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Acquiring characters[]

There are a few different ways. If you collect 99 gem ores, you'll warp in a new character. At certain dungeon depths you'll gain extra characters. There are a few more ways you can gain characters. Some requiring very specific conditions such as having two specific characters on the battlefield.

There are a LOT of characters, suffice it to say you'll never really have enough xp to keep all the characters leveled up equal to the base level unless you put in some serious time. (you also don't really need to though)

To collect gem ores, you may find them on the map, to be collected by your Kitz myuutan. Gem ores on the far right is worth 33 gems, and decreases every time your base gets closer to it. The other way would be to kill the strange monsters that loiter the dungeon. They may wear different equipment, but you will recognise them very soon. Each of these monsters are worth 2 gem ores, which is slow, but if you intend to grind, it can be easier to collect them than you would expect to.

Character Info[]

Top box next to name is HP

Name Current HP / Max HP
physical attack accuracy Critical chance Counterattack chance
physical defense evasion Move enemy chance Health recovery*
magical attack movement Area attack chance Exp needed per level*
magical defense attack range Move again chance Deployment cost
  • 回復 - is recovery. It's how fast your HP recovers when you leave the battle field. When your character leaves the battlefield, their hp gets set to zero. Your character recovers hp at the rate of 回復 * (base/field level +1) every turn until your character gets back to full HP.
  • 素質 - this is the amount of xp needed to level up the character, This is multiplied by the character's level. So, the higher this number is the harder it is to level up the character.
  • cost to deploy a character. Each character has a starting base and it's multiplied by the character's level to get the total cost. Goes from 2-5 (one of the special bonus characters has a 0).

Kitz (Shift key)[]

  • Kitz are important to the game. The first guy pakupon can eat the mushroom type objects that you will encounter on the maps. Your base won't move any further until it's gone. You get one move after they appear, then they'll grow big and will stop you. The second guy, myuutan grabs items for you. Treasure chests, gem ores, and gold. The third guy, umemaru will fill up holes in the ground. This is useful because rainbow blobs flow out of them. They're really tough to kill and can easily overrun your party. Each time you create any of them, you can pick how many movement points they have. The more mv's the more EXP it will cost you
  • The cost of Kitz are as follows:
    Pakupon : 3 X Map Level X Number of moves possible
    Myuutan : 1 X Map Level X Number of moves possible
    Umemaru: 2 X Map Level X Number of moves possible.
  • Regarding the objects Myuutan can collect for you, for the maximum effect, you would probably want to grab the items when they just appeared at the far right, despite it being the hardest(with all the monsters out there). The reason being that as your base move closer, the gem ores are worth less gems, the gold is worth less money, the treasure chests have less chances of yielding items. The starting value of these items are 33 gems, 900 gold and 99% item yield at the farmost right.

Blue Portals[]

The blue portals have a higher occupancy when it's further to the right on the current map. It's sort of easier and harder at the same time. It's easier in that you can put in more characters, but it's actually a bit harder because you'll probably end up sending a good portion of your stronger characters into the portal which means you have fewer strong characters to defend the map with. This is because the people sent into the portal stay in there until all the available slots are filled and you fight out the map for the blue portal. I believe the enemys in the blue portals are of the same level as you're currently on.

Purple Portals[]

- purple portal. There's a round baldy that can go into the portals and get a random picture opened up for you. Technically, I don't think you need to level the round baldy up. If you wait till the portal is within range for him to walk to in one turn. The first time you run over a portal you will receive a new character, and each additional time it will simply disappear.


- In this game every turn a character takes some damage. The amount seems to be 2x the base's level (different from character level).
- The portal fights can be hard but the normal battles outside are sort of easy. All you really have to do is throw decoys in the way of the computer and they sort of... get stuck, because of the game system, characters can form blocks. Thus as soon as the enemy attacks the character, even if they kill it, they stop moving and just stand there for the rest of the turn. That means that noone else can pass by that enemy on that one square so most of the time it's easy to set up situations where the enemy won't progress forward. It's the blue portal fights that can get tough because you have no way of sending your characters back out or to properly prepare for the fights since you won't know what's in them until you actually fight it out.