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Not that kinda small fry. A Lucky Can Can. Pretty rare, and they give 10 times the experience of a regular Can Can.

Rakira, describing the much higher value of a Lucky Can.

Lucky Can Can
Japanese 幸福きゃんきゃん
Romanization Kōfuku Kyan Kyan
Race Monster
Sex Female
Class Gal Monster
World The Continent
Appeared in Toushin Toshi 2, Rance IV, Rance 03, Rance Quest, Evenicle



A Happiness KyanKyan in Rance 03.

The Lucky Can Can is a higher and far more valuable sub-class of the very common Gal Monster, the Can Can. While Can Cans are mostly seen in low level dungeons and with frequency, a Lucky Can Can can be found anywhere in the world but are extremely rare to find. Their fighting ability is not any higher than the regular Can Cans, however, they give out an absurd number of experience points, making very valuable targets for adventurers that are seeking to raise their Levels with ease, since they are opponents very easy to defeat. They are also sold to Gal Monsters Dealers for extremely high values, making them very desired among Gal Monster Hunters as well. They are so rare, however, that most Hunters might live their whole life and never run across one. In-game in Rance Quest, only a total of 10 Lucky Can Can can be found in the entire world. While their numbers are probably higher, this perfectly showcases the rarity of encountering this monsters.


Their physical traits are similar to those of the regular Can Cans, being delightful young girls in their underwear with green hair and bunny ears. Unlike the regular Can Cans, they have starred or hearted eyes and they are extremely happy and cheerful all the time, even more so than the regular Can Cans. While regular people might face trouble trying to differentiate them, expert Gal Monster Hunters such as Rakira can easily notice them with a glance. Like stated earlier, the experience they give in battle is incredibly absurd and it's not a fixed value. Instead, they give enough experience to allow someone to increase his/her Level many times, regardless of what their current Level is. This means that their value increases in higher Levels where leveling up becomes a more arduous and heavy task. 

It is unknown how this form is achieved, but it is presumed that regular Can Cans can turn into one by reaching an incomparable state of happiness and contentment, similarly to the Green Hannies of Happiness.

Notable Apperances[]

In Toushin Toshi II, Rakira blocks Seed's path and refuses to let him by until she has caught a Lucky Can Can. To speed the process, Seed agrees to buy her bait in the form of a (dusty, old) cake, which does the trick. Ironically, the Char Shop does not distinguish between Lucky and regular Can Cans, and there is no need for the player to capture one of their own.


  • In earlier games such as Rance IV or Toushin Toshi 2, the Lucky Can Can had the exact same sprites and appearance than the regular Can Cans, making them impossible to diferentiate.
  • The Lucky Can Can ranked in the 1st place in the Rance 03 Popularity Poll of Gal Monsters.