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Maginot Line

This massive line of Fortress is laid throughout the mountain range on the borders of Zeth and the Demon region.  The fortress is split in 10 sections, and is filled with traps and magic cannons.

These extremely powerful cannons placed on the fortress can fire beams equal to power of White Destruction Beams at incoming intruders automatically.  There are electric towers that can cover the entire mountain range with fences made of electricity.  There are also boulder catapults placed on the fortress.

The Maginot Line is an improved version of a previous defensive system called the Maazel Line (マーゼルライン, Māzerurain) and is an extremely powerful line of defense that repels any attack from monsters or dark lords to the point they just stopped trying decades ago.


Shortly after the foundation of Zeth, Dark Lord Kayblis ravaged Zeth for 3 months producing a tremendous slaughter that leaves Zeth with a scarce population, low supplies and the nation is left in a deplorable state.

Two years later Dark Lord Medusa attacks the still recovering nation of Zeth, hundreds of women were savagely raped and killed by the dark lord. These events lead to the construction of their first line of defense called the Mazeel Line, which hopes to push back dark lords and monster armies from attacking Zeth.

The defensive system proves effective and dark lords and monster armies fail to invade Zeth for almost 100 years until the year GI0912, when Dark Lord RedEye manages to successfully hack the Mazeel line by attaching himself to the control system and sabotaging their defenses. Over the course of many years, RedEye's monster army continuously devastate the kingdom until in the year GI0940 the Operation: "Bomb the Mazeel Line" takes place and the hero of the era wielding Nikkou manages to repel RedEye from the Mazeel Line.

After this the Mazeel Line was heavily reinforced and improved into the current and most sophisticated Maginot Line.