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Luca Rune with his mentor Freak Paraffin.

Magic science is an organised and unanimous method of studying and using several magic arts to give them a proper use in the everyday life. At first, it's mostly used as a tool for the explanation and undertanding of the magic and it's different branches.

Once the art is taken deeper, magic science aims to make use of their knowledge in order to improve the life of the humans and continue progressing further and further.

Thanks to magic science, a lot of things came out. Tools used in the dairy life such as magicvision were invented thanks to the discovery of using magic in operating devices, different drugs for medicine purposes, and even sophisticated weaponry.

The pioneer of magic science was without a doubt M.M Rune, with his Holy Magic Sect. While magical academies existed before Rune's birth, he was the first one to take the art to were no other human had dreamed about. Magical tools and instruments became more advanced and common, but his greatest discovery, the biometal, allowed him to create Tousho, Toushin and Toushin Toshi. The Biometal is a type of magic developed through Death Magic that allows to metalize body cells, rendering the one going through the process a metalic body and, as a result, physical immortality. This is the origin of Tousho, and this magic that allows the creation and conservation of these metallic men is called Magical Metallurgy.

While the era of the sect has long since passed, countless technological devices developed and invented through magic scince still perdure even 500 years later. In particular, the outstanding mana batteries used to provide Toushin of energy, are used in Zeth's Maginot Line to this day.

Currently, the biggest and most advanced country in Magic Science is the magical country of Zeth , so much that it's said that they are 200 years ahead of the Kingdom of Leazas in magic research. Their economy is supported mostly by the exportation of magical items and other products developed by its researchers, even more since there are no real competitors.

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Those with magic science as a skill level are rather rare, and are almost always talented mages as well. They tend to be passionated and devoted to the magical arts, and some are bortherline crazy. 

Since it's a science, it is branched in a lot of different categories as well. There are many of them, but in particular the once that stand out the most are Life Science and Magical Metallurgy. They are branched as different skill levels as well, but the latter is an extremely rare skill nowadays due to the loss of factual information about the sect's discoveries.

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