> oh
[03:48] <Afker> you won't get them until ch19
[03:48] <Afker> according to this walkthrough I'm currently reading
[03:49] <XiahouDun> and they have to be all in the crush stage?
[03:49] <XiahouDun> or other requirements?
[03:49] <Afker> I think you have the prereqs
[03:49] <XiahouDun> k
[03:50] <XiahouDun> and the green haired one?
[03:50] <Afker> this guide isn't very comprehensive, I'm going to look up another one
[03:50] <Afker> the witch?
[03:50] <XiahouDun> Fibell or something
[03:50] <Afker> the emotionless one right?
[03:50] <XiahouDun> right
[03:50] <Delphox> 12«11Thanks H-junkie12»
[03:50] <Afker> hmm
[03:51] <Afker> I thnk that's the one where you have to advance both with Nanasu and Kakalo
[03:51] <XiahouDun> i'm sure i did though
[03:51] <XiahouDun> next scene for kakola is h-ing
[03:52] <Afker> in the showers or in bed?
[03:52] <Afker> the showers scene is fine
[03:52] <XiahouDun> bed
[03:52] <Elementasts> XD
[03:52] <H-junkie> File Server Online MOTD: -= -= New Tsunamigui, Mamatoto =- =-
[03:52] <Afker> arg
[03:52] <XiahouDun> i know about the shower one...
[03:52] <Afker> then just dump lots of NP and keep talking to her with Nanasu
[03:53] <XiahouDun> yeah but it stuck with the goblin talking at the beginning
[03:53] <Afker> or until I find a better walkthrough
[03:53] <XiahouDun> usually if its just about NP, the old guy talks at the end...
[03:53] <XiahouDun> so i'm thinking i'm missing something else
[03:53] <Afker> yeah
[03:53] <Afker> does anyone else talk?
[03:54] <XiahouDun> the red haired girl
[03:54] <Afker> the weapon research girl indicates the chapter is too early while you have enough NP
[03:54] <XiahouDun> in the prison
[03:54] <XiahouDun> ahhh
[03:55] <Afker> Stolin (the white haired archer) indicates need to advance with other girls (or Kakalo needs to advance)
[03:55] <Afker> the old guy is not enough NP
[03:55] <XiahouDun> yeah i know that
[03:55] <Afker> and Rick (gold hair red armor) talking to stolin means ...
[03:55] <Elementasts> I got a bad ending XD
[03:55] <Afker> you already love someone else
[03:55] <Afker> I think
[03:55] <XiahouDun> yeah but its non of those
[03:56] <XiahouDun> the green girl is in the ... stage
[03:56] <XiahouDun> but won't  advance
[03:56] <Afker> it'll skip right into Love I think
[03:56] <Afker> skipping the crush
[03:56] <Afker> hmmm
[03:56] <XiahouDun> okay so i'm missing something....
[03:57] <XiahouDun> got a goblin and red haired girl talking in the dungeon and thats it
[03:57] <Afker> red haired girl....
[03:58] <XiahouDun> yes...
[03:58] <Afker> ok
[03:58] <Afker> she needs 16 NP total I think
[03:58] <XiahouDun> XD are you serious
[03:58] <Afker> or according to this guide it's 16 NP
[03:58] <XiahouDun> god damn it
[03:58] <Elementasts> yes
[03:58] <Elementasts> the oen where
[03:58] <Elementasts> Nanasu is walking on a road
[03:59] <Elementasts> and he's cut his hair
[03:59] <Afker> oh
[03:59] <Elementasts> and looks like a man now
[03:59] <Afker> poor elementasts, pooooooor elementasts
[03:59] <Elementasts> I thought he was a girl before XD
[04:00] <Afker> nvmind
[04:01] <Afker> she only needs 14 NP
[04:01] <Afker> the green hair
[04:01] <Afker> ch 12: NP 0
[04:01] <Afker> ch 13: NP 4
[04:01] <XiahouDun> okay then what are the requirement for the other ones while i'm here
[04:01] <Afker> CH 14: NP8
[04:01] <Elementasts> I give my np to the people with cool special abilities XD
[04:01] <XiahouDun> in that order?
[04:01] <Afker> how good is your japanese?
[04:01] <XiahouDun> not very good
[04:02] <Afker> can you read kanji
[04:02] <Afker> and/or identify names of the girls?
[04:02] <Elementasts> !list
[04:02] <Elementasts> hmm
[04:02] <Elementasts> :3
[04:02] <H-junkie> !list
[04:02] <XiahouDun> heh barely...
[04:02] <Afker> ok then
[04:03] <Afker> let's do it one by one, you name who we should cover
[04:03] <XiahouDun> oh okay
[04:04] <XiahouDun> just the axe one
[04:04] <XiahouDun> and the one that heals for special
[04:04] <Afker> my fav girl in mamatoto (-:
[04:04] <XiahouDun> heh
[04:04] <Afker> Raisen
[04:04] <Afker> she needs both advancement by Nanasu and Kakaro
[04:04] <Afker> Ch1, NP0:
[04:05] <XiahouDun> i'm partial to the elven one actually XP
[04:05] <Afker> nanasu mode: after the end of battle, she joines, visit her (1 CG).  relationsihp becomes Talking
[04:05] <Elementasts> axe girl?
[04:05] <Elementasts> oh wait
[04:05] <Elementasts> I remember now
[04:05] <Afker> ch1 NP0: kakaro mode, visit (one CG). relationsihp becomes H process
[04:05] <Afker> Ch 3 NP 4:
[04:06] <Afker> nanasu worried about Raisen and talk to her (relationship becomes friend)
[04:06] <Afker> same chapter, kakaro mode, Raisen asks kakaro about the key to pandora's box (relationship still H process)
[04:06] <XiahouDun> go to the good stuff
[04:06] <XiahouDun> the ai mode
[04:06] <XiahouDun> i can do the rest
[04:06] <XiahouDun> i have basically everyone in ai....just wanna make sure i get the other requirements
[04:06] <XiahouDun> i mean crush...
[04:06] <Afker> ch4, NP6
[04:06] <Afker> oh
[04:08] <Afker> basically, she needs 12 NP, 
[04:08] <XiahouDun> man am i lagged out here?
[04:08] <Afker> need to get to ch8
[04:08] <Elementasts> nope
[04:08] <Afker> at least
[04:08] <Elementasts> just quiet :p
[04:09] <Afker> and she has asked kakaro lots of questions (once after each advancement of relationship with kakaro)
[04:09] <Afker> with nanasu I mean
[04:09] [XiahouDun PING]
[04:09] <Afker> pong
[04:09] <Afker> d-:
[04:10] <XiahouDun> okay good
[04:10] <XiahouDun> and the brown haired one?
[04:11] <Afker> 19 NP
[04:11] <XiahouDun> 19 XD
[04:11] <Afker> need to wait until ch19
[04:11] <XiahouDun> to get into ai?
[04:11] <Afker> and just keep talking to her
[04:11] <XiahouDun> okay wait until 19
[04:11] <XiahouDun> but doesn't matter the np?
[04:11] <Afker> ch14 NP0, Ch15 NP3, CH16 NP 7, ch17 NP 11, Ch18 np15, ch19 NP19
[04:12] <XiahouDun> hmm funny
[04:12] <XiahouDun> i'm way lower than that....
[04:12] <Afker> those are the minimum conditions to trigger events
[04:12] <Afker> according to the walkthrough I'm reading
[04:12] <XiahouDun> ch17 and i got 8
[04:12] <XiahouDun> and still got in crush mode...
[04:13] <Afker> difference of 3
[04:13] <Afker> *shrug*
[04:13] <Afker> this guide isn't the minimum then.  just the author's experience
[04:13] <XiahouDun> well 19 is pretty damn hard
[04:13] <XiahouDun> considering your can only give 4 per chap
[04:14] <Afker> have to concentrate your NP
[04:14] <Afker> or cheat
[04:14] <XiahouDun> heh or this guys blowing chunks
[04:14] <XiahouDun> well i'll experiment then...
[04:14] <Afker> (-:
[04:15] <XiahouDun> well that should be all
[04:15] <Elementasts> just rip the damn pics XD
[04:15] <Afker> ok
[04:15] <XiahouDun> yeah i could do that
[04:15] <Elementasts> although I didn't
[04:15] <Afker> i have the savefile that has all the pics d-:
[04:15] <Elementasts> :p
[04:15] <XiahouDun> but whats the fun in it
[04:15] <XiahouDun> so do i
[04:15] <Afker> took me a while to find the last one though
[04:15] <XiahouDun> i distroed it when i distroed the game...
[04:15] <Elementasts> last one?
[04:16] <Afker> well, my last pic
[04:16] <Afker> the one with the plant managers
[04:16] <Afker> that one required me to fill up the entire plant field
[04:16] <Elementasts> you can get them?
[04:16] <XiahouDun> heh
[04:16] <Afker> you don't 
[04:16] <Elementasts> damn
[04:16] <Afker> you see an h-scene with them, I think
[04:16] <XiahouDun> that won't be easy
[04:16] <Afker> it's been a few years
[04:16] <Elementasts> let me try it
[04:16] <Afker> well, I just went to monster land
[04:17] <Elementasts> huh!?!?
[04:17] <Afker> leveled up Rick to level 80 or something
[04:17] <Afker> and the thunderguy up also
[04:17] <Elementasts> the dungeon?
[04:17] <Afker> the monsterland
[04:17] <XiahouDun> XD damn man thats a bit much
[04:17] <Afker> not dungeon
[04:17] <Afker> hehe
[04:17] <Elementasts> monsterland is the free leveling place right?
[04:18] <Afker> I managed to be able to use Rick or the tunderguy, with no card soldiers, and clear all the enemies at the outer level
[04:18] <Afker> yup
[04:18] <Elementasts> did you kill the giant monster?
[04:18] <XiahouDun> yeah i can do the same with some char
[04:18] <Afker> they are all like 40 levels above the average
[04:18] <Elementasts> !Big thanks to you afker
[04:18] <Afker> every 10 fights or simething a really tough level shows up
[04:18] <XiahouDun> XP
[04:19] <Afker> initially it's this one guy who is super strong
[04:19] <XiahouDun> i don't even train XP
[04:19] <Afker> but after you defeated him, it becames "Wanton Lords"
[04:19] <Elementasts> wanton?
[04:19] <Afker> my first time playing htrough I trained once in the monster land
[04:19] <Afker> lack of control
[04:19] <Afker> yay, my fserv ad works
[04:19] <Elementasts> I didnt even think it was possible to beat the big bad monster
[04:20] <Afker> now I just need to figure out why the request ad isn't showing
[04:20] <H-junkie>  !Big thanks to you afker
[04:20] <Afker> it took a looong while of training to kill tha tguy
[04:20] <Afker> but it's possible
[04:20] <XiahouDun> yeah i believe it
[04:20] <Elementasts> kewl
[04:20] <Afker> but those wonton lords are also super tough
[04:20] <Afker> and they run fast
[04:20] <Elementasts> what do they look like?
[04:20] <Afker> the good thing is, when they get past you, they don't go into heart chamber
[04:21] <XiahouDun> well anyways
[04:21] <Afker> mmm
[04:21] <XiahouDun> its like 5:20 am here
[04:21] <Afker> look like fireballs or something
[04:21] <XiahouDun> and i'm moving at 10 so......
[04:21] <Afker> 4:21 am here d-:
[04:21] <Afker> haha
[04:21] <Afker> ok
[04:21] <Afker> laterz
[04:21] <Afker> have fun!
[04:21] <Elementasts> good morning Xaihoudun
[04:21] <Elementasts> XD
[04:21] <XiahouDun> see ya.....
[04:21] <XiahouDun> XD
[04:21] <XiahouDun> oh and thanks afker
[04:21] <H-junkie> have a nice trip :D
[04:21] <Afker> no prob
[04:22] <XiahouDun> indeed
[04:22] <Afker> welcome to the club (-:
[04:22] <XiahouDun> heh
[04:22] <XiahouDun> that would probably make me the supplier xP
[04:22] <Elementasts> lolz
[04:22] -ChanServ- XiahouDun has been successfully added to the AOp list of #alice_in_hgameland
[04:22] <H-junkie> hohohoho~
[04:22] <XiahouDun> since i've have all the alicesoft games in my possession one time or the other
[04:23] <Afker> OMG
[04:23] * Afker drools
[04:23] <Elementasts> @_@
[04:23] <H-junkie> *-*
[04:23] <Elementasts> MY GOLLY
[04:23] <XiahouDun> its been many years......
[04:23] <Afker> if you can dig out toshin toshi 2, I need to figure out what the toshintoshiFS.ald stands for
[04:23] <Elementasts> will you get back on cable ? :D~~~~~
[04:23] <Afker> I lost my setup file
[04:23] <XiahouDun> and a lot are erased....
[04:23] <Afker> )-:
[04:23] <Elementasts> Nooooo
[04:23] <XiahouDun> i DID say at one time 
[04:24] <H-junkie> haiz~
[04:24] <Afker> and other alicesoft games I hae don'thave this FS thing.
[04:24] <Elementasts> hehe
[04:24] <Afker> (-:
[04:24] <XiahouDun> most others i just have to dig back up
[04:24] <Elementasts> fight system?
[04:24] <Afker> hmmm
[04:25] <XiahouDun> well anyways....
[04:25] <XiahouDun> night.....or morning....whatever suits your fancy