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I'll stick with you and give you a proper education first. We'll get married after that.

—Magic the Gandhi, stating her new mission to Rance.

Part 2

Magic the Gandhi
Japanese マジック・ザ・ガンジー
Romanization Majikku za Ganjī
Race Human
Age / Birth 18 / GI1004
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 158cm / 44kg
Measurements B84 / W54 / H87
Status Alive
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth
Level limit 69
Skill levels Magic Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI, Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest, Rance X


Magic the Gandhi is the daughter of the king of Zeth, Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi, and as such is the magic country's sole princess and heir to the throne. Additionally, she is the youngest of Zeth's Four Lords, making her the ruler and guardian of the Magazine Tower and answerable to no one but the king himself.

Despite being born a princess, one of Magic's main drives in life was to be respected upon her own merits instead of her lineage. As such, she spent most of her life dedicated to improving her own abilities, to the point that she is now one of the most powerful mages in Zeth. All of this hard-work did cause her to live a mostly secluded life with few friends and social interactions, the better to focus on her mastery of magic, and she developed a somewhat sheltered outlook on life as a result.

In her quest to prove her worth, she set multiple goals to herself, such as earning her status as one of the Four Lords. By her father's decree, only those that had proved themselves to be among the country's most talented mages could aspire to be part of the powerful group, yet she managed to earn the title even while still learning at Zeth's magical academy. However even legitimately earning the prestigious title wasn't sufficient for her, and she remained extremely dedicated to her studies with the intent of graduating at the top of her class, despite the intense competition from other talented magic users like Eropicha Nyanko. However, because of this devotion to her courses, she spent very little time tending to her additional responsibilities as a Lord during the earlier parts of her tenure, relying on the highly efficient Chizuko Yamada to take over her duties in the government instead. Some time after Magic began attending the academy, she met a fellow student of a higher grade Alex Valse, who served as her personal tutor. Over time the two became very close to each and began dating after a few months. As a powerful and attractive figure in the country of Zeth, she was at some point required to participate in Zeth's 8th Beauty Contest much to her own displeasure. She managed to convince the organizers to feature her in a somewhat conservative one-piece swimsuit.

Magic made her first canonical appearance during the events of Rance VI as one of the Four Lords and guardian of the Magazine Tower despite her young age. However she spends little time worrying about politics and instead focuses on finishing up her studies, and can first be seen visiting the Royal Museum with the rest of her class. When Rance finds her picture as part of the Zeth Beauty Contest catalog, he immediately decides that he'll find a way to H her and eventually arrives at the 3rd Test Site, a dungeon created to test students in which Magic was undergoing a practical exam. He pursues her hoping to assault her, but is delayed by the efforts of Kaoru and Wichita, and Magic finishes her exam without any incident.

Rance manages to find another excuse to get Magic after the alliance between Ice Flame and Pentagon when the operation "Liberate the Motherland" was set into motion, as Rance was tasked with the destruction of the Mana Battery hidden under Magic's Magazine Tower. When Magic arrives alongside her soldiers to stop him, Rance's group engages in battle but they are repelled by a White Destruction Beam casted by Magic. Rance quickly recovers and returns, but right before he attacks again he decides to relieve his tension by getting a fellatio from Sill in the nearby room. When an enraged Magic bursts in on them, her face is suddenly sprayed with Rance's semen, which leads an utterly repulsed Magic to retreat to her room. As she momentarily abandoned her position, Rance's party was able to reach the underground basement on the tower and destroy the mana battery.

Magic panics as she wakes up next to Rance and Lia.

Following the massive chaos that befell upon the country after the Monster Invasion, Magic supported her father in the large-scale exodus to escape from the invades forces of the Monster Realm, taking a leading role in the refugee. However, shortly after the evacuation took place, she was shocked to discover that not only was Rance still alive and among the refugees, but that he had grown quite close to her father and that they were bartering for an "official permission to date Magic". She quickly grew infuriated with the two of them and went so far as trying to stop Rance from accomplishing one of his missions with the help of Wichita. However they failed and barely survived after being forced to fight against an Apostle Reincock, and her anger reached a breaking point when Rance went on to save them all from both the Monster Realm and the army of Leazas. Her stress and frustration caused her to get extremely drunk at the following party organized by Lia, and soon enough Rance started flirting with both princesses much to Magic's disgust.However when Magic woke up, it was in bed next to naked and post-coital Rance and Lia, and the panicking princess wrongfully assumed that she had slept with the warrior, leading the ever romantic Magic to break up with her beloved Alex, thinking that she had betrayed him.

As some time went by and her period was suspiciously late, Magic feared she was pregnant with Rance's child, and despite herself decided that she ought to find out more about her "lover", joining his group and going on multiple date with him between their missions against the Monsters while trying to teach him how to act like a proper gentleman. During this time she started having feelings for him and eventually decided that she would marry him and make him king of Zeth after they defeated the Monster Army.

Magic and Alex restart the Maginot Line.

Eventually King Gandhi and assorted others formed a plan to restart the Maginot Line in order to push the monsters back, and as the Four Lords and Four Generals were some of the few individuals having experience with Zeth's Maginot system, Magic and Alex were assigned the task of restarting the system as her father and Anise supplied the magic power. Additionally, the King had decided that whoever proved himself on this mission would be the new king of Zeth, hoping that as Queen she could arrange her wedding with Rance (and if Rance won, that she could convince him to take her as his queen). The plan eventually succeeded and Rance was declared the winner, with his wedding to Magic even organized, but the ever free-spirited Rance instead fled Zeth with Sill and Copandon in tow.

She is one of the only two Four lords to have retained her position after Zeth's restructuring following the Collapse of Zeth, alongside Chizuko Yamada, and thus one of the two magic users still part of the group. As her studies were finally over she is now a more active politician within Zeth despite being preoccupied with her new goal: marrying a reformed Rance and make him the new king of Zeth.

Magic appears again during the events of Sengoku Rance. As Rance leads the Oda forces while trying to conquer JAPAN, he asks Zeth for reinforcements multiple times, and Zeth responded by sending units led by Rizna Lanfbitt and Urza Pranaice. On his third letter, Magic uses his request as an excuse to see him again and arrives to JAPAN as the head of a troop of magic soldiers. Magic angrily tells him that he left her at the altar and tries to convince him to marry her back in Zeth after all this, and all the while keeps trying to improve his character. As Rance mostly ignores her, Suzume eventually takes pity on her and starts teaching her some sexual techniques to help her seduce Rance.

Magic sick.

Some time after Rance was cursed by the Kalar Queen Pastel with the dreaded Morurun Curse that prevented him from having sex with women under level 35, he eventually heard of a rare item called Curse Eraser that is presented in the Zeth Museum that could potentially lift his curse. In order to get the permission to get the item he decides to pay a visit to Magic, and have sex with her while he's at it. However, he finds out she's caught a cold and is resting on her room. Her father, King Gandhi, tells him that there's an herb called Dragon Root that is extremely good for treating this kind of maladies, so Rance decides to get it for her, since he wouldn't be able to H if she's not healthy.

After getting the item needed, he treated her flu and asked her to borrow the curse eraser from the museum, but Magic asked him to stay with him for the night until she fully recovers in return, an opportunity Rance used to finally have sex with her. Unfortunately for her, she ends up catching a cold again the next morning due to Rance's influence.

When the construction of the Rance Castle was finished, an embassy for Zeth was established in one of the floors, where Magic would visit sometimes as a national guest. At some point during the same year, Magic became pregnant with Rance's daughter, as the contraception spell that Sill would usually cast on him wore off.

By LP0007, she has given birth to her daughter Sushinu.

Personality and Appearance[]

Magic is a slim woman of average height with long brown hair that neatly parts at the top of her head, displaying her prominent forehead. She wears large rimmed glasses combined with a standard school uniform which fittingly enough gives her the look of a nerdy college student.

Magic is a strict and diligent person that takes her education very seriously.

Magic is a very serious and focused individual who spent much of her life in bettering herself and her abilities in order to become one of the country's greatest mages. A combination of such a personality and her identity as the princess led her to have very few social interactions and live a mostly secluded life as even her classmates would treat her with deference instead of a peer and feared they would disrespect such a nobility. Consequently she has few close friends and has a fairly sheltered outlook on life.

She is an extremely avid bookworm and much of her understanding of romance and relationships comes from romance literature and shoujo mangas. This has so much replaced her social life that she relies solely on them when trying to discover anything new, and she has accumulated a wide variety of books concerning many different subjects, such as magic, mathematics, etiquette... When faced with a problem she will usually turn to them, and she even ended up lending many (annotated) books on proper noble conduct to Rance in the hopes that he would use learn how to be a gentleman (it didn't work). She is a firm believer that there is a always a "proper" way to do things, usually what was described in a praised book, and as such gives a fair amount of importance to etiquette and a certain decorum. Of course this encompassing knowledge does not cover everything, and when cornered on her ignorance about something she will give the traditional academia pretense "Of course I was already well aware of that!".

A short-tempered woman, Magic is impatient and easily irritated.

Though she can sometimes be quite shy, particularly around romantic situations, she has a very fierce temper when provoked, a great deal of confidence in herself and her abilities and an iron will to accomplish her objectives, which all combined with her powerful abilities makes her a dangerous opponent. Still, her youth and inexperience makes her somewhat easy to manipulate if the right tactics are employed, as Eropicha and Rance both trick her on multiple occasions.

Her relationship with her father is sometimes tumultuous as she often considers him to be overbearing, crude and whimsical with his duties as king, while he considers her to be too easily worried about trivialities and ironically also dislikes how lightly she treats some of her responsibilities. Despite their spats however, the two are really quite close and Gandhi is usually quite proud of his daughter's constant determination. Though she is not quite the constant idealistic fighter he is, she is a kind individual who shares her father's vision of an egalitarian Zeth and who cares deeply for the life of all of the country's citizens, and is perfectly willing to risk her own life for them.

The young but talented Light General Alex Valse of the Zeth Army once served as her private tutor. The young nobleman shared much of her romantic outlook as well as showed himself to be both gentle and patient, in stark contrast to her more coarse father. The two quickly became quite close and even developed a romantic relationship, but due to their personalities and various circumstances, neither of them took moves to deepen the bond and the relationship remained mostly platonic, before breaking off completely during the Monster Invasion due to Eropicha's and Rance's tricks. When Alex tried to salvage the situation it was already too late.

Magic's ex and her "friend" spending time together

Because of her dedication and ability, no one could contest her position as top of her class at the magic academy with the exception of the seemingly innocent but deceptively cunning Eropicha. Eropicha would often spend time with Magic despite the latter's protests, keeping an eye on her progress through the lesson plans and putting discrete obstacles in her way (such as tea laced with a sleeping agent). Of course though Eropicha would always deny doing any such thing, Magic was wary of her despite her naiveté. However during the stress imposed by the Monster Invasion and her father pressuring her to spend time with Rance, a man she loathed, the vulnerable Magic started confiding more and more in Eropicha over her problems and emotions. From this position, Eropicha lightly encouraged Magic to overcome her dislike of Rance and grow closer to him, leading to Magic's breakup with Alex. As Eropicha eventually started dating Alex, it is quite possible that Eropicha was manipulating her and a few odd incidents with this outcome in mind.

Wichita is one of her few friends, and learning of Rance's behavior towards her at first only solidified her intense dislike for him.

Her relationship with Rance is tumultuous and drastically changed over time. At first she utterly despised him and his brutish persona, as upon their first meeting he tried to assault her, and on their second she was the victim of a long distance projectile attack from Rance's Hyper Weapon. However after a chain of events led her to assume that she already had sex with Rance and was pregnant with his child, she forced herself to go on dates with him, hoping to learn more about the warrior and find ways to make him act in a more refined and noble manner. Though all her efforts in the latter have failed, she soon realized that he shared many qualities with her father, showing himself to be quite brave and bold as well as possessing a carefree and adventurous spirit (or taking a less charitable view, was quite violent, brutish and rude as well as showing a coarse attitude and a tendency to instantly ignore whatever bored him).

Magic finds a certain charm in Rance's wild and brutish behavior.

Despite initially telling herself that those were irritating traits in direct opposition to her more romantic ideals, as time went on, she spent time with him less out of a sense of responsibility and more and more out of genuine affection.when she eventually learned that she was never with child, she remained with him and ever since she has taken every opportunity to join him on his adventures, all the while growing ever more attached with him despite, or perhaps at least partially thanks to his rudeness, as he is the only one except for her father who does not care one bit about her status as princess. After their first sex intercourse, she was shocked and upset to learn that she actually didn't have sex with Rance beforehand and that she was tricked. Unreasonably, immediately after that she became even more determined to reform and marry Rance. She is now quite in love with him and still seeks to marry him and make him king of Zeth, while hopefully improving his character while she's at it. She also tries to make him a better father for their daughter Sushinu.

Magic openly mocks and challenges the Queen of Leazas

She has a harsh rivalry with Queen Lia of Leazas and the two will often trade insults when meeting each other ( usually with Lia mocking her forehead, while Magic calls her the queen slut ). As powerful women from opposite countries and radically different personalities, the two were never on the best of terms, but their hostility has only grown over their mutual affection for Rance, as they've both fallen for him and seek to marry and make him king of their respective nation. Recently this has gotten even worse, as both of them gave birth to Rance's child and are now constantly defying each other, making the official alliance between Zeth and Leazas ever since the Monster Invasion of LP0004 somewhat tense.


Magic earns her name well, as she is among the strongest magic users of her generation. She has a Magic Lv2 which already grants her a great deal of proficiency, however in addition to this she also boasts a high level cap of 69 and is already at 42 prior to the events of Rance VI. To prove her worth as the princess of the magic country of Zeth, she is also a dedicated study of everything pertaining to magic, granting her an encompassing understanding of the field. She already has a powerful magic weapon coming from her Royal Family, the Princess Staff, which further boosts her powerful abilities. 

Magic is trained in the use of all elemental magic, however her analytical mind has proven to be particularly adept at using Lightning Magic, and she can wield with ease most of the spells of the school. She has also shown herself to be very adept at using the powerful White Destruction Beam and managed to launch the complicated spell even when cornered in a dangerous fight.

Magic is a powerful lightning magic user

Still, despite being among the Four Lords she has a few disadvantages which makes her fall short from other high-tier mages. She has not yet completely mastered her skills with Lightning Magic, and still mostly relies on the medium level spells as some of its advanced forms are not yet within her grasp, and despite a higher level cap, she therefore falls short of the renowned thunder-wielding Kabachahn the Lightning, who has completely mastered his craft to the point of being accompanied by lighting fairies boosting his abilities and who has developed his own spell, Thunder God Lightning.

Unlike her father, she is physically frail, making her vulnerable to physical attacks and close-quarter fights, and she relies completely on her magic having never shown any proficiency at other forms of combat, nor does she have a skill level in anything other than magic.

Still, it should be noted that Magic is much younger than the mages mentioned here and it is entirely possible, considering her potential, her already impressive talent and her dedication to Magic that like them she will eventually develop her own powerful spells.


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  • Magic's level cap has been altered three times, being first listed as 66 in Kichikuou Rance, then being changed to 68 in Rance VI, and finally seemingly permanently becoming 69 in Sengoku Rance.
  • In the popularity polls she was ranked 4th in Rance VI) and 16th (Rance Quest).
  • She has a hobby of reading shoujo manga, something Rance and Lia take interest in during the events of Rance Quest.
  • There is one gag event featuring Ai and Magic, which indicates that they seem to develop a rivalry towards one other. Ai believes that Magic, the princess of Zeth, and also Kenshin's rival in love, should aim to marry with someone in an appropriate position instead of Rance; while Magic thinks of Ai as a hindrance considering she is Kenshin's personal adviser. In the end however, none of them could say anything aside from casual greetings.
  • Magic the Gandhi's name is a reference to the card game Magic: The Gathering.