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Little Princess
Japanese リトルプリンセス
Romanization ritorupurinsesu
Race Demon King
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 143 cm /??? kg
Status Erased
Class Demon King
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm
Level limit
Skill levels Demon King Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Little Princess (game), Rance 01, Kichikuou Rance, Sengoku Rance, Rance X, Rance X: Part 2
Miki...Such a girl doesn't exist anymore...I'm Little Princess... The Demon King.

—Little Princess, when called by her former name upon awakening.



Little Princess is the 7th Demon King, who was meant to succeed the now deceased Demon King Gi. She's, in reality, a normal and average school-girl called Kurusu Miki from the Dimension 3E2, a parallel world very similar to real-life world, but she was kidnapped by Gi and made into the Demon King as he believed that she possesses the ideal and natural potential to become a Demon King.

The name "Little Princess" is the name bestowed upon Miki after becoming the Demon King, becoming her official name. However, the persona of the Demon King is currently being suppressed by Miki with the use of Hirami Lemons, which allow her to retain her humanity and not changing into the Little Princess personality, but they have to be consumed in a daily basis and lose efficiency over time. For the vast majority of her era, however, she remained dormant under the effect of the Hirami Lemons consumed by her original personality of Miki Kurusu.

The Demon King Little Princess is an entirely different entity to Kurusu Miki, being largely different and holding next to no personality traits from her original self, resulting in them being more or less two completely different personas.

Little Princess made her first physical appearance during the events of Sengoku Rance. After the battle between Apostle Shikibu and Ogawa Kentarou that resulted in the latter receiving grievous wounds, Miki exterminated the apostle and gave Kentarou her blood in order to save his life but turning him into a Dark Lord in the process. Horrified of the thought of having robbed him of his humanity, she ran away burdened with guilt. On her own and without Hirami Lemons her transformation into the Demon King hastened and, by the time Rance and Kentarou found her, she was already corrupted into the Demon King's persona and allowing Little Princess to temporarily awaken. Upon witnessing Rance's group the cruel entity proceeded to toy with them for her own pleasure, turning the landscape into a hellish nightmare or a frozen land in heartbeats. Kentarou attempted to reach Miki's consciousness, causing Little Princess to be thrown into a frantic state and firing a freezing curse at Rance. The brutish warrior was saved by his slave Sill Plain, who became encased in an unthawable ice. The event momentarily threw Miki into a shocking state that allowed her to take over again, giving Kentarou a window of opportunity to give her a Hirami Lemon and put the Little Princess persona to sleep once more.

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During the events of Rance X Little Princess' presence was getting steadily closer and closer as Kurusu Miki struggled to restrain her transformation. In the JAPAN route where Rance loses the Battle for Rance Castle against Dark Lord RedEye and escapes to the intercontinental country to take refugee, Miki reaches the limit of her endurance. She's encased and restrained with chains as Little Princess attempts to arise and her awakening becomes unavoidable as the use of Hirami Lemons proves to be worthless. Her inevitable awakening motivates even the cowardly Kayblis to travel to JAPAN, ordering the Monster Army that had already succeeded in conquering a human country to assist him in the invasion. On a desperate situation with Kayblis invading and Miki on the verge of becoming the Demon King on a moment's notice, Rance is given the decision of whether to intercept Kayblis and his army or do something about Miki's condition.

If he chooses the former, a large battle will take place where Rance will come out victorious against Kayblis, prompting Stroganoff to withdraw the army as their leader had fallen. However, before they were given a chance to even celebrate, Urza appears informing him that Little Princess has taken over. Following her awakening, the human world was brought to ruin, unlocking the "Demon King Miki" ending.

If Rance chooses to think of a way to deal with Miki the group comes up with the idea of travelling all the way to northern Helman Siberia, the area where the Horus ship remains. They come up with a plan to place her to sleep on one of the Horus cryogenic chambers, preventing her from awakening until they find a way to restore her humanity. After abandoning JAPAN and facing many dangers along the way, Rance and his group manage to reach Siberia. Miki thanks and says goodbye to everyone present, while Kentarou chooses to get frozen alongside her, vowing to remain at her side, and the two are put into cryogenic sleep. The group is in high spirits after successfully stopping the end of the world by preventing the Demon King's arrival, but their joy is short-lived as it doesn't take long for the cryogenic machine to begin failing as it is unable to keep the Demon King sealed. While she doesn't make a physical appearance in the "Time Capsule" ending, it is implied that she awakens shortly after.

Little Princess awakening signifies the end of a peaceful human world.

Little Princess also makes an appearance at the end of the Steel Horror chapter, where Rance and his group travel to Steel Horror, the alternate dimension found by Miracle Tou that closely resembles a modern human world. After having fended against a large number of the modern special forces, the group would quickly try to return to their normal world in panic. However, as Miki and Kentarou were originally from this world, they decide to stay. If Rance agrees to it, they will bid farewell and return to the continent while leaving the two on Steel Horror where they can return to their normal life. However, as Miki is still the Demon King, when she ran out of Hirami Lemons she eventually turned into Little Princess. Using her overwhelming power she conquered Steel Horror and become the supreme leader of the human race from the modern world. She would then open an interdimensional gate to travel back to the continent where the Demon King is meant to be, taking an army from Steel Horror with her in order to conquer the continent and bring destruction to the Protagonist Race.

She makes one brief appearance in the Epilogue chapter of an A route ending. Following humanity's decisive victory over the Monster Army, Miki's endurance reached the limit as she's about to turn into the Demon King during the celebration party held at Rance Castle. If Hornet was saved, she attempts to undertake the ritual to receive the blood and become the Demon King in her place, making Little Princess briefly manifest during the process. The attempt proves futile as Hornet is incapable of withstanding the blood-passing ritual, collapsing on the spot after experiencing excruciating pain. If Hornet was not saved, Miracle will be the one to try instead, but with the same results. Rance, who was in a distressed state after witnessing the death of his slave Sill at the hands of Bird Lithfie, appeared willing to become the Demon King in her stead. The ritual goes off successfully and the disturbance ends with the birth of Demon King Rance. Miki recovers her humanity, resulting in the end of the LP Era in its 8th year, the dawn of the RA Era and the disappearance Little Princess.

She made one final indirect appearance during the events of Rance X: Part 2, where she manifests during the final battle when Blood Memories uses past recollections to imitate the fighting style of the previous Demon Kings.

In the non-canon Kichikuou Rance Miki is taken under the custody of King Rance of Leazas after she and Kentarou were being chased by Dark Lords La Saizel and Lei. After Rance discovers her identity as the Demon King he will get tempted to have sex with her and, if he gives in to his lust, will sneak into her room and rape her in her sleep. Miki wakes up during the act and, overwhelmed by the situation, has an emotional burst that explodes in a large blast of destructive energy. The Castle of Leazas is left in ruins, with Rance being fatally wounded. However, Kentarou, who was also within the castle recovering from mortal injuries, was unable to survive the accident and perished. Unable to cope with her loved one's death, she accepts Satella's proposal and agrees to become the Demon King. Shortly after she's seen fully awaken as Little Princess and, commanding all the Dark Lords from both factions, launches an attack on the human world in order to get revenge on Rance, quickly reaching Leazas and killing him after conquering the land.

Personality and Appearance[]

Little Princess' appearance is similar to that of the original Kurusu Miki, conserving most of her physical traits like the long pink hair and without any notable changes like the growth of new limbs, tumours or twisted-like members. Her most notorious changes are her blood-red eyes, the change in her clothes and the sinister and dark aura surrounding her.

Her personality, however, is completely different and shows no traces of her original self. While Miki was once a gentle, caring and cheerful young girl, Little Princess is cruel, brutal and sadistic, enjoying toying with humans for fun and crushing her opponents with full force. She's merciless and ruthless and has intense hate towards humanity due to the Demon King blood running through her veins, which crazes her and fills her with wicked and perverse thoughts. She's very prideful as well, believing humans to be little more than insects and placing herself above any other life-form. Despite the wild changes in her personality, she seems to still hold affection towards those that Miki appreciated like Kentarou Ogawa, probably due to the intense romantic feelings Miki had for him prior to the transformation. She's assertive, self-assured and with a natural disposition for leading and giving orders, but she's also surprisingly childish at times and hates losing as well, declaring her defeater to be a dishonourable cheater.

She sees humans as nothing but toys for her to play with and cares not for them or their kind. She also seems to hold a grudge against those that brought her trouble in the past, since she declared that she was going to punish Kayblis for trying to kill her when she was Miki Kurusu in the Demon King route in Sengoku Rance.


Little Princess using her trademark Kiechae Bomb.

Being the Demon King of the current era, Little Princess is the most powerful living being in The Continent, far surpassing any other living being. Her power stretches far beyond humanity's comprehension, being many times stronger than even Kayblis, the eldest and most powerful Dark Lord. Her might reaches unimaginable levels, above even Legendary Figures like the Hanny King and above 2nd Class Gods like the Goddess of Destruction La Vaswald. As the Demon King, once she fully awakens, Little Princess is an unbeatable force, and carries enough power to destroy the entire human realm with little effort, being the Hero System the only thing that could prevent her from simply slaughtering humanity.

She usually employs Dark Magic to destroy her enemies, being perfectly capable of annihilating an army conformed by thousands of trained warriors with a single attack. She's also capable of employing all kinds of magic, turning an entire landscape into a blazing hell or instantly employing ice magic to freeze it entirely. Her magic is so powerful she's capable of casting a curse of Eternal Ice, which locks a person in an ice block forever and the effect is so intense that it would require a god-like level of power to be able to lift such curse.

LP - Little Princess' Era[]

Known Dark Lords Created: Abert Safety (Indirect), Kentarou Ogawa, Nimitz Leak (Indirect)

Preceded by: Demon King Gi

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Succeeded by: Demon King Rance


  • She was originally the title character in the game "Little Princess" released in 1987 by the predecessor of Alicesoft, Championsoft. She reappeared in its sequel, "Little Vampire." Since the worldview of Rance in a large part follows that of Little Princess, she was then introduced into Rance games as well.
    • Little Princess may not have always been named after her first game, as there is a single, early reference to her using the name of the second. Before she appeared in the Rance games, Toushin Toshi had one of Sorcerer Ra's apprentices talk about "the Dark Lord Little Vampire" from "another dimension."
  • The first year of her era is the one in which the Rance Series begins.
  • Little Princess had the shortest era of all the Demon Kings, reigning for only 8 years. Even more so she's the only one who didn't experience any of it due to her consciousness being sealed for the entire period.


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