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Game Play[]

For each "chapter", except for the first one (intro chapter), you get to choose whether to move on with the story or attack monsters. This makes the game really easy, since you don't need to fight monsters, however fighting against monsters is useful as it gives you experience, and "cards.

NOTE: After one monster fight if you fight monsters again (and again and so on), they will be different and stronger and there is no save between each monster fights! Meaning, if you got lucky and obtained good items in your first monster fight, think twice before going on another monster fight "in that chapter" or you could lose (and lose those items as well)....

The story involves conquering other nations. After you finish fighting monsters, you go back to the choice of whether to go on with story, or attack monsters again.

Battle System[]

There are three types of battles:

1. Dungeon - in dungeons, you can send in a few generals, the number depending on the specific dungeon. They go in, kill all the monsters, and win. If one "dies", you can send in a replacement.The "dead" one's come back to you after the chapter ends, so it's not really dead. Just ran out of HP.

2. Invade - you get to send in more generals, and again, wipe out enemy.

3. Defend - use it when enemy attack your fortress ("Mamatoto"). In defend, there are two stages

a) First Stage - Fight at the entrance of the fortress. You pick one general, who can commend magical soldiers who are made out of cards. The number of solders you can place on the field depends on the general's "command" ability.

The object of First stage, is to prevent as many enemy troops from getting into the "heart" room of mamatoto as possible. Enemy appear in waves, and will do their best to rush behind your lines (to the left of the screen), First stage ends when all the enemies are either dead, or made it to the heart room, or if your general died. If your general died, then all the rest of the enemy will make it to the heart room.

b) Second Stage - Fight in the heart room. In the second stage, you are in the heart room, and you send out all your generals to defend.The enemy will try to run to the heart, and you want to prevent that.

The heart has a certain HP. if it reaches 0, then mamatoto gets busted, and you lose. So you send out all your generals hoping to kill them. The heart does have an automatic defense system. so any enemy that makes it to the heart will die, but they will also damage the heart depending on their own remaining HP.

I would advise to let as many enemies into the second tage as you can level up your five generals (that are taking part in second stage) level up way faster.

Status Screen[]

On status screen you can see three colums:

Left Column (going down): 1) Current Exp, 2) Exp Needed, 3) Current HP, 4) Max HP

Middle Column (going down): 1) Attack, 2) Magic, 3) Hit, 4) Movement

Right Column (going dow): 1) Defense, 2) Resistance 3) Evade, 4) Range

Under the portrait of the character:

1. Number of subordinates (card soldiers) you can lead on the field

2. Command power (affects movement range of fighters, and maybe other card soldiers too

3. Special move. Special move is done by <default> + <additional due to NP> For every one extra command power, your fighters get one extra movement range.

On the top left, you see two percentage numbers:

1. Chance to deal critical

2. Chance to counter

Building Mode[]

After a chapter you get a chance to build things into Mamatoto. These serve a few purposes. The main one is to upgrade the kids. Every building of their type ups their grade, which ups a stat or two and changes their appearence as you upgrade, plus gives you a cg when there are 9 Myu buildings. The price of these double for each you build of that type. The other things you can build are

Dummy Building- When an engineer reaches your line in phase one of fights, they break these first instead of other buildings. These are very cheap and never go up in price.

Heart Building- Gives Mamatoto 100 more total health per building. You start with one of these in the middle of the building screen, and it cannot be removed.

Weapon Factory- Allows you to upgrade character weapons.

Pluepet Store- Allows you to use Kakaro Fun in Kakaro mode, where you can pay Pluepet for a variety of cgs.

Filling up every slot of the build mode and then coming back in gives a cg. This takes about ~5,500 gold due to the shapes you can use.

Open here to see an example. It took me 4253 gold.
Mamatoto full space example.jpg


Mamatoto ranks the player when you beat it. The rank is dependent on the average level of your characters, and is also the level your kids are at during battle. If you beat the game at a low enough average level, you unlock specific cgs. These are-

24-25 - C2: 2-5

20-23 - C2: 6-7

19: C2: 2-6

When going for these cgs, you cannot grind, so you must plan out your kid usage and commander usage wisely or dead end in a chapter when you don't have what you need. Decide early on which commanders you want to use and which to never use or which will die early in fights so that you can have a decent fighting team. Save wisely and get lucky.