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The popularity poll for Mamatoto was held for members of the Alicesoft User Club and was divided into four categories: "Favorite Female Character", "Favorite Male Character", "Favorite Kids", and "Favorite Scene". The results of the poll were featured in the eighth issue of the Alice's Battery Bomb newsletter along with the total percentage of votes each character received in their category. Only the top nine rankings were revealed in the "Female Character" and "Male Character" polls, with all lower-scoring characters being grouped together as "Other".

The poll featured an additional section known as "Thoughts on Kakaro", which allowed players to voice their opinion on the character Kakaro Alphoria. Responses were incredibly divisive, with a roughly even split between those who considered Kakaro to be the highlight of the game and those that believed him to actively detract from its quality.

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  • The results of the poll were announced by Purin, the director of Mamatoto.
  • According to Purin, the results of the "Female Character" category closely matched the opinions of Mamatoto's development staff whereas the results of the "Male Character" category greatly differed. In particular, he expressed surprise at the popularity of Nanas Alphoria and Barbazza Lonbrau. He showed similar shock at Fightan placing second in the "Kids" category, as they were not particularly well-liked by the development staff.
  • Purin attributed the high popularity of the Wiz and WapWap Kids to their effectiveness in battle, referring to the strategy of using the two in conjunction with each other as "WapWap/Wiz genocide-bombing".
  • The average overall rating that users gave to Mamatoto was an 88.4 out of 100. Common complaints about the game included players disliking Kakaro and finding the final boss to be too difficult.