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Louin Eden
Japanese ルイン・エデン
Romanization ruin eden
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
World World of Eve
Affiliation Eden
Appeared in Evenicle


Louin Eden is the reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Eden. Having protected his country during the Arthur Incident, he is considered a relatively competent ruler, but the Snake Crest conspiracy nearly unseated him, especially thanks to the actions of his treacherous prime minister, Rochefort.

He has two unseen wives, and three children: Croix Eden, Riche Eden, and Phillip Eden. His son-in-law, Aster, is a global hero and nominally a servant of the throne, though he is primarily an independent operator loyal to Riche instead of Louin.

Personality and Appearance[]

Louin is a strong governor, whom Aster once remarked as having a "majestic dignity" almost as overwhelming as the power of a Zero Knight. In his politics, Louin shows an unusual interest in the welfare of the disenfranchised, including those who became Outlaws through no fault of their own, leading him to found the colony of Outlaws living in the Ruins of Arthur. Louin is also distrustful if the situation demands, not willing to trust Aster with the full information about the Outlaw colony until Aster had proven his loyalty to the crown.

Louin seems to have a particular eye for talent: after the Arthur Incident, all three of his candidates for Zero Knight eventually rose into the upper echelons of global figures, even Kathryn Lapucelle, though the latter took the longest time to do so.

As a father, Louin seems especially attached to his adult daughters, especially Croix, as he is somewhat flummoxed by Riche's independent behaviour.


As nobility, Louin has "status equivalent to a Knight," though the particulars may be different than with lesser nobility like his daughters. He is presumably capable of killing someone under Mother Eve's Blessing without becoming an Outlaw. He has married more than one person, but his upper limit is unclear.

Louin appears to be an adequate diplomat, politician, and even strategist, the latter being an unusual skill in a world without large-scale conflict.


  • Like all members of the Eden royal family, Louin's name is pronounced in the French fashion. It is likely that his name is meant to invoke the many French kings named "Louis."
    • Given the numerous references to The Three Musketeers in Evenicle, including Rochefort's name referencing the traitorous Comte de Rochefort, it may be that Louin is meant to invoke Louis XIII from that same novel.