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Kids(キズ)are the beings that Nanas creates to act as the army for the low population Mamatoto. In this game. They act as disposable troops as opposed to the generals that you will get throughout the game. At the start of every new chapter's story battle, you will get a set amount of Kids dependent on numerous factors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the Kids levels are based on the Country Level, which itself is based on the average of all your generals levels.

The different Kids are as follows:

Mamatoto Kitz

Fightan (ファイタン)

Wiz (ウィズ)

Blocken (ブロッケン)

Icchoku (一?)

Cheer (チアー)

Wapwap (ワプワプ)

Myu (みゅうたん)




Fightan is the basic fighter Kid. While they lack any sort of special ability compared to the other Kids, they make up for it in general usefulness. They are like basic grunt soldiers and they have a decent movement range, average physical attack, average HP, and average defense. Their main use is for utility, in case you need footmen to attack enemies or stones. They are also the most durable Kids aside from Blocken's defense form.

Fightan is the only Kid used for more than their special ability. Fightan gets two upgrades: at level 5, movement is increased by 1; and at level 8, range is inreased by 1.



Wiz is the walking bomb Kid. Having the second highest base hp aside from Fightan, their main job is to walk to a good location and explode. The explosion radius is about 3 squares from its location.

While the Wiz's explosion is a one-time use, it does do a fair amount of magic damage, able to wipe out weak monsters in a single blow. The amount of HP and magic defense the Wiz has enables it to endure a large amount of magic attacks. On the other hand, physical attacks tend to wipe it out very easily. When upgraded to level 7, range of AOE is increased by one.



Blocken is the defense Kid. While Blocken's base defense, HP, attack damage, and magic defense is among the lowest, he is the residential tank. By using his one-time use ability "Become a Wall", Blocken turns into a stationary wall with the highest HP, average defense, average magic defense, and 2nd highest attack.

When becoming a stationary wall Blocken lose all ability to move. If an enemy attacks Blocken while in block form, Blocken has a random chance to retaliate with a physical attack. If Blocken is on the field, enemies will attack the block rather than invade if the path is close enough. When upgraded to 6th level, Blocken's movement is increased by 3.



Icchoku is the artillery Kid. Icchoku's special ability is to fire itself as a laser across the entire map in a straight line and hit everyone in it. NOTE: ONLY A STRAIGHT FORWARD LINE.

Icchoku has the highest base attack damage out of all the Kids. In my opinion, he is not the best Kid and can easily be replaced by a Fightan or a much more usable Wiz. Icchoku gets way more useful, when you upgrade his plants to level 7. Then, he shoots 3-fields-thick line instead of just 1-field-thick.



Cheer is the action support Kid. While it lacks any sort of offensive ability, Cheer has a power which enables an ally who has ended his turn to move again. When Cheer uses her ability a second time, she will disappear from the battle field.

If you increase the amount of Cheer plant (the pink one), then she will be able to use her ability more often. At grade 1, she is only able to cheer twice before disappearing from the battlefield. She is a very useful Kid when you have a very strong general, and will allow him/her to move again. Third highest base HP and low physical and magic defense.


Black Circle is Warp-Warp.

Wapwap is the move support Kid. While it lacks attacks, Wapwap is able to use its ability to warp a single ally to any point on the map. Use Wapwap's ability strategically to lead to incredibly easy victories during the storyline.

It allows units to be placed in areas they might not be able to normally get to by moving across the map. With each level, the Wapwap gets another charge to do another teleport.



Myutan is the only Kid in the game which can collect items. In fact, the only action Myutan can do is collect items. It has incredibly high movement range, but also incredibly low HP and defense with no form of attack at all.

Throw one if you see that there are many items to gather in a single stage, and you really want to get them without having to use champion turns. With each level, they get more HP to survive more hits. When you level them up to level 9, they will transform into fairy Myu (+1 CG) and they can attack with magic.