Japanese リトル
Romanization ritoru
Race Monster
Sex N/A
Class Chimera, Apostle
World The Continent
Affiliation Silky Littleraisin, Hornet Faction
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance


Little is the Lesser Apostle handedly created by Silky Littleraisin with her ability to craft Chimera Monsters. It's a living being but it's not seen acting like one and looks closer to a weapon.

The creature has an heterogeneous and grotesque figure, being a fusion of many monsters shaped into some sort of vehicle monster made for transportation and battle. It has a majestic chair where Silky herself is usually sitting on.

Being the primal work of one of the Four Elite Dark Lords, Little is a very powerful creature. Despite not having the physical enhancements of Apostles, it was easily able to crush an Apostle like Alefgard with one hit. It is also presumed to get stronger based on Silky's own power growth, since in Kichikuou Rance, Little acts as her primal weapon.

Little is an abomination made from fusion of many monsters, taking a really unappealing appearance. It has a muscular pink right arm filled with metallic parts and spikes, another arm on the back with a hook and a left arm that looks rotten and has a blade incrusted in it rather than fingers. It also has a big hand on it's back, spikes and the pieces of meat look defigured and skinless. It also has a wheel that apparently makes the amorphous creature perform movement. The design is pretty complex, and it is unknown what monsters where used to produce the Chimera.


  • The concept for Little in Rance VI changed from a Chimera to some sort of armour equipment that Silky wears instead, but it wasn't shown in much detail aside from a sketch.