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Makutsudo Nobuhiko
Japanese 魔窟堂 野武彦
Romanization Makutsudō nobuhiko
Makutsudo Serious
Race Human
Age / Birth 60s
Sex Male
Status Alive
World Prostudent G
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Affiliation Himeyagi Research Institute
Appeared in Prostudent G, Prostudent Good, Mamanyonyo, Sengoku Rance, Widenyo


Makutsudo Nobuhiko is a minor character in Prostudent G and a major character in Prostudent Good. He also appears in Mamanyonyo, Widenyo and Sengoku Rance as an extra character and is a fighter in the doujin fighting game Alice Senki 2.

At first his role is similar, an otaku jailor working for a correctional school. His character doesn't go further than that in Prostudent G. He tries to rehabilitate Endou Gorou using manga and anime, sentimental ones specifically. After Endou Gorou leaves, he isn't seen again.

In Prostudent Good he does the same thing and when Endou Gorou gets kicked out he hands him a ticket for a cabaret. In reality this is a setup to get him to work for the Himeyagi Research Institute as a mech pilot, which he felt was perfect for a fellow otaku.

Throughout the game he questionably mentors Endou as a fellow otaku, even trying to help him combine with Sarasa by giving him a magical girl baton which changes Endou into Akanko Marimo. This character is actually something he made up himself and has woven into the magic of that baton. He is saddened that Endou wants to go back to being male. He even helps the group with fighting a few times.

He's been lifelong friends with Daigo, the two of them watching mecha anime together. He's such a high tier otaku that he possesses many strange powers. He's been seen using various mechs, namely the Playmay Alpha and Cressaber.


  • Apparently lost his virginity to his sister, which he didn't really mind.
  • Has gone to Hong Kong over 400 times to smuggle and buy dubious goods, speaks equally dubious Chinese.
  • Can use his Accelerator power to reach his speeds in case of needing to switch a recording time.
  • Buys manga 3 times: 1 for reading, 1 for viewing and 1 for storage.
  • Beats the Demon king to help out Endou, knows how due to his extensive RPG knowledge.