Race Human
Sex Female
Status Deceased
World The Continent
Affiliation YORA
Appeared in Toushin Toshi

MIKA was an artificial human being, created by YORA and raised as his second daughter. Armed with the powerful Dragon Naginata, MIKA was head of YORA's enforcers, the False Angel Knights. Perhaps due to her status as an artificial being, her combat abilities were almost without compare, and she was able to fell even the Toushin Alexander temporarily, despite his being one of the more powerful humans on The Continent.

Unfortunately for her, MIKA was guilty of hubris. Wanting to overtake her sister, KASUMI, as the shadow administrator of Toushin City, she attempted to seduce Custom to her side as a new Toushin. Custom went along with her scheme long enough to lure her to sleep, at which point he escaped imprisonment, evaded her Angel Knights, and armed himself for battle, ultimately destroying the systems maintaining YORA. When YORA's body exploded out into the dungeon level, he dealt MIKA a fatal blow. Custom and his allies met her at the end of her life, nearly escaped from the level, where she bequeathed her naginata to Kumiko before passing on.