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Items are used to boost your stats in Mamatoto. A lot of the items have both a positive and negative effect, and some items can have up to two positive effects. An item can not have more than two effects. This list is organized by number, according to the slot it takes up in the inventory, with #1 being the first slot in your inventory, #2 being the slot below #1, etc. Getting all items gives a single cg.

  1. Red Stone- Increases DEF. by 5%.
  2. Green Stone- Increases RES. by 5%
  3. Pure Gold Turtle- Increases Gold gained when killing an enemy by 10%. This effect will only work if the commander with this item equipped deals the killing blow.
  4. Talent Ocarina- Increase EXP gained by 10%
  5. Magic Phone- Increase Troop Count of a character by 1.
  6. Key to your Heart- Increase Troop Count of a character by 2.
  7. Offense Clippers- Increase ACC. by 6, and decrease EVA. by 2.
  8. Earpick- Increases HP by 10. This is a static value, not a percentage.
  9. Banzai Mouse- Increease HP by 100.
  10. Special Pill Box- Increases Special Move uses by 1.
  11. Possessed Cross- Increase Critical Rate by 5%
  12. Doppel Doll- Increases the Command Ability of a character by 1.
  13. Gutsy Pouch- Increases HP by 10%.
  14. Protective Beads- Increase DEF. by 10%
  15. Moja Doll- Increases ACC. by 99
  16. Diamond Chain- Increases range by 1.
  17. Dora Cat's Bell- Increases ATK by 20%
  18. Electric Ball- Increases MAG by 20%
  19. Nimble Feather- Increases movement by 1
  20. Offense Hairpin- Increases ATK by 10%, and decreases DEF. by 10%
  21. Yotsufusa's Orbs- Increases MOV. by 1, and decreases HP by 10%.
  22. Quick Strange Bug- Increases EVA by 1.
  23. Hanny Zippo- Increase ACC. by 4
  24. Patience Breaker- Increases Counter Rate by 5%, and decreases Critical Rate by 5%.
  25. Persistent Candle- Increases HP by 5%.
  26. Gold Plate Choker- Increase RES. by 10%
  27. Old Pot- Increase HP by 30 static points, not %
  28. Shout Earrings- Increases Command Ability by 1, and decreases Troop Count by 1.
  29. Indomitable Stone- Increases DEF. and RES. by 5%.
  30. Glass Art- Increases MAG. and RES. by 5%.
  31. Gold Armband- Increases ATK. and HP by 5%.
  32. Chain Ring- Increase Counter Rate by 5%.
  33. Silver Ring- Increases ATK. by 5%.
  34. Heart Ring- Increase HP by 15% and decrease Movement by 1.
  35. Emerald Ring- Increases MAG. by 10%.
  36. Blue Ring- Increase ATK. and DEF. by 5%.
  37. Agate Ring- Increases RNG. (of attacks) by 2, and decreases MOV. by 2.
  38. Black Ring- Increase ATK by 10%
  39. Gold Ring- Increases MAG. by 5%.
  40. Pink Pearl- Increases Special Move uses by 1, and decreases Troop Count by 1.
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