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Little Princess
ritoru purinsesu
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Champion Soft
Release date 1987-11-11
Genre / Rating Graphical Text Adventure / 18+
Base price ¥4800
Voice No

Little Princess is a 1987 text adventure made by Alicesoft's former company Champion Soft, as an MSX remake of their previous game, Kidnapped Miki-chan. It was followed by a sequel, Little Vampire.


  • To play this, make sure you have installed locale emulator, otherwise the commands won't work.


From the intro:

"It was a bright and sunny Sunday morning. I was on a date with my girlfriend, Miki. But disaster suddenly struck out of nowhere. The skies turned a foul shade of black. And out of nowhere, clad in the darkest of shadow, Dracula appeared to steal Miki away from me. I desperately pursued that wicked Dracula. And before I knew it, I was in a different world. Miki, I'll definitely save you. Please wait for me."

The game's story features the same Kentarou and Miki from the Rance titles, however Dracula would later be retconned and be replaced with Demon King Gi.


The gameplay is pretty straightforward. The player sees a screen and then has to search around by typing words into a textbox. Most of the time you use 'look', followed by a specific thing like tree, or rock. The goal is to collect all the items you need and use them wherever they are necessary. These aren't particularly straightforward, so it's a lot of trial and error. Your best bet is to save repeatedly before any action and then attempt every option multiple times. This should lead you to the end of the game succesfully.

Aside from the textbox, the player can also press some of the function keys for some effects, namely:

  • F1 - Look inside your bag
  • F3 - Saves the game
  • F5 - Loads the game

In terms of length it's an incredibly short game. It can be beaten in less than 10 minutes easily, as long as you know what you are doing.


A freeware, English version of the game was released by Tulip Goddess Maria in 2013. It can be download here.

A new game program developed by Tokko-chan, powered by pygame can be download for japanese and for english, which switches the interaction mode from input-based to option-based.


Little Princess 3

Example of how the textbox works.

Taken and adapted from


  1. Look grass
  2. Look tree
  3. Take Hirara Lemon (important item)
  4. Look grass
  5. Look grass
  6. Take bamboo shoot
  7. Look grass
  8. Take canned tuna
  9. Go East
  10. Take apple
  11. Go South
  12. Look rock
  13. Look rock
  14. Take diamond
  15. Look rock
  16. Take Ruby
  17. Look rock
  18. Take sapphire
  19. Go North
  20. Go East
  21. Talk Haniwa
  22. Talk Haniwa
  23. Give canned tuna
  24. Ask hint
  25. Ask hint
  26. Ask hint
  27. Go West
  28. Go North (encounter Morimura Hiroko)
  29. Ask name
  30. Talk girl
  31. Talk girl
  32. Talk girl
  33. Talk girl
  34. Look clothes or look tie? (unsure about this one, anyway it's optional)
  35. Give sapphire
  36. Go North
  37. (Do not wake girl, you will be sent to starting point, and will have to give Hiroko another gem)
  38. (There's a CG if you wake her, so you can save and then load)
  39. Go West (encounter Keiko-chan)
  40. Ask name
  41. Talk girl
  42. Talk girl
  43. Talk girl
  44. Rape girl (CG)
  45. Ask hint
  46. Ask hint
  47. Ask hint (get magic word)
  48. Give bamboo shoot (get axe)
  49. Go West (before the hut)
  50. Open postbox
  51. Look postbox
  52. Take key
  53. (You can enter the house, talk to the girl and give her things, and never get them back, don't know what else you can do there, so it's optional)
  54. (There is a lipstick and a wig, but there seems to be no way to take them)
  55. Go East
  56. Go East
  57. Go South
  58. Go South
  59. Go West
  60. Go South (Pond)
  61. Throw axe
  62. Look lake
  63. Look lake
  64. Take Gold Axe
  65. Look lake
  66. Take Silver Axe
  67. Look lake
  68. Take Cross
  69. Go North
  70. Go East
  71. Go East
  72. Use key
  73. Open door
  74. Enter house

Inside the house[]

  1. (There is a girl)
  2. Look closet
  3. Take doll
  4. Look girl
  5. Talk girl
  6. Talk girl
  7. Talk girl
  8. Give apple
  9. Talk girl
  10. Give doll
  11. Talk girl
  12. Give cross (CG)

Dracula's Castle[]

  1. Optional:
    1. Look table
    2. Look note
  2. Go East
  3. Talk slime
  4. Talk slime (got "towel")
  5. Optional:
    1. Go north
    2. Look miki
    3. Talk miki (don't know what else to do here)
    4. Go south
    5. Go east
    6. Look book
    7. Look window
    8. Look ink (don't know what else to do here)
    9. Go West
  6. Go West
  7. Optional:
    1. Go West
    2. Fight girl x3 (CG)
    3. Go north (Encounter daughter of Dracula)
    4. (You can give the hirara lemon to the girl to recive a perfume, but don't, as you need the hirara lemon and there seems to be no use for the perfume)
    5. Go South
    6. Fight the girl again
    7. Go North (CG)
    8. Go South
    9. Go East (don't have to fight the girl again)
  8. Go North
  9. (There is a fireplace here but there seems nothing can be done with it)
  10. Go up stairs
  11. Go up stairs
  12. Go up stairs
  13. Go up stairs
  14. Talk girl
  15. Ask name
  16. Use towel
  17. Give diamond
  18. Give ruby
  19. Talk cute (two or more times)
  20. Talk girl (she should say that you can go North)
  21. Go north (you will pass through the wall) (Corridor)
  22. Eat Hirara Lemon (if you don't, you can't go north)
  23. Go North
  24. Move bed
  25. Go down stairs
  26. Take cross
  27. Talk pompom (this is not a mistranslation, use this word)
  28. [Ending]

Post notes[]

  •  The guide says there is a "Garlic", but it's not needed.
  • The Garlic is on the path north of the sleeping girl.
  • Mentioned before, Hiroko will ask for a gem every time you want to pass.
  • It seems that many of the "talk girl" are optional, but where is the fun in not doing them?
  • Never knew why you kill dracula with the word pompon, or where you get that info. (not anymore, thanks /Assault for the info)