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Non-canon-icon Non-canon warning: This article contains information that is not part of the canonical timeline and should not be considered part of the overall storyline.

Somehow, she stabbed me with a dango skewer. This time it's my turn to 'stab' her. Gahahahaha!

—Rance describing his new acquisition.

Japanese まこと
Romanization makoto
Race Human
Age / Birth 18 / GI1003
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 151cm / 39kg
Status Alive
Class Civilian
World The Continent
Affiliation JAPAN
Level limit 3
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance



Makoto is a young girl from the nation of JAPAN. She made her only appearance in the non-canonical Kichikuou Rance.

She works as a waitress in her father's dango shop in the outskirts of the city of Osaka. The shop is renowned for having some of the best dango in the country and Makoto claims that Lords from all around come to enjoy the food. Rance appreciated the food so much that after eating there once he regularly had his subordinates purchase the dango and bring it to him. She dearly loves her father Heihachi (平八) and greatly respects him. Makoto is only briefly seen as a waitress but she does not seem to be very good at the job. In her appearance she made her customer wait a protracted amount of time for their food, then immediately dropped it before arriving at their table. The reason why she runs this dango shop is to help her sick mother. She is a hard worker and has received many invitations from neighboring farmers to marry their sons, but until her mother's illness is cured, she has no choice but to take care of her father, so she plans to stay unmarried until then. She also has a pet dog named Tosamaru (土佐丸).


She is encountered by Rance if he levies the town of Osaka. Rance will take a break at the dango shop and have an immediate attraction to Makoto as she serves him. After waiting a long while for his food, Makoto arrives and drops the meal, accidentally launching it at Rance's head. He samples the tea dripping off of his hair and calmly remarks that it's very good. He then pulls the dango skewer out of his head - which had impaled itself into him - and calmly remarks that the dango is very good as well. Makoto is happy that Rance seems satisfied, but this doesn't last; Rance explodes at her, furious at having been stabbed by his meal. He immediately hoists the young waitress over his shoulder and leaves the store, yelling back that he would normally level the dango shop with his army but will instead take Makoto as compensation. It is unknown if anyone actually hears this.

Once back in Castle Leazas Makoto joins Rance's harem. As a partner, she is teased and toyed with by Rance. Makoto bears the suffering, since Rance threatens to punish her family and their store if she resists. He also claims she made him suffer much worse by skewering him with a dango spear. Rance promises that she will be released once she satisfies him enough and will even send her off with a reward. After several encounters with Rance, she begins to correctly suspect that she is being tricked. Rance never releases her from his harem.

By meeting Rance at all, Makoto acquires her "unhappy ending," trapped in Rance's harem. To achieve her "happy ending," happily working in her father's store, Makoto must never encounter Rance.