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This page relates to cut content from Mamanyonyo.

Feedback Form[]

Mamanyonyo originally included links to an online feedback form, which would appear both in the top bar and the configuration menu if the player has advanced the fortress at least 25 times. This feature was pre-programmed to disable itself on February 2004, but can still be seen if the user adjusts their system clock.

This feature included an brief scene that is unlikely to be seen today:

Nanas: たーいしょー、何か変な紙が

落ちてたんで、 回収しときやしたよ。

Kakaro: 変な紙? ほんとだ…、コレはハガキだね。 アリスソフト行きって書いてある。 何かのアンケートハガキっぽいね…

Narration: [設定]の中に、インターネットアンケートの項目が 追加されました。アンケートにご協力お願い致します。

Nanas: That's strange, a piece of paper just fell from the sky.

Kakaro: A weird paper? Looks more like a postcard. There's a questionnaire on the back... It says you should send it to Alicesoft.

Narration: "Internet Survey" was added to the Options menu. Please fill out our questionnaire.

A similar scene exists in Widenyo.

Debug Menu[]

Mamanyonyo contains a debug menu, which is still set up and prepared in the finished game, but is never called at any point. Decompiling and editing the code to include a call to IShade.Run() will call the menu at that time.

The "intended" method to unlock the menu requires you to go to コマンド.jaf. From there, search for "if (false)", which should be around line 166. Naturally, "if (false)" will never clear. Change it to read "if (true)" instead. The Debug option will now appear if you hit Exit Game button on the Throne Room screen.

The menu contains the following entries:

  • Character Scenario Check: This command can be used to check all of a given character's text messages. This menu includes many (but not all) bonus characters. If the character's CHR file has not been loaded, a question mark will appear next to their name - attempting to see any of their messages will cause an error, and the game will freeze.

    Three bonus characters are missing from the list: Stray Pillow Fighter, the Ootori Sisters, and Kurosaki President.

    Code also exists to display messages from Kids, but is inaccessible without additional changes. The Kids do not even have code to test if their messages exist, unlike characters. The unused code is misleading (possibly out of date), in that it implies that Kids have Sortie messages that would play when they are deployed, but they do not. This message would come from their 0 slot, but this slot is empty. This may have been left as a filler to remind the programmer that the 0 slot was empty.
  • End: Exits the menu. Right clicking works too.
  • Character Cheat: Can be used to add characters to your character roster by ID number. Enter an invalid number, or even hit cancel (!), to add every character in the game.
  • Level Cheat: Moves you to a different level of the cave, from 1-999.
  • Cost Cheat: Sets your army's max cost to 99 999, allowing you to deploy nearly as many characters as you want. Almost required if you want to use the "Strongest Cheat," below.
  • Item Cheat: Gives you all the game's items.
  • Budget Cheat: Gives you 99 999 GOLD.
  • EXP Cheat: Gives you 99 999 reserve EXP.
  • Map Cheat: Marks special maps as cleared up to the given number, and uncleared beyond that number. To access the map of your choice, find a portal, and then enter the Map Cheat for the previous map. Enter the portal as normal, and you should be at the map in question.

    The base game includes maps 1-20 and boss maps 96-99; Map Pack 1 includes maps 21-23; Map Pack 2 includes maps 24-29; Map Pack 3 includes maps 30-39; Map Pack 4 includes maps 40-50.
  • Advance Cheat: Allows you to advance the fortress as many times you want per turn, or to even pancake your teammates (this will cause them to withdraw). Mushbooms will usually impede progress, but sometimes the game gets confused and lets you keep moving (you can run them over without any trouble once this happens). Select this option again to disable the cheat.
  • Strongest Cheat: Upgrades every character in your roster to Level 5000. Be careful, because if they withdraw (including by clearing a portal), their rest period will be so long that you might as well kiss them goodbye.
  • Ideyon Cheat: This starts the summon sequence for the next character you have yet to recruit via the Ideyon/summon crystals, adding them to the party. If you have every applicable character, nothing will happen.
  • Reminiscence Mode Full: Fills the "Kakaro's Fun" CG gallery. Note that this does not unlock Gunagan's CG, which is the 35th slot.
  • Kakaro's Fun: Plays (but does not unlock) one of Kakaro's H-scenes.

A duplicate, unused function exists that also adds every character in the game, implying that this feature was once detached from the Character Cheat feature.

Debug Object[]

In addition to the debug menu, there is also an object called simply "Debug," which is never used. This object can only start and stop, and seems designed to produce reports from several of the game's DLLs based on what they were doing between the start and stop. The object stays silent if there is nothing to report, which seems to happen more often than not. The code makes no attempt to use this feature, though the object is instantiated with other globals.

Unused Dialogue[]

Every one of the game's characters has 13 "messages," starting with their introduction scene, and followed by their dialogue for various situations. Three of these line are unused outside of the debug menu, despite every one of the game's 92 characters having data for them.

Dialogue 1 was supposed to play when a character is voluntarily withdrawn from the field. Dialogue 11 is called "Attack Failed" in Mamanyonyo but "Conflict Failed" in Widenyo, and Dialogue 12 is called "Capture" in Mamanyonyo but "Conflict Success" in Widenyo. These were probably meant to be played when failing or clearing a warp portal (this would get fairly annoying with 6 characters saying it in a row, so perhaps one character would be selected to speak).

Curiously, the new characters in Widenyo also have dialogue in these slots, even though the lines went unused in that game as well.