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Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Singer
World The Continent

Lori was a Toushin Tournament competitor from Toushin Toshi. Though she participated in a tournament at arms, Lori was professionally a musical idol, whose numerous fans outright stormed the ring and killed her opponent during her first round in the tournament. She met briefly with Custom during the tournament, but as they were in opposite brackets, they would never meet in battle, and she would eventually be defeated by another warrior, Poe.

As both a strong warrior and a beautiful woman, Lori was one of those kidnapped by YORA during the tournament, to be used as genetic "food" for his new, perfect body. She escaped when Custom damaged YORA's machinery, and joined up with the pair as their first ally in the fight against the mutant YORA. Though she boasted of her combat ability, Lori was functionally no stronger than Kumiko, a skilled non-combatant, who went on to surpass her with new equipment. Still, she helped the others in defeating the secret master of Toushin City and returned to the surface.


  • Lori is armed with a heart-shaped staff that calls to mind various (pre-Sailor Moon) magical girl characters. After she joins the party, her attacks are not described in any detail, so it is unclear if she uses magic or if she physically strikes her opponents with her staff, like the similarly-armed Arietta from Kaeru nyo Panyon.