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Freak, if I should ever turn against you... I'd prefer it if my life ended right there.

—Luca Rune, predicting his own fate.

M.M Rune
Japanese M・M・ルーン
Romanization M.M. rūn
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Holy Magic Sect
Skill levels Magic Lv3 (?)
Appeared in Rance IV (Manual, OP), Hanihon Magazine (Commentary), Rance IX
Mentioned in Nise Naguri Makuri Tower (Mentioned), Kichikuou Rance (Mentioned)


Luca Rune

Luca Rune in his earliest years.

Born as Luca Rune, he was the strongest mage in history, taking up the name Magic Master Rune.

Using his great power, he rose up in a world where magic was oppressed and founded the Holy Magic Sect, the only group to ever fully unify humanity.

A delicate boy, his physical powers were nothing worth noting, but his magical ability stretched far beyond the understanding of normal humans. Even as a child, his magical powers were enough to astound, confuse and scare people. But because he lived in a society that regarded physical combat as the epitome of honor and justice, he had to conceal his powers for a long time. His magical power would ultimately surpass all living creatures, and he set his sights on freeing mankind from the shackles of the Demon King.

As a young man, he met Freak Paraffin at a Magic Academy, and became enchanted with his ideas and his character, going so far as to refer to Freak as his "Mentor".


Rune and his mentor Freak Paraffin.

This encounter with the elderly Freak would prove to be a major event that set Rune's life down a new path of discovery and great power, the two of them became fast friends and set about researching together. But Freak wasn't getting any younger, and Rune was terrified of losing the only man he could call a true friend. Freak was a long-time researcher of the magical arts, and had accidentally discovered Death Magic as an unintended byproduct. Curious about this new form of magic, Rune dabbled in new fields himself, desperate to find a way to prevent his beloved mentor from dying, as he felt that losing such a genius would only be detrimental to humanity. After extensive research, he finally worked out a way to metalize body cells, granting physical immortality through the process. He dubbed his discovery "Biometal" and set to work on improving it immediately. With his newfound abilities, Rune started to concoct a plan about how to bring his vision of true peace to humanity, nobody would have to die if they didn't want to, great minds could be preserved eternally, mankind could finally progress further than ever before.

Rune gathered a group of the finest mages together, and ultimately succeeded in creating a superpower on the Continent.

The Holy Magic Sect brought an immense level of peace to mankind. Through the power of the Biometal, Tousho were created to operate as police and keep monsters at bay, enchanted scarecrows and automated farmers were created to solve the food crisis, and the grand Toushin


Rune ordered Toushin Toshi to be used on humans and Dark Lords alike.

Toshi floated in the air as a testament to the might of Rune and his Holy Magic Sect. But the Holy Magic War against the Dark Lords created many problems for humanity under the rule of the Sect, and the glory of the magic reign began to crumble.

Ultimately, Rune became bitter and paranoid in his old age, and ordered that all "barbarians", the surface dwellers that cannot use magic, be regarded as enemies. In the year GI0452, amidst a crumbling rule, people turning on each other, and frequent attacks from the Monster Realm, Rune was assassinated beneath the Holy Capital Detna Luca.

Though he wielded powers that could shatter space itself, he was unable to even put a scratch on the small, specialized Tousho that thrust a dagger through his head. Freak Paraffin, aided by Hunty Kalar and Replica Misly, was finally able to end Rune's madness.

With the death of Rune came a repeat of magic-user persecution and the mass destruction of the magical technology brought about by the Holy Magic Sect. Ultimately, the reign and feats of the Holy Magic Sect faded into obscurity, and nobody really knows it existed anymore.

The surviving Toushin Toshi float aimlessly in the air, while some crashed ones were salvaged to power the magic technology facilities in Zeth.