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Champions are the subordinates of your generals. They are similar like normal monster as the only can fight during interception war (the first war phase), however they are stronger than your normal monsters. Their level depends on the general, whose army they belong to's, level.

Each general can only have one champion. Champions, like your main characters, do not die even if they are killed, they will be there during the next chapter.

Name Chapter General Capture
Tantaurus 2Ch Hero Let him hit your base Heart.
Hanny 6Ch Maitrea Defeat Hanny during interception war. Maitrea has to be the leader.
Macaroni 9Ch Lamika Defeat Makaroni during interception war.
Milikymay 13Ch King Gear Use Kinggear during the interception or defense war. Defeat Milkymay during defense war.
Yatsufusa X Iron Horse Equip Iron Horse with the "Yatsufusa's Orbs" then leave the status screen
Goriky & Duke Ete 14Ch Nanari Raisen relationship is [...] or below.
Sage X Cocona When Cocona's relationship is [Love] meet her three times.
Barres 17Ch Kabachahn Use Kabachahn during the invade war against Barres.
Bolan 18Ch Arvy Arvy is knocked down during the combat.
Card Lady X All Collect and arrange all cards.